SN 1994D

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SN 1994D
Other designations SN 1994D, AAVSO 1229+08
Event type Type ia supernova edit this on wikidata
Spectral class Ia
Date March 7, 1994
Instrument Leuschner Observatory Edit this on Wikidata
Constellation Virgo
Right ascension 12h 34.0m 02.45s
Declination +07° 42' 04.7"
Epoch B1950.0
Distance 50,000,000 (50 million) light years [1]
Remnant ?
Host NGC 4526
Progenitor ?
Progenitor type ?
Colour (B-V) ?
Notable features ?
Peak apparent magnitude +15.2

Supernova 1994D was a Type Ia supernova on the outskirts of galaxy NGC 4526. It was discovered in 1994 by Treffers, Filippenko, Van Dyk, and Richmond using the automated 30-inch telescope at Leuschner Observatory.[2]


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