The Saeima is the parliament of the Republic of Latvia. It is a unicameral parliament consisting of 100 members who are elected by proportional representation, with seats allocated to political parties which gain at least 5% of the popular vote. Elections are scheduled to be held once every four years on the first Saturday of October; the most recent elections were held in October 2018. The President of Latvia can request early elections; the procedure for dismissing it involves substantial political risk to the president, including a risk of loss of office. On May 28, 2011, president Valdis Zatlers decided to initiate the dissolution of the Saeima, approved in a referendum, the Saeima was dissolved on 23 July 2011; the current Speaker of the Saeima is Ināra Mūrniece. Deputies are elected to represent one of five constituencies: Kurzeme, Riga and Zemgale. Seats are distributed in each constituency by open list proportional representation among the parties that overcome a 5% national election threshold using an unmodified version of the Webster/Sainte-Laguë method.

The word "Saeima", meaning "a gathering, a meeting, a council", was constructed by the Young Latvian Juris Alunāns. It stems from the archaic Latvian word eima meaning "to go". Despite the visual similarity to the names of the Lithuanian and Polish national parliaments – Seimas and Sejm – the name "Saeima" is linguistically distinct, does not have any historical ties to its Lithuanian and Polish counterparts. Summary of the 6 October 2018 Latvian Saeima election results In the pre-war Latvia, Saeima was elected for three year terms. 1st Saeima met from November 7, 1922 until November 2, 1925. 2nd Saeima from November 3, 1925 until November 5, 1928. 3rd Saeima from November 6, 1928 until November 2, 1931. 4th Saeima met from November 1931 until the May 15, 1934 Latvian coup d'état. Deputies of the Saeima List of Deputy Speakers of the Saeima Latvijas Republikas Saeima Central Election Commission of Latvia

James Wilson (journalist)

James Wilson was a journalist and politician, the paternal grandfather of US president Woodrow Wilson. Born in Ulster, Ireland in 1787, Wilson emigrated in his youth to the United States, he settled in Philadelphia, where he found work as a printer in the office of the Aurora, a Jeffersonian newspaper edited by William Duane. He rose to the position of foreman and editor. Continuing his journalistic career in Steubenville, Ohio, he purchased the Western Herald, which name he changed to Western Herald & Steubenville Gazette, he became involved in state politics, representing Jefferson County in the Ohio House of Representatives in 1816–1817 and 1820–1822. In 1832, he founded the Pennsylvania Advocate, a Pittsburgh newspaper which he owned and edited for a year before turning it over to his oldest son William Duane Wilson. Though not a lawyer, James Wilson served for several years as an associate judge for the Jefferson County common pleas court. Wilson died in Steubenville on 17 October 1850 from an attack of cholera.

He was elected to the Ohio Journalism Hall of Fame in 1933. Wilson married Ann Adams in Philadelphia in 1808. Both were of Scotch-Irish origin, they had three daughters. The youngest son, Joseph Ruggles Wilson, born in Steubenville in 1822, was the father of Woodrow Wilson. Guffey, Alexander S.. "James Wilson". Colonel Edward Cook and Other Historical Papers. Pittsburgh. Pp. 53–57. Ohio Journalism Hall of Fame: Proceedings of the Sixth and Seventh Annual Dinner Meetings of Judges and Others to Honor the Journalists Elected. Journalism Series. 12. Ohio State University Press. 1935. Walworth, Arthur. Woodrow Wilson. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. Weisenburger, Francis P.. "The Middle Western Antecedents of Woodrow Wilson". The Mississippi Valley Historical Review. 23: 375–390

Colin McCredie

Colin McCredie is a Scottish actor, best known for his role as DC Stuart Fraser in the STV drama Taggart, Nick Morrison in the BBC Scotland Soap Opera River City and in the films Shallow Grave, Night is Day and The Missing Postman. Colin grew up in Perth and began acting as a child at Perth Theatre before attending the Scottish Youth Theatre, he is on CBeebies Tig. He trained at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow and graduated in 1993, he joined Taggart aged 23 and appeared in over 75 episodes from 1995 to 2010. In December 2009 McCredie was informed that he and his character would not be returning for the next series of Taggart. On 15 October 2010, it was announced that McCredie would be joining the BBC Scotland drama River City, playing the role of Nick Morrison. McCredie is a patron of the Scottish Youth Theatre and a supporter of his hometown football team St Johnstone, where he sponsors a player. On 10 January 2011 it was announced that McCredie would be joining Sharleen Spiteri and Dawn Steele in the forthcoming Scottish film Between Weathers.

He appeared in the BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play Care by Clara Glynn, as the Dad in the CBeebies series Woolly and Tig which stars his daughter Betsy and sister-in-law Jenny Ryan and is made by Tattiemoon, the makers of Balamory. He played Alan McCombes in the Tommy Sheridan play I, Tommy by Ian Pattison at The Gilded Balloon Edinburgh in August and at King's Theatre, Glasgow in November 2012. Woolly and Tig - Tattiemoon for CBeebies River City - BBC Scotland Taggart - STV Productions The Missing Postman - BBC Scotland The Pen - BBC Scotland Tartan Short Karmic Mothers - BBC Scotland Tartan Short Dr. Finlay - played Gerald Hynde Take the High Road The Holy City - played Patrick The Justice Game - played Mickey Fish Out Of Water - played Hunter Takin' Over the Asylum - played Phil I Tommy - played Alan McCombes (Gilded Balloon Edinburgh and King's Theatre Glasgow0 The Ching Room - played Rory Lysistrata - played Lysistrata The Corstorphine Road Nativity - played Wise Frankencense Dealer's Choice - played Mugsy Candide - played Candide Passing Places - played Brian Teechers - played Salty - Glengarry Glen Ross - played Lingk Night is Day - played Taylor, in post-production The Perpetual Twilight of Gregor Black - Pandaemonium - played Royal Messenger Small Faces - played Doug Shallow Grave - played Cameron Care - BBC Radio 4 March 2011 - played Charlie Fleming Colin McCredie on IMDb