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Sainyabuli District
Ferry berth in Xaignabouli
Ferry berth in Xaignabouli
Sainyabuli is located in Laos
Location in Laos
Coordinates: 19°15′N 101°45′E / 19.250°N 101.750°E / 19.250; 101.750
Country Laos
Admin. divisionXaignabouli Province
 • Total16,200
Time zoneUTC+7 (ICT)

Sainyabuli, Xaignabouli, Xayaburi or Xayaboury (Lao: ໄຊຍະບູລີ) is the capital of Sainyabuli Province, Laos. It lies along Route 4 which along with Route 13 connects it to Luang Prabang, roughly 80 kilometres northeast by road and to the Thai border across the Luang Prabang Range in the southwest. A passport control point is located in the area. Sainyabuli Airport lies in the southwest of the town.

The capital stands on the banks of the Nam Hung, a tributary of the Mekong river towards the northern end of the province. The area is allegedly a heartland for military involvement in illegal timber trade.[1]


Wat Si Bun Huang, a Buddhist temple of over 500 years vintage lies in the southern part of the town. Also of note is Wat Si Phan Don, noted for its diamond-shaped stupa and Wat Sisavang Vong, reputedly erected by King Sisavang Vong himself on the site of a former temple.[2] The town contains a museum and library and two bus terminals each of which are about 2 kilometres north and south of the town respectively.[2]


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Coordinates: 19°15′N 101°45′E / 19.250°N 101.750°E / 19.250; 101.750