Miles from Tomorrowland

Miles From Tomorrowland is a CGI animated children's television series created by Sascha Paladino. The series aired as shorts from January 19 to 23 before premiering on February 6, 2015; this series is named after Tomorrowland in the Disney theme parks. For the series' third season, which debuted on October 16, 2017 on the Disney Channel, it was renamed Mission Force One; the series was cancelled after three seasons, with the series finale airing on September 10, 2018. Miles from Tomorrowland is an animated space adventure series set in the year of 2501, it centers on the Callisto family who live on a spaceship called the Stellosphere and work for the Tomorrowland Transit Authority. Set in outer space, the series follows the adventures of the Callisto family – Miles, his sister Loretta and their scientist parents Phoebe and Leo, who work for the Tomorrowland Transit Authority on a mission to connect the universe; each episode consists of two 11-minute stories as Miles and his family explore extraterrestrial planets.

In Season 3, Miles is now leading a team called Mission Force One, which consists of his sister and their friends, Haruna and Mirandos as they continue their mission to Connect and Protect the Tomorrowland Transit Authority, while dealing with a new threat: the Nemesystems. The show's voice director is Lisa Schaeffer. Callisto family: Miles Callisto – An enthusiastic and curious 7-year-old boy with a somewhat reckless inventive streak whom the series is named after, his catch phrases include "Blastastic!," "Superstellar!," "Galactic!," "Aww, craters!," and "Let's rocket!" He is the captain of the newly established Mission Force One. Loretta Callisto – Miles's big sister and the brainier of the two children, she is 11 years old. She is a technology whiz, she likes to read directions and follow the rules. She is nicknamed "Starshine" by her dad, she is the Mission Force One's mission specialist. Madame Phoebe Callisto – Loretta and Miles's scientist mother and the ship's captain, she is an ambitious and accomplished woman who excels in her career and challenges her family to do their best.

Leo Callisto – Loretta and Miles's scientist father and the ship's engineer and Stellar Mechanic. He is a pilot and the inventor of the family. Leo demonstrates a relaxed attitude. Callisto companions: Stella – The computer voice at the ship Stellosphere. M. E. R. C. – The family's pet robo-ostrich, never far from Miles's side. Watson and Crick: Admiral Watson – One head of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority. Admiral Crick – One head of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority. Captain Joe – An intergalactic crime fighter, Leo's brother, Miles and Loretta's uncle, he owns a robot dog, Cap9, who seems related to Scooby-doo. Grandpa Vincent – Leo's father and retired captain of the TTA ship Explorer Gadfly Garnett – An alien outlaw obsessed with owning the latest technology, he will say "I am Gadfly Garnet, the greatest galactic outlaw to..." Spectryx – An alien from planet Parallax who can only see in infrared. Professor Randii Rubicon – A scientist who Neptune and the Builders, he gave the Cosmic Loretta a tour of the Trident Research Station in Neptune.

Commander S'leet Lysander Floovox Auntie Frida – Phoebe's sister. She can do a 1-arm handstand on paints while doing so. Mr. Avon Xylon – An alien mailman. Baker portrays Lieutenant Luminex, Captain Joe's second in command; the Game Master – A play creative tech genius. Dr. Consilium – A Galactic School teacher. Dr. Zephyr Skye – Tomorrowland's leading meteorologist. Haruna Kitumba – Miles's best friend & neighbor prior to Miles' departure to space who serves as a navigator of the Mission Force One. Pipp Wimpley – A young alien from Atlantix. Mirandos – A young intelligent Ariellian from the planet Tempestoro who serves as an engineer of the Mission Force One. Dashiell Scamp – An alien that "trades" for robots Zeno – The computer voice of starship Zenith. Commander Nemex – The commander of the Nemesystems, he is revealed to be Silas, a TTA Cadet, rejected from Mission Force One. Aggro - The second-in-command of the Nemesystems. Blopp family Captain Bobble Blopp Blippy Blopp Blodger Blopp – The son of Bobble and Blippy, Miles's friend from planet Blobsberg who serves as a ship operator of the Mission Force One.

Dethalians Queen Gemma – The queen of the Dethalians. Since Gadfly tried to steal her technology, she doesn't trust anyone who trespasses into her territory uninvited. However, in some episodes, she shows a kinder side, she loves her son Rygan and is protective of him. Prince Rygan – Queen Gemma's son. Rygan made friends with Miles and helped him and his family escape after Queen Gemma arrested them for entering her kingdom without permission. In Scavenge

Avtandil Makharadze

Avtandil Ivanovich Makharadze is a Georgian actor. He was born in Batumi. Active since the 1970s. Avtandil Makharadze started his acting career as a student at Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film University with performances in the acts of his fellow students, his role in the play "The Merchant of Venice", where he played Shylock caught the eyes of critics and the public. He worked at Shota Rustaveli Theatre until 1991, he had great success in the theater of MHAT, where in 1983, he played the main role in the play "Collapse". The same role was played in a television series under the same title on Georgian Television, one of the most controversial TV Plays of Soviet Georgia. In 1984 Avtandil Makharadze played two main parts in the famous film by Tengiz Abuladze "Repentance". In 1987 at the Cannes Film Festival "Repentance" won the Grand Prize of the Jury, Prize of the Ecumenical Jury and the FIPRESCI Award; the same year, at the Chicago Film Festival Avtandil Makharadze received Silver Hugo Award for the best male performance.

He won the first NIKA award at the Moscow international Film Festival in 1987 as well. In 1989 he starred alongside Isabelle Huppert, Bernard Blier, Erland Josephson, Richard Berry and Miki Manojlovic in Aleksandar Petrovic's last film "Seobe". In 1991, Avtandil Makharadze played the main role in the film of Georgian director Mikheil Kalatozishvili "The Chosen One"; the Film was nominated for Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival. In 1993 he received Golden Eagle at The Tbilisi International Film Festival for the best male performance in Vagif Mustafayev film "Out of". In 2004 Avtandil Makharadze starred in Vagif Mustafayev's film "National Bomb", nominated for Golden St. George at the Moscow International Film Festival. Avtandil Makharadze won the best male performance award at the Smolensk Film Festival for that part. Makharadze played Joseph Stalin in the 2005 BBC TV series Archangel. Scary Mother All Gone Archangel National Bomb The Beloved Repentance Avtandil Makharadze on IMDb