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San Jose SaberCats

The San Jose SaberCats were a professional arena football team based in San Jose, California. The SaberCats had been members of the Arena Football League since 1995. Over nineteen seasons of play, the SaberCats emerged as one of the Arena Football League's most successful franchises. Moreover, the SaberCats had won a total of four AFL Championships, their lifetime postseason record stood at 19–12. In the club's first four seasons, the team played just above mediocre, but still qualified for the playoffs three out of the four years, losing in the opening round each time under the guidance of Todd Shell. In 1999, the SaberCats appointed eventual owner-general manager Darren Arbet to the position of head coach. Under Arbet's guidance, the team's fortunes improved dramatically. In 2000, the SaberCats won a post-season game; the SaberCats' run of success intensified in the 2000s. In 2002, the team captured its first ArenaBowl championship by defeating the Arizona Rattlers in ArenaBowl XVI. In 2004, the SaberCats won a second championship by defeating the Rattlers in ArenaBowl XVIII.

In 2007, they defeated the Columbus Destroyers in ArenaBowl XXI to capture a third championship. In 2008, the SaberCats returned to the ArenaBowl. In 2015, the SaberCats returned to the ArenaBowl; the 2009 demise of the AFL caused the SaberCats to take a two-year hiatus. They returned to the re-formed Arena Football League in 2011; the SaberCats posted a disappointing record of 7–11 in the season of their return. The losing season was the organization's first since 1999 and remained the worst in franchise history. While the SaberCats' regular season performance improved over the following three seasons, their postseason performance did not. In 2015, the SaberCats finished the regular season with a franchise-best record of 17–1. After dispatching the Portland Thunder in the first round of the playoffs, they again faced the Rattlers. For a list of all seasons, see List of San Jose SaberCats seasons On November 12, 2015, the league announced the SaberCats would be ceasing operations due to "reasons unrelated to League operations."

A statement from the league indicated that the AFL was working to secure new, long-term owners for the franchise, but no such group has emerged. In 2019, it was announced that the Indoor Football League would be expanding to Oakland with the creation of the Oakland Panthers bringing arena football back to the Bay Area for the first time since the SaberCats demise; the SaberCats came into existence in December 1994, when the Arena Football League awarded an expansion team to businesswoman Ramune Ambrozaitis, Lafayette attorney David Frey and John Fry of Fry's Electronics. The group of three owners got a bargain when they were awarded the franchise, paying only US$750,000 of the $1.25 million the AFL requested of an expansion team. The team played at the San Jose Arena in San Jose, home to the San Jose Sharks franchise of the National Hockey League; the SaberCats named Todd Shell, a former San Francisco 49ers linebacker, as the team's first head coach. The SaberCats competed in the Western Division of the American Conference.

The SaberCats are one of Arena's premier organizations, having never drawn below 10,000 fans at any of their home games. The SaberCats were ArenaBowl champions in 2002, 2004, 2007, beating the Arizona Rattlers for their first two titles and the Columbus Destroyers for the third; the San Jose SaberCats did play in a fourth ArenaBowl, ArenaBowl XXII, but lost to the Philadelphia Soul. ArenaBowl XXII would be the last game played in the incarnation of the AFL. On June 5, 2004, the SaberCats were fined $20,000 for violations during their quarterfinal round playoff game against the Tampa Bay Storm, they were first fined $10,000 for distributing cow bells, without advance approval, to fans entering the building, cited as a violation by the AFL as an intentional competitive advantage generated by the creation of artificial noise. During the game itself, the SaberCats refused to apply microphones to certain players and coaches during the NBC broadcast, which led to an additional $10,000 fine; the cowbells went on to become a mainstay of many perennial season ticket holders though the SaberCats never again distributed cowbells to fans after the incident in 2004.

San Jose was 9–7 in 2005, earning the fourth seed in the American Conference playoffs. They lost to #1 seed Colorado Crush 56–48 in the first round, after failing to score on six goal line opportunities in the final minute of play; the SaberCats went 10–6 in 2006 and won a division title in the process, along with the AC's #2 seed. They got a bye week from the Wild Card Round and beat the Arizona Rattlers in the Divisional Round, 62–48; because the Colorado Crush lost in the Divisional Round to the Chicago Rush, they hosted the American Conference Championship game. In 2007, they got revenge against the Rush in the American Conference championship and advanced to ArenaBowl XXI, where they beat the Columbus Destroyers in front of a sellout crowd in New Orleans Arena and c

Characters of Sluggy Freelance

This is a list of major characters from the webcomic Sluggy Freelance. A hapless freelance web designer and an incorrigible punster, Torg is the protagonist in most storylines, having appeared in more than half of the site's comics at last count, he is impulsive and not so bright, yet he sometimes comes up with surprising but clever solutions to problems. Torg is marked by his amiable personality and his unwavering loyalty to his friends, which sometimes causes him to act in selfless ways, he has taken on an heroic and deep personality as several of his adventures have taken him far away from friends for long periods of time in more lethal situations. He was shattered after spending much of 2004 in the middle of a demonic invasion of a parallel universe. Despite being a thin young adult, Torg is a skilled marksman, displays unusual athleticism in dangerous situations, his fighting skills improved after many years of bizarre adventures, he has a strong spirit, evident when he beat K'Z'K to a pulp in his own mental dimension.

Torg seems to have problems with steady or stable relationships, as most of the women with any romantic designs on Torg have found themselves dead traumatized, or not well-off. For example, when Torg gave Zoë a necklace found in a lost Egyptian pyramid, it turned out to be cursed and turned her into a camel; this pattern of girlfriend-destruction itself can be seen as self-perpetuating, since one of the reasons Torg has not pursued a relationship with Zoë is that he fears that if he lets her become close she too will fall victim to one of the many weird dangers that Torg finds himself surrounded by. This fear was increased after Alt-Zoë was killed in front of him in 2004, but after confronting this fear in the shadow world during the Wayang Kulit adventure, he has moved past it, he is now attempting to track down Oasis and sort things out to remove any danger to Zoë. After Riff's Mark 19 explodes and Zoe and Riff are thought dead. Torg recruits Sam, Bun Bun and Zombie Head on a Stick to work for the Minion Master.

Torg was a freelance web designer for many years. Since he has had little success with jobs; this difficulty is due to his many adventures drawing him away from home. He has a severe problem with a regimented work schedule or the concept of having to be up before 9 a.m. He started working for Adversion Advertisement in May 2005, but was fired in January 2007 for constant absences from work. Not much is known about Torg's past, he says. His family has never been shown. Astute readers will note that Torg's trademark eternally plaid shirt is always filled with a series of neat vertical and horizontal stripes. Pete Abrams, who has demonstrated increasing artistic acumen over the years, appears to deliberately ignore all rules of perspective when drawing the shirt, so that overlapping folds of fabric or bending of the arms have no impact on its stripes. Crossover artists imitate this design trait when drawing him. Following the "That Which Redeems" storyline, Torg has taken to wearing a wider repertoire of shirts.

During the Wayang Kulit storyline, the plaid shirt appears to be associated with'old Torg' or'happy Torg', while the solid red shirt is associated with his heroic role in adventures. The white t-shirt, on the other hand, is associated with cowardice - Torg attempting to put on a face to hide from the problems which have begun to take a heavy toll on his psyche; the shirt and tie - Torg's "work clothes" - in this storyline seem to represent an attempt to escape his problems as well, or to deal with his problems by violence rather than coming to terms with them. Torg first appeared on August 25, 1997, he has become somewhat mentally unstable due to Riff and Zoë's supposed deaths. Genius inventor and "freelance bum" whose creations always bring mayhem and destruction in their wake. Riff is much more introverted than much of the cast, seems to have difficulty expressing his feelings beyond just a shrug or nod; as a result, he has difficulty maintaining a steady relationship. Besides Gwynn and Sasha, he seems to have had a number of girlfriends his friends and the readers have not heard about as he avoids discussing such things.

Riff's inventions have been varied, play key roles in plot lines. Among his inventions have been the Dimensional Flux-Agitator, a time machine, a gigantic mecha-style robot featuring enough firepower for a modern army with an AI cribbed from an old See-'n-Say, their unpredictable effects lead to Riff uttering his catchphrase, "Let me check my notes." His biological mother was revealed early in the strip to be Dr. Lorna, a Dr. Laura-esque radio personality whom he blames for ruining his life, she disowns him. His father's identity is Wilcott Wilden. Riff lived with his father and stepmother since the age of ten, Torg did not know the truth about his real mother until it came up early during the events of the comic. (The story "A Carnivorous Smurf for Kimmy Sue Hasenpfeffer" contradicts t

Stephen Hales

Stephen Hales was an English clergyman who made major contributions to a range of scientific fields including botany, pneumatic chemistry and physiology. He was the first person to measure blood pressure, he invented several devices, including a ventilator, a pneumatic trough and a surgical forceps for the removal of bladder stones. In addition to these achievements, he was a philanthropist and wrote a popular tract on alcoholic intemperance. Stephen Hales was born in Bekesbourne, England, he was the sixth son of Thomas Hales, heir to Baronetcy of Beakesbourne and Brymore, his wife and was one of twelve or thirteen children. Thomas Hales predeceased Sir Robert Hales. Hales was educated in Kensington and at Orpington before attending Corpus Christi College, Cambridge in 1696. Although he was an ordinand studying divinity, Hales would have received his degree in the Classics, natural sciences and philosophy while in Cambridge. Hales was admitted as a Fellow of Corpus Christi in 1703, the same year as he obtained the degree of Master of Arts, was ordained as Deacon at Bugden, Cambridgeshire.

He continued his theological and other studies in Cambridge, where he became friends with William Stukeley, studying medicine. He attended, his interest in biology and physiology is presumed to date from that time. In 1709 he was ordained Priest at Fulham and on 10 August 1709 he was appointed Perpetual curate of the parish of Teddington and left Cambridge, although he retained his Fellowship until 1718, he became a Bachelor of Divinity in 1711. Hales remained in Teddington for the rest of his life, except for occasional visits to his other parishes, he was an assiduous minister – in addition to parish duties he enlarged and repaired the church and commissioned a new water supply for the village – and well regarded although there is some evidence that his experimental work on animal physiology was viewed with misgivings. Thomas Twining included a verse in his poem The Boat on Hales: Green Teddington's serene retreat For Philosophic studies meet, Where the good Pastor Stephen Hales Weighed moisture in a pair of scales, To lingering death put Mares and Dogs, And stripped the Skins from living Frogs, Nature, he loved, her Works intent To search or sometimes to torment.

In 1718, the poet Alexander Pope, a renowned dog lover criticized Hales' work. In conversation with his friend, Joseph Spence, Pope said of Hale: "He commits most of these barbarities with the thought of its being of use to man, but how do we know that we have a right to kill creatures that we are so little above as dogs, for our curiosity, or for some use to us?". Pope, however was a close friend of Hales and considered him the model of the man who loves his God. In 1718 Hales was elected a fellow of the Royal Society and in the same year became rector of Porlock, Somerset, a post he held alongside the curacy of Teddington. In 1720 he married Mary Newce, but she died the following year in childbirth. In 1723 he was installed as Rector of Hampshire. Hales spent his summers there and became a friend of Gilbert White, the naturalist, whose family lived nearby. Hales' fame as a scientist grew from 1718 onwards, by the mid part of the 18th century he had achieved an international reputation, he was one of the eight Foreign Members of the Royal Academy of Sciences and was elected a member of the Academy of Sciences of Bologna.

He received the Copley Medal in 1739 and became a public figure as a result of his campaigns against the gin trade and his involvement in the Georgia Trust. He was made a Doctor of Divinity by Oxford University in 1733. In his years he received frequent visits from Frederick, Prince of Wales and his wife, Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha, both of whom were interested in gardening and botany, he gave Princess Augusta advice on the development of Kew Gardens, in 1751 he was appointed Clerk of the Closet to the Princess Dowager, following the death of Prince Frederick, a post he held until his death. At the age of seventy Hales was chosen by the president and fellows of the Royal College of Physicians to preach the annual Crounian Sermon in the church of St Mary-le-Bow, he selected his favorite topic – "The Wisdom and Goodness of God in the formation of Man". Hales died in his 84th year at Teddington on 4 January 1761 after a short illness. At his own request he was buried under the tower of the church where he had worked for so many years.

A monument to Hales was raised by Princess Augusta in the south transept of Westminster Abbey after his death. Hales is best known for his Statical Essays; the first volume, Vegetable Staticks, contains an account of experiments in plant physiology and chemistry. The second volume, describes experiments on animal physiology including the measurement of the "force of the blood", i.e. blood pressure. In Vegetable Staticks, Hales studied transpiration – the loss of water from the leaves of plants, he estimated the surface area of the leaves of the plant and the length and surface area of the roots. This allowed Hales to compare the calculated influx of water into the plant with the amount of water leaving the plant by transpiration through the leaves, he measured'the force of the sap' or root pressure. Hales commented that "plants proba

As You Are (album)

As You Are is the debut album of former Go Radio and Mayday Parade frontman Jason Lancaster. It is the first new release from Lancaster after he left Go Radio in 2013, it was released on June 23, 2014 under Outerloop Records, an imprint of Fearless Records, it peaked at 183 on Billboard Top 200. After Go Radio's breakup, vocalist/guitarist Jason Lancaster made it clear that he was not done with music. Within days of Go Radio announcing their breakup, Lancaster revealed in an Instagram post that he would be contributing an original song entitled "All I Can Give You" to the Fearless compilation Punk Goes Christmas; when the compilation was released on November 4, 2013, it became the first released song of Lancaster's solo career. On December 17, 2013, Lancaster announced a campaign on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo to support the production of a new solo album, confirming that he would be embarking on a solo career, he announced that the title of the record would be As You Are. He appeared excited about the record, saying, "My new effort “As You Are” is going to be a pure and honest endeavor of who I am as a person and a solo musician."

Perks included a private solo performance, handwritten lyrics, an exclusive mixtape containing the song "If". The campaign ended on February 14, 2014, having gone on for three months and having raised $36,320 of its $40,000 goal; the album was produced by Kenneth Mount. Lancaster worked with Odom and Mount on A Lesson in Romantics, Do Overs and Second Chances. Lancaster spoke positively about working with the team, saying, "Being able to take this record all the way from A to Z is something I've always wanted and being able to do it with Zack and Kenneth pushed it to a new level," and, "Making the record with these guys was an amazing experience for me." Odum and Mount have spoken positively about Jason in return, with Mount citing how impressed he was with Jason's musical skill. Odum has stated that his favorite song from the album was "Climb Up to My Window". Lancaster has stated that his primary inspirations for this album were his Christian faith, his wife and child; the overall theme of this album is "Be yourself".

The song "Save Me", for example, is about the night. Lancaster has stated that this song is the song that best represents his basic style for this album, that it's the most personal and meaningful to him of all the songs on the record. "Just In Time" is about Lancaster's love for his wife, it was released to celebrate the couple's anniversary. "Change" is a song giving thanks to Lancaster's supporters. "Do I" is a song about Lancaster's stubbornness in arguments - it was written as an apology to his wife after a minor dispute that they had. Odom has said that he enjoyed the creative freedom that he, Mount were given; because of this freedom, Odom has said that musically, the album isn't defined by genre - Lancaster was allowed to experiment with whatever genre he wants. In regards to how the writing process works without the support of a band, Lancaster has said, "It's so much easier," celebrating that there was little arguing or fighting over how the album should sound, he has stated that he began his solo career because he, "wanted to be in a position where he could do whatever I wanted to do with the music."In an interview, Lancaster told the story of why he decided to cover The Beatles' "Hey Jude".

The cover was another song dedicated to Dee Lancaster. Before the two had gotten married, Dee had dated several musicians, every year for her birthday, someone would play the song for her. So, Jason decided to "one-up" her previous boyfriends by doing a professional cover; the album's title comes from a phrase that Lancaster and his wife said to each other, to signify that they love each other "as they are". Lancaster has said that this phrase applies to his songwriting process for this album, because for the first time, he didn't feel limited by any genre - he could just write songs as they were; the album cover was designed by Bethany Grace White. A demo version of the song "Just in Time" was made available on YouTube on November 11, 2013, before As You Are was announced; the demo was accompanied by a video featuring pictures of Lancaster with his family - in particular, his wife, Dee Lancaster - to celebrate the anniversary of Lancaster's marriage. On January 2, 2014, a demo version of the song "Change" was made available on YouTube, it was tentatively announced that this would be the first song on As You Are.

The video was accompanied by a message from Lancaster thanking his supporters. However, neither song was released as a single; the first and only single from the album, "Come Back", was released on May 13, 2014, in a premier hosted by Alternative Press. An official lyric video was posted to YouTube by Outerloop Records on this date. On this date, As You Are became available for pre-order through iTunes and Alternative Press; the album was released on June 23, 2014. It peaked at 182 on Billboard Top 200. After the release of the album, Lancaster joined Warped Tour 2014, but played local shows in Tallahassee and Orlando. Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount, the album's producers, played backup for Jason during these shows, along with Maxx Danziger from Set It Off, he toured with SayWeCanFly, Rookie of the Year, Joel Faviere to support the album. Lancaster has spoken about his immense satisfaction with the process of making and releasing this album, calling the first show of Warped Tour 2014, "The highlight of my car

Eric Louzil

Eric Louzil is an American low-budget film director and producer. Louzil began his career as a UCLA film student, when he served as associate producer of the short film Sonic Boom starring Ricky Nelson, George Kennedy, Sal Mineo and Keith Moon in 1975, he soon made a career for himself as a low-budget producer and director, most notably for infamous independent film company Troma. His early productions Sizzle Beach, U. S. A. and Shadows Run Black are notable as the first two films to feature film star Kevin Costner. Louzil directed the 1987 film, Lust for Freedom, his other credits include the action film Fortress of Amerikkka, Class of Nuke'Em High 2: Subhumanoid Meltdown and Class of Nuke'Em High 3: The Good, the Bad and the Subhumanoid, both a part of the Class of Nuke'Em High film series. He was noted for having been among the independent filmmakers who gravitated to Yuma, Arizona, in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Eric Louzil on IMDb

The Other Side (1931 film)

The Other Side is a 1931 German war film directed by Heinz Paul and starring Conrad Veidt, Theodor Loos and Friedrich Ettel. It is an adaptation of R. C. Sherriff's 1928 First World War play Journey's End, turned into a British-American film the previous year. Paul's film attempted to be faithful to the play, retaining the British setting rather than switching the story to feature German soldiers and going to great lengths to portray the "Britishness" of the characters; the film was positively received on its release. It was shot at the Johannisthal Studios in Berlin; the film's sets were designed by the art director Robert A. Dietrich. Conrad Veidt as Hauptmann Stanhope Theodor Loos as Oberleutnant Osborne Friedrich Ettel as Hauptmann Hardy Viktor de Kowa as Leutnant Hibbert Wolfgang Liebeneiner as Leutnant Raleigh Paul Otto as Oberst William Trenk as Koch Reinhold Bernt as Feldwebel John Mylong Kester, Bernadette. Film Front Weimar: Representations of the First World War in German films of the Weimar Period.

Amsterdam University Press. ISBN 978-90-5356-598-8. Schneider, Thomas F.. "Huns" Vs. "Corned Beef": Representations of the Other in American and German Literature and Film on World War I. V & R Unipress GmbH. ISBN 978-3-89971-385-5; the Other Side on IMDb