San Rafael Lake

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San Rafael Lake
Coordinates 46°40′S 73°56′W / 46.667°S 73.933°W / -46.667; -73.933Coordinates: 46°40′S 73°56′W / 46.667°S 73.933°W / -46.667; -73.933
Type Proglacial tidal lagoon
Primary outflows Témpanos River
Basin countries Chile
Surface area 123 km2 (47 sq mi)
San Rafael Lagoon

San Rafael Lake is an arc-shaped coastal lake located in the Aysén del General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo Region of Chile, within the national park that bears its name. To the north the lagoon is connected to the Moraleda Channel, to the south lies the Ofqui Isthmus. To the west and east lie the Taitao Peninsula and the Northern Patagonian Ice Field respectively.

The Lagoon was formed by the retreat of the San Rafael Glacier in the Northern Patagonian Ice Field. Today it is a popular tourism destination, and ships sail from Puerto Chacabuco, Puyuhuapi and Puerto Montt to the lagoon nearly every day to see the ice falling from the glacier into the lagoon. Cruises pass by this area.