Sancho IV of Castile

Sancho IV of Castile called the Brave, was the King of Castile, León and Galicia from 1284 to his death. He was daughter of James I of Aragon, his elder brother, Ferdinand de la Cerda, died in November 1275, in 1282 Sancho assembled a coalition of nobles to declare for him against Ferdinand's son Alfonso took control of the kingdom when Alfonso X died in 1284. This was all against the wishes of their father. Sancho's ascension was in part due to his rejection of his father's elitist politics. Sancho was recognised and supported by the majority of the nobility and the cities, but a sizable minority opposed him throughout his reign and worked for the heirs of Ferdinand de la Cerda. One of the leaders of the opposition was his brother John, who united to his cause the lord of Biscay, Lope Díaz III de Haro. Sancho responded by incarcerating his brother. According to the chroniclers, he cemented his hold on power by executing 4,000 other followers of Infante Alfonso, son of Ferdinand de la Cerda, in Badajoz.

He executed 400 more in more in Ávila and Toledo. Upon dispensing with this opposition, Sancho pardoned his brother, released. John bided his time before fomenting revolt again: the conflict over Tarifa, he besieged Guzmán the Good in his castle. At this siege occurred that famous act of heroism, the innocent death of the son of Guzmán. Tarifa was faithfully defended until Sancho could rescue it and the Marinids retreated to the Maghreb; the intent of both John and the Sultan of Marinids was foiled. When James II succeeded to the Crown of Aragon, he endeavoured to bind the two crowns more and to unite in the Reconquista. Indeed, both of James' predecessors had tried to do likewise. Sancho was the friend and tutor of Juan Manuel of Castile. Just before succumbing to a fatal illness he appointed his wife, María de Molina, to act as regent for his nine-year-old son, Ferdinand IV, he died in 1295 in Toledo. Sancho married Maria de Molina in 1282, but at first their marriage did not have the necessary papal dispensation for two reasons: First, they had a distant blood relation, second, Sancho had been betrothed as an infant to a rich Catalan heiress named Guillerma Moncada.

They had the following children: Isabella. Married first James II of Aragon and secondly John III, Duke of Brittany. Ferdinand IV of Castile. Married Constance of Portugal. Alfonso Henry Peter married Maria daughter of James II of Aragon Philip. Married his cousin Margarita de la Cerda, daughter of Alfonso de la Cerda. Beatrice. Married Afonso IV of Portugal, he had three illegitimate children: By María Alfonso Téllez de Menezes, wife of Juan García, Lord of Ucero: Violante Sánchez, who held the dowry of Ucero as its lady, married in 1293 Fernando Rodríguez de Castro, Lord of Lemos. Teresa Sánchez, who married Juan Alfonso Téllez de Meneses, a Castilian nobleman, 4th Lord of Alburquerque, who became the 1st Count of Barcelos and was the Mordomo Mor of King Denis I of Portugal, had female issue. After the death of her first husband, she married Ruy Gil de Villalobos, with whom she had one daughter. By another woman whose name is unknown, he had: Alfonso Sánchez, who married, as his second wife, María Díaz de Salcedo, but died without issue.

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Robotrix is a 1991 Hong Kong science fiction exploitation film directed by Jamie Luk Kin-ming and produced by the Golden Harvest Company. It features Taiwanese-American actor David Wu, Chikako Aoyama, kung fu expert Billy Chow, Hui Hsiao-dan, the voluptuous soft-porn star Amy Yip; the plot concerns a female police officer, gunned down, only to have her brain transplanted into a robotic clone. This erotic R-rated thriller is notable for a Hong Kong film on general release in featuring frequent female full-frontal nudity, is notable for a scene of brief full-frontal male nudity, as it is the first time in Hong Kong cinema that a Chinese adult male's private parts have been revealed on camera in a film for general release, it was perhaps notable for leading the way in Hong Kong category 3 martial arts films. Cast member Vincent Lyn said of the film, "Now, one wild shoot; the cast and crew were all over the place and you were lucky to find out what you were doing before the cameras rolled. I spent more time laughing on the set than anything else."

A criminally insane scientist, Ryuichi Sakamoto, transfers his mind into a cyborg and commits a series of rapes and murders. Among his victims is female police officer Selena Lam; the scientist Dr. Sara transfers Selena's brain into a cyborg named Eve-27 copies her own persona into a robotic assistant named Ann; the cyborg-robot team pursue the criminal Sakamoto by investigating a series of murdered prostitutes. List of Hong Kong films of 1991 Nudity in film Nu ji xie ren on IMDb Robotrix at Hong Kong Cinemagic

Richard Northern

Richard James Northern MBE is a former British diplomat. Born on 2 November 1954, Richard Northern was educated at Bedford School and at Jesus College, Cambridge, he joined the British Diplomatic Service in 1976 and, following diplomatic postings in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Canada, he served as British Ambassador to Libya between 2010 and 2011, when the British Embassy in Tripoli was closed due to the Libyan Civil War. In March 2011, A conversation purportedly between Richard Northern and a spokesman for Mustafa Abdul Jalil, the former Libyan Justice Minister who subsequently became Chairman of the rebel National Transitional Council in Benghazi, was intercepted and broadcast on Libyan state television. Since December 2011 Richard Northern has been a Consultant, advising clients on business in the Middle East and Africa, he contributed a chapter to the book'The 2011 Libyan Uprisings and the Struggle for the Post-Qadhafi Future' published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2013