Santa Maria della Grazia

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Santa Maria della Grazia
Santa Maria della Grazia.jpg
Santa Maria della Grazia in Venice as seen from La Giudecca
Santa Maria della Grazia is located in Venetian Lagoon
Santa Maria della Grazia
Santa Maria della Grazia
Coordinates 45°25′09″N 12°20′22″E / 45.4192°N 12.3394°E / 45.4192; 12.3394Coordinates: 45°25′09″N 12°20′22″E / 45.4192°N 12.3394°E / 45.4192; 12.3394
Adjacent bodies of water Venetian Lagoon
Region Veneto
Province Province of Venice

Santa Maria della Grazia or La Grazia is an artificial island of the Venetian lagoon, northern Italy, which lies between the Giudecca and San Clemente.


Santa Maria della Grazia rose during the Middle Ages in the place where Venice’s rubble was discarded. The island takes its name from a supposedly miraculous Madonna which was on display in its former church. In 1264 there was a home for pilgrims to the Holy Land; later it was transformed into a convent. During the Napoleonic period the convent was suppressed and changed to a powder-magazine, which in 1849 exploded destroying both the ex-convent and the church.

The island was the site of an infectious diseases hospital until the end of the twentieth century.



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