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Sassoon Hospital
Sassoon Hospital is located in Maharashtra
Sassoon Hospital
shown in Pune, Maharashtra
LocationPune, Maharashtra, India
Coordinates18°31′33″N 73°52′19″E / 18.52571°N 73.87194°E / 18.52571; 73.87194Coordinates: 18°31′33″N 73°52′19″E / 18.52571°N 73.87194°E / 18.52571; 73.87194
Hospital typeGeneral
Affiliated universityByramjee Jeejeebhoy Government Medical College
ListsHospitals in India

Sassoon General Hospital (Marathi: ससून सर्वसाधारण रुग्णालय) is a large state-run hospital in Pune, India with over 1500 beds. The B. J. Medical College, Pune and a Nurses training School is attached to it.

The Jewish philanthropist David Sassoon from Mumbai made a generous donation to make the construction of the hospital possible in 1867; the hospital could originally accommodate 144 patients.[1] A well-respected child-care center and orphanage, Society of Friends of Sassoon Hospitals (SOFOSH), is connected to the hospital. SOFOSH was started in August 1964 by a group of Pune citizens for the welfare of poor patients of Sassoon Hospitals.[2] Child care activities were initiated in 1973. SOFOSH’s child care center, "Shreevatsa", has provided a home to orphan children ranging from newborns to six-year-olds. Many of the children are placed with adoptive families in India and overseas. A number of children are physically and mentally challenged and a growing number are afflicted by life-threatening ailments. Many of these children will never find adoptive families, and are cared for by the SOFOSH "Preetanjali" project; this also helps kids from ages 0–6 get a home in their orphanage care system; they have been matching adults up with children for 32 years now.

Original building, built in 1867 designed by Colonel Wilkins.

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