Jessie Harrison

Jessie Harrison known as Jessie Abbate and Jessie Duff, is an American sport shooter from McDonough, Georgia who took silver in the Open division Lady category at the 2017 IPSC Handgun World Shoot in Châteauroux and bronze at the 2011 IPSC Handgun World Shoot at Rhodes, Greece. In the IPSC US Handgun Championship she took gold in the Open division Lady category in 2015 and silver in 2013, she has 16 USPSA Handgun Championship Lady category gold medals. Jessie's shooting career began in Cowboy Action Shooting, before she transitioned to multigun and Steel Challenge. Today her focus is on Steel Challenge and NRA Action Pistol. Jessie is known to be the first female shooter who achieved the rank of Grand Master in the United States Practical Shooting Association, which she did in the USPSA Open division by earning an average of 95% or higher in the classification courses. In 2001 she has won more championship tiles in the state, regional and world competitions than any other female shooter. Harrison began her shooting career at a young age with her father a world champion.

Her first World Champion title was earned in the Cowboy Action Shooting competition. She has earned national and world titles from the Bianchi Cup, Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championships. Harrison is part of Team Weatherby as a celebrity spokesperson for the conservation of the sport of shooting and hunting, she is the Team Captain of Team Taurus where she competes in world and national championships. Other than competing, Harrison is a co-host on the Friends of NRA television show on the Outdoor Channel. 11 times Top Woman at the Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championships 16 times Lady category winner at the USPSA Handgun Champiopnship between 2007 and 2015 Bianchi World Cup 2014 Ladies Open Action Pistol World Champion

White-throated robin

The white-throated robin, or irania, is a small, sexually dimorphic, migratory passerine bird. The vernacular and genus name Irania alludes to Iran, its type locality, while the specific name gutturalis is Medieval Latin for "of the throat", it breeds in western Asia and overwinters in East Africa. It was classed as a member of the thrush family, but is now more considered to be an Old World flycatcher, family Muscicapidae. It, similar passerine species, are called chats; this species is larger than the European robin, having a length of 16 centimetres and a wingspan of 28 centimetres. The breeding male has lead-grey upperparts, a black face with a white throat and supercilium, orange underparts; the tail is black. Females are plainer grey apart from a black tail, hints of orange on the flanks, some white throat streaks; the male's song is a fast twittering, given in flight. The call of this species is a chis-it double note, like that of the pied wagtail. Though it is insectivorous, it will eat fruit during autumn.

It is a migratory species, breeding from Turkey to Afghanistan in western Asia, wintering in East Africa. In East Africa they are found in closed thicket in dry country Acacia-Commiphora woodland on the dry central plateau. Small numbers reach the Usangu Plains of Ruaha National Park in Tanzania, their southern limit. In dry years however, some may move still further south, reach moister uplands at 1,600 metres, it is a rare vagrant to Europe. The white-throated robin's breeding habitat is dry rocky slopes with some bushes at some altitude, it nests in a shrub. Irania gutturalis in the Flickr: Field Guide Birds of the World "Irania gutturalis". Avibase. Photos at Photo at