Alena Kish

Alena Kish was a Belarusian primitivist painter from the surroundings of Slutsk. Kish earned her living by making carpets for local buyers, she gained attention and recognition as an artist in the end of 1970s, three decades after her death. A collection of her surviving works are preserved in the museum of Zaslawye. Kish was found drowned in the river, it may have been an accident but she had difficulties in addition to her poor finances. Her income from her designs was undermined. Kish and her work were featured on a stamp and in an exhibition in Minsk in 2013. "Алена Кіш: гісторыя самагубства і пасмяротнага прызнання". Nasha Niva. 2018-06-10. Retrieved 2018-06-10


Jo&Joe is a hotel brand specialized in economic stays and owned by Accor. Launched in 2016, the brand aims to develop a new leisure concept for Millennials. Jo&Joe manages 2 hotels in France. In September 2016, the group Accor announced the launch of a new hotel brand, Jo&Joe, a new open house experience geared for the Millennials. 50 openings by 2020 were announced. The first location opened in March 2017 in Hossegor, a surf capital on the Atlantic coast of Southern France; the 70-room hotel was designed in partnership with the surfwear brands Roxy. In 2018, Accor announced the 2020 opening of a 350-bed Jo&Joe hotel in Largo do Botícario architectural complex in Rio de Janeiro and another 2020 opening of a 160-bed Jo&Joe hotel on rue Buzenval in Paris, France. In 2019, the opening of a new Jo&Joe in London’s Rex Cinema was announced, along with openings in Dubai, in the new City Ikea in Vienna. In April 2019, Jo&Joe opened its second location in Gentilly near Paris' Cité Internationale Universitaire.

Jo&Joe is an economy hotel brand owned by Accor. Jo&Joe targets Millennials with an open house atmosphere, colorful designs, new bedding solutions. Jo&Joe aims to blend private rental spaces, a hostel-like social experience, all the while bringing hotel-class comfort and security. Jo&Joe manages 2 hotels in France. Accor hotelF1 Official website