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In the rating system of the British Royal Navy used to categorise sailing warships, a second-rate was a ship of the line which by the start of the 18th century mounted 90 to 98 guns on three gun decks. They were smaller and hence cheaper versions of the three-decker first rates. Like the first rates, they fought in the line of battle, but unlike the first rates, which were considered too valuable to risk in distant stations, the second rates served in major overseas stations as flagships, they had a reputation for slow sailing. They were popular as Flagships of admirals commanding the Windward and/or Leeward islands station, a Rear Admiral of the Red. Measuring around 2000 tons burthen and carrying a crew of 750, the second-rates by the second half of the 18th century carried 32-pounder guns on the gun deck, with 18-pounders instead of 24-pounders on the middle deck, 12-pounders on the upper deck, although there were exceptions to this. Both first and second rates carried lighter guns on their quarterdecks.

The three-decker second-rate was a British type, was not built by other European navies to any great degree. As speed is determined by length along the waterline, the three-deck, second-rate was a slow sailer compared to both its two-deck equivalent and the first-rate ships. Being the same height as a first-rate but shorter meant they handled poorly and had a tendency to sail to leeward, their poor sailing abilities prompted Nelson, at Trafalgar, to order Prince and HMS Dreadnought to approach the enemy at a lesser angle than the remainder of the column, in the hope that having more sail area exposed to the wind, would enable these two ships to keep up. A near disastrous example of the three-decker's maladroitness occurred on 25 December 1796 when, on sighting the enemy, the Channel Fleet attempted a hurried departure from Spithead: Four second-rates collided with each other while another ran aground. Apart from its unhandiness, in terms of sheer firepower it was matched or out-gunned by many of the large 80-gun and 74-gun two-deckers used by the French and Spanish navies.

The additional height did, give the second rate an advantage in close combat with the further advantage of it being able to withstand punishment like a larger ship, but being much cheaper to build and maintain. It was sometimes mistaken by the enemy for a first-rate, which could make enemy commanders reluctant to press an attack; the term "second-rate" has since passed into general usage as an adjective used to mean of suboptimal quality, inferior to something, "first-rate". Bennett, G; the Battle of Trafalgar, Barnsley. ISBN 1-84415-107-7. Gardiner, Robert. Warships of the Napoleonic Era: Design and Deployment. Barnsley: Seaforth Publishing. ISBN 978 1 84832 108 3. Rodger, N. A. M; the Command of the Ocean, a Naval History of Britain 1649–1815, London. ISBN 0-7139-9411-8. Winfield, British Warships in the Age of Sail: 1603–1714, Barnsley ISBN 978-1-84832-040-6. ISBN 978-1-84415-717-4.

Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Director of a Play

The Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Director of a Play is an annual award presented by Drama Desk in recognition of achievements in the theatre among Broadway, Off Broadway and Off-Off Broadway productions. The awards were established in 1955, with the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Director being presented to directors of both plays and musicals; the new award categories were created in the 1975 ceremony. † - indicates the performance won the Tony Award ‡ - indicates the performance was nominated for the Tony Award Laurence Olivier Award for Best Director Tony Award for Best Direction of a Play "Drama Desk Award for Director of a Play". Internet Broadway Database. 2008. Retrieved 2008-08-21. Drama Desk official website

Egidio Forcellini

Egidio Forcellini, Italian philologist, was born at Fener in the district of Treviso and belonged to a poor family. He went to the seminary at Padua in 1704, studied under Facciolati, in due course attained the priesthood. From 1724 to 1730 he held the office of rector of the seminary at Ceneda, from 1731 to 1765 that of father confessor in the seminary of Padua; the remaining years of his life were spent in his native village. He died at Padua in 1768 before the completion of the great work on which he had long co-operated with Facciolati; this was the vast Latin Lexicon, which has formed the basis of all similar works that have since been published. He was engaged with his Herculean task for nearly thirty-five years, the transcription of the manuscript by Luigi Violato occupied eight years more. Totius Latinitatis lexicon, consilio et cura Jacobi Facciolati opera et studio Aegidii Forcellini, lucubratum. Patavii: typis Seminarii, 4 voll. 1771 Totius Latinitatis lexicon, consilio et cura Jacobi Facciolati opera et studio Aegidii Forcellini lucubratum.

Patavii: typis Seminarii, 4 voll. 1827-1831 Totius latinitatis opera et studio Aegidii Forcellini lucubratum. Prati: Typis Aldinianis, 1858-1879 Lexicon totius latinitatis J. Facciolati, Aeg. Forcellini et J. Furlanetti seminarii patavini alumnorum cura, opera et studio lucubratum nunc demum juxta opera R. Klotz, G. Freund, L. Doderlein aliorumque recentiorum auctius, emendatius melioremque in formam redactum curante doct. Francisco Corradini ejusdem seminarii alumno. Patavii: Typis Seminarii, 1896 This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: Herbermann, Charles, ed.. "Egidio Forcellini". Catholic Encyclopedia. New York: Robert Appleton. Lexicon Totius Latinitatis Lexicon Totius Latinitatis - Searchable Digitized - Fully digital Lexicon Totius Latinitatis - Searchable Digitized - Graphical Totius latinitatis lexicon

The New Classic Tour

The New Classic Tour is the debut concert tour by Australian recording artist Iggy Azalea. The tour promoted The New Classic. Beginning April 2014, the tour played 15 concerts in North America, with plans to perform at various music festivals in Europe during the summer. Azalea was set to tour and release her album in September 2013. During an interview with Billboard, Azalea stated she was working on costume design. However, an invitation to open shows for American recording artist, Beyoncé on her 2013 tour, delayed both projects. Shortly after the release of her fourth single, tour details were finalized; the tour is promoted by Live Nation. Monster Energy is teaming up with consulting firm, Idol Roc Entertainment, to present the "Monster Energy Hip Hop Outbreak". Thus, the tour is known as the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour presents: Iggy Azalea—The New Classic Tour; the following set list is representative of the show on 19 October 2014. It is not representative of all concerts for the duration of the tour.

Cancellations and rescheduled shows Iggy Azalea official website

Anna Wong (artist)

Anna Chek Ying Wong was a Canadian artist and master printmaker. Wong was born and raised in the Chinatown district of Vancouver, BC, belonged to a large family who ran the successful business Modernize Tailors. In 1957 Wong travelled to Hong Kong to study Chinese painting for one year under the notable artist Chao Shao-an of the Lingnan School. In 1966, Wong received an undergraduate degree in printmaking at the Vancouver School of Art. In 1967, she moved to New York City to complete Master's studies at the Pratt Graphics Center, where she was hired as a Professor in Studio Arts, working until 1984. During her career Wong held solo exhibitions at the Consulate General of Canada, New York City, the National Art Museum of China, the Royal Ontario Museum, the Richmond Art Gallery, Equinox Gallery, among others, she was included in notable group exhibitions such as Contemporary Canadian Prints: A Survey, alongside works by Gordon Smith, John Esler, Toni Onley, Margot Lovejoy, Richard Lacroix, others, at the Pratt Graphics Centre.

In 1982, her work was included in China Today, an exhibition at the Floating Foundation of Photography in New York City. In 1984, her work represented Canada at the Republic of China International Print Exhibition at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum in Taiwan; the Vancouver exhibition and research project Chinatown Modern, curated by Steven Tong at Centre A: Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, included Anna Wong, addressed the "lack of public recognition of Asian Canadian artists who emerged in Vancouver during the 1960s and 1970s." Wong's work was included in the exhibition The Ornament of a House: Fifty Years of Collecting, at the Burnaby Art Gallery in 2017, within a publication of the same title. The retrospective exhibition Anna Wong: Traveller on Two Roads will tour Canadian galleries between 2018-2020, accompanied by a publication of the same title. Anna Wong's work is held in public collections in Canada, including the Vancouver Art Gallery, Burnaby Art Gallery Permanent Art Collection, Confederation Centre of the Arts, Dunlop Art Gallery, the Art Gallery of Guelph


Ameritest is an international advertising research firm, headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which provides its clients with worldwide market research on their advertising concepts, executions. The company was founded in 1990 in Illinois by Charles E. Young. Ameritest, d.b.a. CY Research, uses visual or non-verbal approaches to measuring advertising in a variety of media, including television, direct response, packaging and branded entertainment; the primary tools used by the company to illustrate how advertising works are heuristic models created by Young. The purpose of these models is to focus attention on learning how and why an ad is, or is not, working with the goal of improving or optimizing ad performance; the models are organized into a hierarchy that attempts to bridge the divide between report card systems and diagnostic systems. As a pre-testing, or copy testing system, Ameritest’s television model is intended to explain how the audience perceives motion media including television, online and other forms of branded entertainment.

The print model is meant to address print media including newspaper, Direct Response and outdoor advertising. Ameritest is the winner of six David Ogilvy Research Awards including the Grand Award for its work with IBM’s “Blue Letterbox” ad campaign. Articles written about Ameritest Delivering the Message, ACCJ Journal, November 2004, 35 PDFESOMAR Conference ESOMAR Conference Presentation One Size Fits All Creativity Magazine, October 1, 2003 “Testing on Trial: Is copytesting killing advertising creativity?” Articles written by Ameritest Harvard Business Review article, The Spielberg Variables, April 1, 2005, p 16Article "Brain Waves, Picture Sorts and Branding Moments" Journal of Advertising Research, July/Aug 2002 issue, Volume 2, No. 4, pp 42-53 and cover. And WARC, Journal of Advertising Research Scroll down to Brain Waves, Picture Sorts and Branding Moments. Admap magazine, Emotions in TV Ads, January 2004, Issue 446, pp 34–36, Scroll down to Emotion in TV Ads paper Admap magazine, Does Day-After Recall Produce Vanilla Ads?

June 2004, Issue 451, pp 40–42. Editorials regarding Ameritest Advertising Age, May 9, 2005, page 32, Viewpoint section, Letters to the Editor, "Agencies should be more involved with research" article, written by Charles E. Young, CEO and founder of Ameritest. Advertising Age Archives Advertising Age, June 9, 2003, page 24, Viewpoint section, “The danger in ad recall tests”, by John Kastenholz and Charles Young. Advertising Age Archives Advertising Age, June 9, 2003, page 6, “Copy tests under fire from new set of critics”, mentions us through a quote by Kastenholz. Advertising Age Archives Advertising Age, Viewpoint section, July 14, 2003, page 15. “Effective ads work in more than one way”, by Chuck. A rebuttal to the original article “copy tests under fire” Conferences Ameritest has Participated in ESOMAR Conference ESOMAR Conference Presentation One Size Fits All “ReThink” the 51st annual ARF conference & expo, 2005. Monday, April 18, Forum 3, 10:15—11:45, Semantic Network Analysis of Brand Ratings: A beverage case study, Charles E. Young.

Conference was held at the Embassy Suites Hotel, New York City April 17–19, 2005. “Consumer Engagement Conference: How to turn on a mind”, September 28–29, 2006 “Measuring the Turn On” a panel discussion with Amy Shea Hall of Ameritest. PDF Awards David Ogilvy Research Award, Grand Ogilvy Award, "IBM Infrastructure Campaign", 2003 David Ogilvy Research Award, Gold Medallion, Best In "Considered Purchase" Category, 2003. David Ogilvy Research Award, Silver Medallion, E-Business Campaign, 2000, Pre-testing. David Ogilvy Research Award, Silver Medallion, "Shaping Strategy", Unilever HRC, USA, Helene Curtis Business Unit, Degree/Competitive Research, 1998. David Ogilvy Research Award, Silver Medallion, 1997, Personal Products: Just My Size/ "Talking Fit" campaign, Pre-testing. David Ogilvy Research Award, Silver Medallion, 1996, "L'eggs "Smooth Silhouettes" Pre-testing