Wabigalo–Nakasongola–Sasira Road

The Wabigalo–Nakasongola–Sasira Road is a road in the Central Region of Uganda, connecting the town of Nakasongola with the towns of Wabigalo and Sasira on the Kampala–Gulu Highway. An extension from Nakasongola links to Nakasongola Air Force Base; the road starts at Wabigalo on the Kampala–Gulu Highway 56 kilometres, south of the Kafu River bridge. From Wabigalo, the road extends eastwards to the Headquarters of Nakasongola District, a distance of 5 kilometres. From there, the road runs in a general south to north direction to the Nakasongola Airport, the location of the UPDF Nakasongola Air Force Base, a distance of about 12 kilometres. From Wabigalo, the construction extends north-westwards along the Gulu Highway for about 1.5 kilometres, to Sasira. The entire road measures about 21 kilometres; the geographical coordinates of this road, between Wabigalo and Nakasongola are: 01°18'54.0"N, 32°26'26.0"E. This road connects the town of Nakasongola, where the headquarters of Nakasongola District are located, to the Gulu Highway, which links the capital Kampala, to Gulu, the largest city in the Northern Region of Uganda.

It links downtown Nakasongola to Nakasongola Air Force Base and Nakasongola Military Airport. Prior to 2010, this road was gravel-surface in poor condition, with pot-holes; the upgrading of the road involved the conversion of the existing gravel surface to tarmac and the building of bridges and drainage channels. Energo Project, a Serbian construction company carried out the upgrade, between 2010 and 2011, at a cost of USh13.8 billion, funded by the Government of Uganda. Nakasongola District Economy of Uganda List of cities and towns in Uganda List of roads in Uganda Bus accident claims four and leaves 28 injured Nakasongola: A Climate Change Hot Spot As of 14 June 2016

List of Nana characters

The Japanese manga series Nana and illustrated by Ai Yazawa, features a cast of fictional characters of which the two main characters share the name Nana. The series chronicles their lives as each chases her dreams. Nana Komatsu is a small town girl who goes to Tokyo to follow her boyfriend and college friends, with the hope of having her dream life. Nana Oosaki was in a popular punk band in her home town. Nana Oosaki's friends include her bandmates in the Black Stones and her former bandmate, involved in a band called Trapnest. Nana Oosaki Voiced by: Romi Park, Anna Tsuchiya, Junko Minagawa, she considers the band Trapnest as her rival, most due to the facts that Ren decides to leave Blast for Trapnest and her roommate marrying Trapnest's leader, Takumi Ichinose. Though Nana may look like a tough punk rocker, she is a devoted friend. However, she can be possessive and dark becoming emotional to the extent where she has trouble breathing, she is insecure about losing people close to her admitting to using means like bringing Nobu and Nana Komatsu together so she can keep Hachi with her.

Abandoned by her mother and raised by her grandmother, Nana never knew the identity of her biological father. Ep. 4 Nana was expelled from high school. Despite these hardships, Nana "polishes the shards of her dreams" and is determined to be successful as the lead vocalist of Blast, she gets engaged to Ren. In the future scenes it can be interpreted that Nana ran away from Japan and cut all ties with her friends; this may be triggered by the death of Ren, her fiance, the events that followed. Her favorite designer is Vivienne Westwood, her favorite band is the Sex Pistols. Nana Komatsu Ichinose a.k.a. Hachi Voiced by: Kaori. Unlike Oosaki, she comes from a large and happy household, though her childish outlook prevents her from living on her own at first and she is prone to falling in love at first sight towards older men. Ch. 0Ep. 2 Due to her kindness and faithfulness, Nana Oosaki nicknames her Hachi, after the dog Hachikō. Ep. 8 Nana Komatsu matures as the series progresses and becomes protective of Nana Oosaki, who becomes dependent on Hachi for stability.

On, Nana forms relationships with both Takumi and Nobu and winds up pregnant by one of them, though it is uncertain by whom. Although she is in love with both, she marries Takumi since he could provide for the child's upbringing. During the scenes of future events, it is shown that Hachi gave birth to a son and a daughter named Satsuki. Nana is still married to Takumi, although her marriage does not appear either to be happy or unhappy, they are separated as Takumi lives in London with their son Ren and Hachi stays in Japan with Satsuki. Though Junko suggests that Hachi should divorce Takumi, she says there's no need for it. Black Stones — shortened to Blast — is a popular punk band within the series. Ren was once a member of the group, after his departure to join Trapnest, they recruit a new member, Shin, they attract a large following, sign a deal with Gaia Records. Nana Oosaki is their main vocalist. Nobuo Terashima a.k.a. Nobu, Nobuo, or Young Master Voiced by: Tomokazu Seki, he is friendly and optimistic.

Before Nana's "smoking ban", he is the only non-smoking member of Blast. However, his threshold for alcohol is poor and he accidentally leaks many secrets while he is drunk. Like Yasu, Nobu comes from a rich family. Despite this, he is still passionate about music sharing Oosaki's dream of making it big with a band one day, he falls in love with Hachi and they start a short but happy relationship. When Takumi tells Nobu about her pregnancy, Hachi painfully leaves him for Takumi. While he accepts the reasons why she left him, he still fears the possibility of the child being his, he decides to get in a relationship with Yuri. While he claims he is "over" Hachi and appears happy in his relationship with Yuri, the aftermath of Ren's death allows him and Hachi to get closer. Following a heartfelt conversation in his dorm room, the two embrace and nearly share a kiss before Hachi pulls away, in fear that she will hurt both Nobu and Yuri. Nobu proclaims loudly, he uses black Gibson Les Paul Custom. Shinichi Okazaki a.k.a.

Shin Voiced by: Akira IshidaEp. 1. He uses black Fender Precision Bass. Though mature and tall for his age, he is the youngest member of the band. Although born and raised in Sweden, Shin's mother committed suicide while his mother's husban