Secretary of State for Justice

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United Kingdom
Secretary of State for Justice
Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom (HM Government).svg
Royal Arms as used by Her Majesty's Government
David Lidington MOJ.jpg
David Lidington

since 11 June 2017
Ministry of Justice
Style The Right Honourable
(Formal prefix)
Justice Secretary
Appointer Elizabeth II
Inaugural holder Charlie Falconer
Formation 9 May 2007
Deputy Minister of State for Justice

Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for Justice is a senior position in the cabinet of the United Kingdom, held in conjunction with the office of Lord Chancellor since it was created in 2007, replacing the former post of Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs. On 9 May 2007, the Department for Constitutional Affairs was abolished, and a Ministry of Justice was created in its place, the Ministry of Justice is also responsible for certain functions transferred from the Home Office.


The then Lord Chancellor, Charlie Falconer, was appointed to the post of Secretary of State for Justice on the abolition of his position as Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs, the Home Secretary, John Reid, told Parliament that future Secretaries of State for Justice would be MPs rather than peers. Jack Straw took over this department on 28 June 2007, following the selection of Gordon Brown as leader of the Labour Party and Prime Minister and left office on the resignation of Gordon Brown after the General Election of 11 May 2010. He was replaced by Conservative MP Ken Clarke; in the Cabinet reshuffle of August 2012 Chris Grayling was promoted to Lord Chancellor and, by convention, Secretary of State for Justice. After the 2015 UK General election, the position was given to former Government Chief Whip Michael Gove. Michael Gove was sacked after Theresa May became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on 14 July 2016 and succeeded by Liz Truss. Following the 2017 General Election which resulted in a minority Conservative government, David Lidington was appointed the new Secretary of State for Justice with his predecessor being demoted to Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

List of Secretaries of State[edit]

For Lord Chancellors before 2003, see List of Lord Chancellors and Lord Keepers

For Secretaries between 2003 and 2007, see Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs

Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor
  Labour       Conservative
Portrait Name
Honorifics & Constituency
Term of office Political Party Government
Charles Falconer, Baron Falconer of Thoroton, May 2009.jpg Charlie Falconer
The Lord Falconer of Thoroton

9 May
27 June
Labour Blair II & III
Jack Straw 2.jpg Jack Straw[1]
MP for Blackburn
28 June
11 May
Labour Brown
Ken Clarke 2010.jpg Kenneth Clarke
MP for Rushcliffe
12 May
4 September
Conservative Cameron–Clegg
Chris Grayling Official.jpg Chris Grayling
MP for Epsom and Ewell
4 September
9 May
Michael Gove Minister.jpg Michael Gove
MP for Surrey Heath
9 May
14 July
Conservative Cameron II
Elizabeth Truss 2016.jpg Elizabeth Truss
MP for South West Norfolk
14 July
11 June
Conservative May I
David Lidington MOJ.jpg David Lidington[2]
MP for Aylesbury
11 June
Incumbent Conservative May II

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