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East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust is an NHS trust which runs Conquest Hospital in St Leonards-on-Sea, Eastbourne District General Hospital, Bexhill Hospital, all in East Sussex, England. The trust was established as East Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust on 1 April 2002, taking its current name on 13 May 2011. East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust provide acute hospital and community health services for people living in East Sussex and surrounding areas, their services are provided from two district general hospitals, Conquest Hospital and Eastbourne DGH both of which have Emergency Departments and provide care 24 hours a day. They offer a comprehensive range of surgical and maternity services supported by a full range of diagnostic and therapy services. At Bexhill Hospital they provide outpatients, ophthalmology and intermediate care services. At Rye and District Memorial Hospital they provide Outpatient and inpatient intermediate care services, they provide some services at Uckfield Community Hospital. Their community teams provide care in the patient’s own home and from a number of clinics and GP surgeries in East Sussex.

There are around 525,000 people who live in East Sussex and the Trust is one of the largest organisations in the county. They employ over 6,000 dedicated staff with an annual turnover of £380 million. In December 2013 the Trust was one of thirteen hospital trusts named by Dr Foster Intelligence as having higher than expected higher mortality indicator scores for the period April 2012 to March 2013 in their Hospital Guide 2013; the Trust predicts a deficit of £19.4m in 2013-14. In April 2014 High Weald Lewes Havens Clinical Commissioning Group served 12 months’ notice on their £18m a year community services contract with the Trust because of concerns about “the access to and consistency of NHS community services”. A report to the commissioner’s March board meeting mentioned “ad hoc and unnotified” closures of the trust’s minor injury service, “inequitable access” to district nursing, “intermittent closure” of a midwifery-led unit; the CCG says the financial problems of the Trust could mean “there is a risk that the provider may seek to take short term decisions that reduce the equitable provision of community services to save cost.

There is a risk that services could be deemed, ‘unsafe’ because of staffing issues.” The CCGs in Eastbourne and Hastings are continuing their contracts with the Trust, but High Weald are putting their community services contract out to tender. The Care Quality Commission raised concerns over outpatient records and surgical practices at Eastbourne District General Hospital after an inspection in September 2014, it found that safety and leadership was inadequate. The leaders of the trust were subsequently urged to resign by the East Sussex County Council health overview and scrutiny committee and by Hastings Borough Council. After a further CQC inspection which found a “void” between the “board perception” and “reality of working at the trust” the trust was put into special measures and Stuart Welling, the Chair, resigned; the trust paid. In February 2016 it was expecting a deficit of £48.7 million for the year. In March 2016 the Trust was ranked bottom in the Learning from Mistakes League, it was put into special measures in October 2016.

In February 2018 it was predicting a deficit of over £56 million - just less than 15% of its total income. Healthcare in Sussex List of hospitals in England List of NHS trusts Official website CQC inspection reports

Little Portion Hermitage

The Brothers and Sisters of Charity at Little Portion Hermitage is a Roman Catholic religious order made up of an integrated monastic expression of celibate brothers, celibate sisters and singles, a domestic expression of those who live throughout the world in their own homes. It is the first Vatican sanctioned self-supported indigenous religious community in the United States; the Brothers and Sisters of Charity, a Public Association of the Faithful, was founded by John Michael Talbot in 1980. Most of the members of the monastic expression live at the Little Portion Hermitage in Berryville, Arkansas. In 2012, a second house was opened in Texas. There is an international ecumenical domestic expression consisting of single men and women and families, living in their own homes and sharing the same Rule and Constitution with the monastic expression; the monastic mission foundation on the Island of Ometepe in Central America includes both monastic and domestic members. Little Portion Hermitage - The Brothers & Sisters of Charity The monastery's website The community's founder, John Michael Talbot

Come Share the Wine

Come Share the Wine is an album by Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra, released through Rounder Records on August 21, 2007. In 2008, the album won the group the Grammy Award for Best Polka Album. "Dancin' with Rosie" – 2:27 "Dominique" – 2:45 "Not Supposed To" – 2:58 "Come Share the Wine" – 3:34 "Red Wing" – 2:12 "Small Town Memory Lane" – 2:57 "Snappy Time" – 2:38 "I'm Gonna Steal Your Shoes" – 2:00 "Bride and Groom" – 2:42 "Blind Date" – 2:37 "My Girl" – 2:38 "Fiddles and Bows" – 1:59 "Come Share the Wine" – 2:56 Polka in the United States

Battle of Lincoln (1141)

The Battle of Lincoln, or the First Battle of Lincoln, occurred on 2 February 1141 between King Stephen of England and forces loyal to Empress Matilda. Stephen was captured during the battle and deposed while Matilda ruled for a short time; the forces of King Stephen of England had been besieging Lincoln Castle but were themselves attacked by a relief force loyal to Empress Matilda and commanded by Robert, 1st Earl of Gloucester, Matilda's half-brother. The Angevin army consisted of the divisions of Robert's men, those of Ranulf, Earl of Chester and those disinherited by Stephen, while on the flank was a mass of Welsh troops led by Madog ap Maredudd, Lord of Powys, Cadwaladr ap Gruffydd. Cadwaladr was the brother of Owain, Prince of Gwynedd, but Owain did not support any side in the Anarchy. Stephen's force included William of Ypres; as soon as the battle was joined, the majority of the leading magnates fled the king. Other important magnates captured with the king were Baldwin fitz Gilbert; as the royal troops listened to the exhortations of Stephen's lieutenant, Baldwin fitz Gilbert, the advancing enemy was heard and soon the disinherited Angevin knights charged the cavalry of the five earls.

On the left Earl William Aumale of York and William Ypres charged and smashed the poorly armed,'but full of spirits', Welsh division but were themselves in turn routed'in a moment' by the well-ordered military might of Earl Ranulf who stood out from the mass in'his bright armour'. The earls and outfought, were soon put to flight and many of their men were killed and captured. King Stephen and his knights were surrounded by the Angevin force. Might you have seen a dreadful aspect of battle, on every quarter around the king's troop fire flashing from the meeting of swords and helmets – a dreadful crash, a terrific clamour – at which the hills re-echoed, the city walls resounded. With horses spurred on, they charged the king's troop, slew some, wounded others, dragging some away, made them prisoners. No rest, no breathing time was granted them, except in the quarter where stood that most valiant king, as the foe dreaded the incomparable force of his blows; the earl of Chester, on perceiving this, envying the king his glory, rushed upon him with all the weight of his armed men.

Was seen the might of the king, equal to a thunderbolt, slaying some with his immense battle-axe, striking others down. Arose the shouts afresh, all rushing against him and him against all. At length through the number of the blows, the king's battle-axe was broken asunder. With his right hand, drawing his sword, well worthy of a king, he marvellously waged the combat, until the sword as well was broken asunder. On seeing this William Kahamnes, a most powerful knight, rushed upon the king, seizing him by the helmet, cried with a loud voice, "Hither, all of you come hither! I have taken the king!" The rest of his division fought on with no hope of escape until all had surrendered. Baldwin fitz Richard and Richard fitz Urse'having received many wounds, and, by their determined resistance, having gained immortal honour' were taken prisoner. After fierce fighting in the city's streets, Stephen's forces were defeated. Stephen himself was taken to Bristol, where he was imprisoned, he was subsequently exchanged for Robert of Gloucester, captured in the Rout of Winchester the following September.

This ended Matilda's brief ascendancy in the wars with Stephen. The Welsh contingent of the Angevin forces included Maredudd and Cadwgan, two of the five sons of Madog ap Idnerth, the ruling prince of Fferllys. Conversely, Stephen was aided like Hugh de Mortimer. Following the Battle, his cause seeming lost, Hugh turned his attention to Fferllys, invaded its northern parts the following year, killing Cadwgan. In 1146, he invaded the south of Fferllys, killed Maredudd. Matlida's son, forced Hugh to surrender his Welsh possessions; this battle is featured in the historical novel The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett, is described as it happened, including the capture of King Stephen and his subsequent exchange. It is recounted in When Christ and His Saints Slept by Sharon Penman; the battle of Lincoln is an important plot element in Dead Man's Ransom, a novel in the Brother Cadfael series by Edith Pargeter. An older novel, The Villains of the Piece, by Graham Shelby has a chapter in it describing First Lincoln.

Battle of Lincoln

Yogesh (actor)

Yogesh, better known by his nick names Yogi or Loose Maada, is an Indian actor and singer who predominantly appears in Kannada language films. Yogesh made his debut in the 2007 film Duniya where he portrayed the supporting character named "Loose Maada" and since being referred with the same name. Which was followed by a few unsuccessful films. However, the success of A. P. Arjun's directorial debut film Ambari, which earned him a Karnataka State Film Award for Best Actor, started Yogesh's successful career as an actor, he has featured in several successful films such as Hudugaru, Sidlingu and Yaare Koogadali. Besides films, he has appeared in the television dance talent show Thaka Dhimi Tha Dancing star as a judge. 2013 – Bigg Boss – Guest appearance 2014 – Thaka Dhimi Tha Dancing star – Judge 2014 – Super Guru – judge 2018-present "Nayaki )" - Sun TV Yogesh on IMDb