Johnstown Jackals

The Johnstown Jackals were a professional indoor American football team based in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. They were members of the original Indoor Football League founded in 1999 and began play in 2000, they competed in the Southern Division of the Eastern Conference and played their home games at the Cambria County War Memorial Arena. They were the first of two teams; the second were the Johnstown Riverhawks of the American Indoor Football Association. The Jackals were founded as an expansion team in 1999 and joined the original incarnation of the Indoor Football League along with several others expansion franchises; the team played in the Eastern Conference South. In the only season in the IFL, the team compiled a 3–13 record finishing in fourth place in the Eastern Conference. After the IFL was bought out by af2, the Flames were not among the many teams that moved to the new league and subsequently folded; the Jackals folded after the 2000 season after the league was purchased by the Orlando Predators of the Arena Football League.

The next year, they became a new expansion team in the newly formed National Indoor Football League. The team was coached by former United High School football coach Frank Krevetski; the then-current coach of United High School, Chris Matava, joined the team as offensive coordinator. The Jackals name changed three times after their first season. Since Johnstown did not join the new league, they held a fan vote on a new team name; the fans voted on Jaguars, the team rebranded, including a new logo and website. The NFL demanded that Johnstown must change the team name, since the Jacksonville Jaguars own the right to the name; the team rebranded again. The NFL contacted Johnstown again, informed them it was still too close to Jacksonville's name. Johnstown rebranded one final time; the team name was loosely based on Morley's Dog, a mythological dog that saved lives during the Great Johnstown Flood of 1889. The team folded after the 2002 season

The Professional (2003 film)

The Professional is a 2003 Serbian comedy/drama film and directed by Dušan Kovačević and based on his 1990 play of the same name. The film enjoys cult status and is a dark comedic retrospect of the relationship between dissenters and the State Security Service under the regime of Slobodan Milošević, it was nominated for seven awards. In 2001, former professor of literature at Belgrade University, Teodor "Teja" Kraj is now a manager of a big publishing house, his workers are just about to go on strike, protesting against the privatization of the company, led by a man named Jovan. Teja satirically brushes off the workers' demands and continues to plan for a meal with his secretary and lover, Marta, to celebrate his 48th birthday. A strange man shows up at Teja's office carrying a briefcase and a large suitcase and insisting to speak with him. Teja reluctantly accepts, the man claims he is a writer, presenting Teja with four books ready to be published, he implies the books contain classified information and says they were bound in secret by his daughter.

They're interrupted by Jovan. He gets told off by Teja for brutishly yelling at Marta, proudly admits to beating his wife; the mysterious man speaks with Teja about the books, collections of stories from the countryside and city life, a collection of speeches and a mysterious fourth book. Teja tries to send the man off. However, the man reveals he won't be returning, that he's scheduled for a deadly operation, he introduces himself as Luka Laban, a former officer of the State Security. He claims reporting on his movements on a daily basis. After Luka was retired in the aftermath of the 5 October Overthrow, his daughter compiled all his daily reports into four books, all listing Teja as the author. Luka reveals his daughter was Teja's ex-girlfriend Ana, now married in Canada, wants nothing to do with her father; the film presents several stories of how Luka managed to either observe Teja or, on some occasions, infiltrate his circle – consisting of a fat and drunk man named Maki, a quirky and injured man named Gipsani.

In all of these situations, Teja was fighting against the Milošević regime, Luka was right behind him monitoring his movements. On several occasions and the striking workers enter Teja's office and misunderstand his and Luka's interaction as attempted murder or sexual advances. Luka first learned of Teja during the 9 March protests in 1991. Luka observed Teja from a live camera, he was denied. The film cuts to a scene in 1993 when Luka, posing as a newspaper salesman, was invited to sit with Teja and Gipsani at a kafana. Luka was loathed Teja for his anti-communist rants; when Teja narrowly avoided a fight with the other guests, he started hallucinating and left the table with talk of killing himself. Luka followed Teja to the bathroom and tried to hang Teja with his belt, making it look like a suicide, but narrowly missed his cubicle and hanged a different man. Teja doubts the validity of Luka's story since Luka references high art frequently. Luka replies that he acquired an understanding of art and philosophy by following Teja, was clueless about everything other than the works of Marx and Lenin beforehand.

He displays knowledge of a limp Teja has since his secret car accident in 1995 and reveals he was behind the wheel. Teja is stopped by Marta bursting inside. Luka ran Teja over two days following the Fall of Knin in August 1995, livid with the fact that Teja had been holding an anti-government protest in spite of the refugee crisis from Croatia, his protest was unintentionally ruined by Gipsani, who insulted the crowd by sarcastically defending Milošević. At the hospital with a broken femur, Teja was visited by Luka posing as a doctor. Luka tried to provoke Teja, implying he had been working for a foreign power, Teja bit off his ear. In the present, the two have a laugh about the ordeal. Luka opens his suitcase and reveals it was full of ordinary things that Teja had lost during the last ten years when he was drunk. Luka tells Teja stories about the lost items. On New Year's Eve 1997, Teja received a set of binoculars from Ana, Luka's daughter, which Luka picked up; that was the day that he found out that Teja and Ana, at the time a freshman in his class, were dating.

Interrupting an interrogation of a protester, arrested during the 1996–97 protests, Luka spied on the couple in a strip club wearing a Santa Claus mask. At the strip club, Luka was hospitalized. At the hospital, he revealed to Ana that he had been following her relationship, her attempt to secure a Canadian visa. There, he promised to Ana, he followed and photographed Teja and Ana, forwarded the photographs to Teja's university. Teja was kicked out for sexual misconduct and Ana suffered a nervous breakdown and dropped out. Luka became an alcoholic during this period. Luka suggests. Teja again threatens to kill Luka and is again stopped by Marta, who bursts in to inform Teja that the striking workers have blocked the street. While Teja steps out to confront the workers, we see Luka check on a recording device planted in Teja's office and contemplate turning it off; when Teja returns, Luka reveals he had been following Teja following his dismissal from the university and collecting his lost mail from his parents in Šid.