Shapur I

Shapur I known as Shapur the Great, was the second Sasanian King of Kings of Iran. The dating of his reign is disputed, but it is agreed that he ruled from 240 to 270, with his father Ardashir I as co-regent till the death of the latter in 242. Shapur consolidated and expanded the empire of Ardashir I, waging war against the Roman Empire, whom he seized the cities of Nisibis and Carrhae from, whilst advancing as far as Roman Syria, he was defeated at the Battle of Resaena in 243, but won the Battle of Misiche in 244 and forced the Roman emperor Philip the Arab to sign a favorable peace treaty the following year, regarded by the Romans as "a most shameful treaty". He took advantage of the political turmoil within the Roman Empire by undertaking a second expedition against them in 252/3–256, sacking the cities of Antioch and Dura-Europos. In 260, during his third campaign, he defeated and captured the Roman emperor Valerian at the Battle of Edessa. However, afterwards he was less successful in his endeavours, suffering setbacks by the king of Palmyra, Odaenathus.

Shapur was the first Iranian monarch to use the title of "King of Kings of Iranians and non-Iranians". He had adopted the title due to the influx of Roman citizens whom he had deported during his campaigns. However, it was first under his successor Hormizd I, that the title became regularized. Shapur had new Zoroastrian fire temples constructed, incorporated new elements into the faith from Greek and Indian sources, conducted an extensive program of rebuilding and refounding of cities. "Shapur" was a popular name in Sasanian Iran, being used by three Sasanian monarchs and several notables of the Sasanian era and its periods. The name is derived from Old Iranian *xšayaθiya.puθra and must have been a title, which became−at least in the late 2nd century AD, a personal name. The name appears in the list of Arsacid kings in some Arabic-Persian sources, this is anachronistic; the name of Shapur is known in other languages as. Shapur was the son of the founder of the Sasanian dynasty and whom Shapur succeeded.

His mother was Lady Myrōd, according to legend, was an Arsacid princess, a daughter of Artabanus IV. The Talmud cites a nickname for her, "Ifra Hurmiz", after her bewitching beauty. Shapur had a brother named Ardashir, who would serve as governor of Kirman. Shapur may have had another brother with the same name, who served as governor of Adiabene. Shapur, as portrayed in the Sasanian rock reliefs, took part in his father's war with the Arsacids, including the Battle of Hormozdgan; the battle was fought on 28 April 224, with Artabanus IV being defeated and killed, marking the end of the Arsacid era and the start of 427-years of Sasanian rule. The chief secretary of the deceased Arsacid king, Dad-windad, was afterwards executed by Ardashir I. Ardashir celebrated his victory by having two rock reliefs sculptured at the Sasanian royal city of Ardashir-Khwarrah in Pars; the first relief portrays three scenes of personal fighting. The second relief, conceivably intended to portray the aftermath of the battle, displays the triumphant Ardashir I being given the badge of kingship over a fire shrine from the Zoroastrian supreme god Ahura Mazda, while Shapur and two other princes are watching from behind.

Ardashir considered Shapur "the gentlest, wisest and ablest of all his children", nominated him as his successor in a council amongst the magnates. The Iranian historian Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari observed of Shapur before his ascension to the Sasanian throne:, "The Iranians had well-tried Shapur before his accession and while his father still lived on account of his intelligence and learning as well as his outstanding boldness, logic, affection for the subject of people and kindheartedness." The Cologne Mani-Codex indicates that, by 240, Ardashir and Shapur were reigning together. In a letter from the Roman Emperor Gordian III to his senate, dated to 242, the "Persian Kings" are referred to in the plural. Synarchy is evident in the coins of this period that portray Ardashir facing his youthful son and bear a legend that indicates Shapur as king; the date of Shapur's coronation remains debated: 240 is noted, but Ardashir lived until 242. The year 240 marks the seizure and subsequent destruction of Hatra, about 100 km southwest of Nineveh and Mosul in present-day Iraq.

According to legend, al-Nadirah, the daughter of the king of Hatra, betrayed her city to the Sasanians, who killed the king and had the city razed. The Eastern provinces of the fledgling Sasanian Empire bordered on the land of the Kushans and the land of the Sakas; the military operations of Shapur's father Ardashir I had led to the local Kushan and Saka kings offering tribute, satisfied by this show of submission, Ardashir seems to have refrained from occupying their territories. Al-Tabari alleges he rebuilt the ancient city of Zrang in Sakastan, but the only early Sasanian period founding of a new settlement in the East of which we are certain is the building by Shapur I of Nishapur - “Beautifull by Shapur” - in Dihis

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