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Shopian district
Location in Jammu and Kashmir, India
Location in Jammu and Kashmir, India
Coordinates: 33°43′00″N 74°50′00″E / 33.7167°N 74.8333°E / 33.7167; 74.8333Coordinates: 33°43′00″N 74°50′00″E / 33.7167°N 74.8333°E / 33.7167; 74.8333
Country India
Headquarters Shopian
 • Total 612.9 km2 (236.6 sq mi)
Area rank 537th in India & 17th in Jammu & Kashmir
Population (Census 2011)
 • Total 265,960
 • Density 430/km2 (1,100/sq mi)
 • Official Urdu, Kashmiri
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Vehicle registration JK22

The Shopian Hill District is one of the districts of Jammu and Kashmir, India.[1] Its headquarters is located in Shupiyan.


According to the 2011 census, the Shopian district has a population of 265,960,[2] roughly equal to that of the nation of Barbados.[3] This gives the Shopian district a ranking of 577th in India (out of a total of 640).[2] The district has a population density of 852 inhabitants per square kilometre (2,210/sq mi) .[2] Its population growth rate over the 2001–2011 decade was 25.85%.[2] Shopian has a sex ratio of 951 females for every 1000 males,[2] and a literacy rate of 62.49%.[2]


Shopian is a historical town, and gained importance from the time of Mughal rulers.It was previously known as 'Sheen-e-van' meaning 'forest of snow'. Shopian was one out of six Wazarat Headquarters in Kashmir from 1872-1892 A.D. The District is situated in the laps of foot hills of Pir Panjal range and most of its area is hilly. The District is having an area of 30,741.6 hectares. It is at a distance of 51 km from city Srinagar . Shopian has been an ancient Town of Kashmir, which among other factors in the past has historical importance, since it is situated on the ancient imperial road commonly known as Mughal Road. Presently the District Shopian is having 2 assembly constituencies consisting of One Tehsil, One CD Block Shopian and a part of Block Keller, One Municipal committee with 13 wards, 43 Patwar Halqas and 103 Panchayat Halqas for 231 Revenue Villages. The district is known as 'Apple Bowl of the State' as it is famous for Horticulture Sector. The fruit production is Annually Estimated to 2.00 Lac Metric Tons. According to some records its earlier name was Shiv Pavan. Recently, the scholars of history have traced the etymology of this historical town from the Persian word shahpayan where 'shah' means 'Emperor' and 'payan' means 'stop-over' as it was the place where different emperors especially mughals used to take rest after coming from a hectic journey through the Pir Panjal Range. Shopian is located at 33.72°N 74.83°E. It has an average elevation of 2057 meters (6748 feet). Shopian has the honour to had Imam Shahi Hamadan entered via it into the Kashmir valley to spread the message of Islam. A major development in Kashmir was the establishment of the first branch of the Ahl-i Hadith in Srinagar, in 1925, by Sayyed Hussain Shah Batku, a Kashmiri student of the Madrasa Miyan Sahib in Delhi, a seminary set up by one of the pioneers of the Ahl-i Hadith in India, Maulana Anwar Shah Shopiani was a notable member of the Jamiat Ahl-i Hadith. Maulana Anwar Shah Shopiani (d.1969). Anwar Shah was a close disciple of Batku, and played a major role in spreading the message of the Ahl-i Hadith in Shopian and Srinagar. He served as the president of the Ahl-i Hadith jama'at in Kashmir for several years, as well as the Imam of the Central Jamia Ahl-i Hadith Masjid in Srinagar. Many of the Great Ulema of Jamate Islami have had their origin from Shopian. The most influential and prominent among them are Moulvi Mohmad Amin (Shopian), Maulana Ghulam Ahmad Ahrar (Shopian, d. 2004) and Maulana Hakim Ghulam Nabi (Chittragam, d. 2002).


  • Degree College for Boys and Girls (Science & Arts streams)
  • University of Siraj Ul Uloom Imamsahib
  • Losetech Computer Education, Shopian
  • Govt. Polytechnic college Malik Gund Shopian.
  • RPC Computers Srinagar Road Shopian.
  • Information Technology Solutions (I.T.S), Batapora Shopian
  • A1 Institute of Applied Technology, Batapora Shopian
  • Shah-i-Hamdan Institute Ramnagri Shopian

Gousia Hanfia institute TRENZ.

  • Brilliant Public High School, Mullo Dangerpora
  • Public Model School, Ratnipora
  • Eternal Success School, Shopian
  • Geographicus Public School, Shopian
  • National Innovations Public School, Zainapora, Shopian
  • Mohammadiya Institution near Eid Gah
  • Shah-i-Hamdan School Batapora, on the banks of Ranbi-Ara
  • Green Land Higher Secondary Edu. Inst. near the fire station
  • Maktabia Islamia School, near the police station
  • Sky Lark Public School, near the CEO building batpora spn
  • Spring Dales Public School Batapora, near Phe division
  • Shama Public High School Habdipora shopian
  • Lords Token School Lawahind ganowpora spn
  • Activity Public School, Nowpora
  • Govt. Middle School, Manzimpora
  • School Chale Hum School Village, Manzimpora
  • Govt High School, Reshinagri
  • Talimul Isalm Ahmadiyya Public School, Reashinager
  • Govt Boys Primary School, Reashinager
  • Govt Girls Primary School, Reashinager
  • Darul Uloom Islamia, Pinjura
  • University of Siraj-ul-Uloom, Imamsahib
  • Govt. Boys & Girls Higher Secondary, Shopian
  • Sun Shine Public School, Pinjura
  • Ameer Kabeer Memorial Institute K. Manloo, Shopian
  • Govt. High School, Pinjura
  • Shah I Hamdan Institute, Ramnagri
  • Govt.High School, Ramnagri
  • Govt. High School, D. K. Pora
  • Govt. H.S.S., Kapren
  • Simnania Public School, Arshi Pora, Shopian
  • JK Charitable Welfare Trust
  • Al-Mustafa Educational Trust, Mashwara
  • Govt. Middle School, Mashwara
  • Govt. Middle School, Reshipora, Zainapora, Shopian
  • Central Public hr.sec. School, Chitragam
  • Govt. Higher Secondary School, Zainapora
  • Govt. Boys Middle School, Zainapora
  • Govt. Girls Middle School, Zainapora
  • Motherland Public School, Zainapora
  • Garieb Nawaz Public School, Zainapora
  • Hanfiya Middle School, Zainapora
  • Haji Mumin Higher Secondary, Kumdalan
  • Hanfia Institute High School, Losedanow
  • Hamdania High School, Wachi.
  • Govt. High school, Wachi.
  • Alsaba educational Institute, Wachi.
  • Darul Quran Salfiya Public School Melhora
  • Rainbow International Educational Institute, DayGam Toolihalan.
  • New Greenland Educational Institute, Aliyalpora Shopian.
  • Syed Sultan Memorial Institute Manihall
  • Iqra Islamic Institute Narwani
  • Sakhi Sarvar English medium high school Dachoo
  • Darul Quran Salfiya Public English Medium School Melhura
  • Govt High School Homhuna
  • Govt Primary School Dobipora
  • Govt High School Nadigam
  • Shaheen public School Nadigam


The district has a number of hospitals and healthcare facilities, some of which include: District Hospital, Shopian, Sub District Hospital Keller Sub District Hospital Zanapora, PHC Herman, PHC Pinjura PHC DK Pora, PHC Vehil, PHC Sedow.PHC nadigam,

Places of interest[edit]

Shopian district has many places with tourism potential: the waterfalls of Aharbhal, Kounsernag, Kongiwatan, Arshi Pora Lahanthour, Sedow, Herpora Wild Life Sanctuary, Dabjan - 6 km from Heerpora Village; Peer Marg/Peer Gali - 20 km away from Heerpora on the historical Mughal Road; beautiful Lake Nandansar - 2 km away from the Peer Ki Gali; Hash Wang Bagam Pather, Sok Saray,and Mughal Saray at Jajinar. The Jamia Masjid in Shopian is one of the famous historical monuments built during the Mughal reign resembling that of jamia Masjid Srinagar. The famous Aasar-i-Sharief Dargah at Pinjura, attracts thousands of devotees on the occasion of Eid-i-Milad-un- Nabi and Shab-i-Mehraj. Darul Uloom Islamia Pinjura where large people gather to seek (spiritual and moral) knowledge and propagate to others.


The major roads connecting Shopian with neighbouring districts are:

  • Shopian-Pulwama-Srinagar Road
  • Shopian-Anantnag Via Zainapora
  • Shopain -Anantnag via Kaider
  • Shopain Anantnag Via Kulgam kudwani Wanpoh khanabal
  • Shopian-Rajori-Poonch via Mughal Road
  • Shopian-Zawoora-Keller
  • Shopian-Sedow-Aharbal
  • Shopian-Heerpora
  • Shopian-Bijbehara via MalikGund Imamsahib,
  • Shopian-Pinjoora
  • Shopian-Tarkiwangam
  • Shopain-Zainapora( Babapora)- Frisal- khudwani
  • Shopain-Zainapora( Babapora)- wachi - Sangam
  • Shopian to Kulgam kachdoora, sehpora Mohanpor or Okay
  • Shopian to Reshinagri via Narwaw, Saidpora
  • Shopian to Nehama via Vehil Nowgam, Kanjiullar
  • Shopian to Ramnagri via Narwaw, Saidpora, Amshipora.
  • Shopain to Kangiullar via Ramnagri and Gadiporahir
  • Shopain to Kheer Bhawani at Mamzam via Ramnagri, Kanjiuller Nihama
  • Shopain to(Aharbal)via Ramnagri, Gadipora and Nihama
  • Shopian to Zawoora via Rambiara.
  • Shopian to Shadab Karewa Via Zowoora.
  • Shopian to Narapora, keller via Zawoora
  • Shopain to Aharbal via Saidow
  • Shopian Arshi pora road to link Via Herman Kadder Road
  • Shopian to Manzimpara via Kundalan.
  • Shopian to Anantnag via Manihall and Yaripora
  • Shopian to Aharbal via Ramnagri, Rashinagar, vatoo [under construction]


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