Show Your Love

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Show Your Love
Jolin Tsai-Show Your Love-Cover.jpg
Standard edition artwork
Studio album by Jolin Tsai
Released December 22, 2000
Recorded 2000
Studio Premium Studio, Quad Studio, Audioplex, Take One Studio, Mega Force Studio, Platinum Studio, A-String Studio
Genre Pop
Length 40:22
Language Chinese
Label Universal
Jolin Tsai chronology
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Show Your Love
Show Your Love Concert
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Jolin Tsai studio album chronology
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Show Your Love
(2000) Show Your Love2000
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Show Your Love is the third studio album by Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai. It was released on 22 December 2000, by Universal Music Taiwan. Tsai surprised many listeners with the album, which positioned her as a more mature and seductive songstress.[1] However, not everyone liked the change of pace and the album fared poorly.[2] The sales of the album were not as good as Tsai's previous two studio albums, with only more than 260,000 copies sold in Taiwan alone,[3] and made her the eleventh best-selling singer of the year in Taiwan.[4] The third track, "Do You Still Love Me", reached number 30 on the Hit FM Top 100 Singles of the Year.[5] The music video of the seventh track, "Fall in Love with a Street", won an MTV Video Music Award for International Viewer's Choice.[6] Tsai also increased her exposure to other Asian countries with the release of the album, and made her first live performance in Japan in March 2001.[7]

Track listing[edit]

Show Your Love – Standard edition
1."Show Your Love"Benny ChenPaul LeePaul Lee4:16
2."Love Is Near" (快有愛)Adam HsuChen WeiChen Wei3:12
3."Do You Still Love Me" (你還愛我嗎)Kiki HuAzlan Abu HassanDavid Wu4:20
4."Baby Face"Hsieh Meng-chuanJae ChongJae Chong3:42
5."If You Said Love Me at That Day" (如果那天你說愛我)Sandee ChanSandee ChanPeter Lee4:06
6."Reluctant" (捨不得)Hsieh Meng-chuanJimmy YeDavid Wu4:56
7."Fall in Love with a Street" (愛上了一條街)Hsieh Meng-chuanNobuhiro MakinoDavid Wu4:22
8."Pretty Pretty Day"Iris TsengDavid WuDavid Wu3:05
9."See at a Glance" (一眼就看見)Daryl YaoTom PanPeter Lee4:18
10."Feel Your Existence" (感覺你的存在)Julian YuLiu ZhizenPaul Lee4:05
Total length:40:22


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