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Lionel Abrahams

Lionel Abrahams was a South African novelist, editor, critic and publisher. He was born in Johannesburg, he had to use a wheelchair until 11 years of age. Best known for his poetry, he was mentored by Herman Charles Bosman, he and edited seven volumes of Bosman's posthumously published works. Abrahams went on to become one of the most influential figures in South African literature in his own right, publishing numerous poems and two novels. Through Renoster Books, which he started in 1956, he published works by Oswald Mtshali and Mongane Wally Serote heralding the emergence of black poetry during the apartheid era. In 1986, he married Jane Fox; that year, he was awarded honorary doctorates of literature by the University of the Witwatersrand and the University of Natal. The Celibacy of Felix Greenspan: A novel in 18 stories, published by Bateleur Press, 1977 The White Life of Felix Greenspan, published by M&G Books, 2002 Journal of a New Man, published by Ad Donker, 1984 The Writer in Sand, published by Ad Donker, 1988 A Dead Tree Full of Live Birds, published by Snail Press, 1988 Chaos Theory of the Heart, published by Jacana Media, 2005 To Halley's Comet, publishers unknown.

Lionel Abrahams: A Reader, ed. Patrick Cullinan, published by Ad Donker, 1988 A Writer in Stone: South African Writers Celebrate the 70th Birthday of Lionel Abrahams, ed. G. Friedman and Roy Blumenthal, published by David Philip, 1998

Nico (gorilla)

Nico was a western lowland gorilla who lived in captivity at Longleat Safari Park, Wiltshire, UK. At the time of his death, at 56 years old, he was the oldest Western lowland gorilla in Europe and was thought to be the second oldest gorilla in the world. Nico's habitat on Half Mile Lake at Longleat covered over half an acre and included lookout stations, tree trunk climbing frames and tyre and net swings. Nico and his partner Samba came from a zoo in Switzerland in the 1980s, were given a television to watch during their six-month quarantine period. Longleat Safari announced Nico's death on 8 January 2018 in an official statement on their social media channels "It is with deep regret and huge sadness that we have to announce the death of Nico, our much-loved western lowland gorilla. Nico, one of the oldest silverback gorillas in the world, passed away in his sleep on 7 January 2018. Everyone here has been saddened by the death of Nico, his main keeper has been working with Nico on a daily basis since 1989 and has forged an extraordinarily close bond with him.

It goes without saying that he is devastated by the loss along with the rest of his keeping team who have cared for Nico over the years."

Flajolet–Martin algorithm

The Flajolet–Martin algorithm is an algorithm for approximating the number of distinct elements in a stream with a single pass and space-consumption logarithmic in the maximal number of possible distinct elements in the stream. The algorithm was introduced by Philippe Flajolet and G. Nigel Martin in their 1984 article "Probabilistic Counting Algorithms for Data Base Applications", it has been refined in "LogLog counting of large cardinalities" by Marianne Durand and Philippe Flajolet, "HyperLogLog: The analysis of a near-optimal cardinality estimation algorithm" by Philippe Flajolet et al. In their 2010 article "An optimal algorithm for the distinct elements problem", Daniel M. Kane, Jelani Nelson and David P. Woodruff give an improved algorithm, which uses nearly optimal space and has optimal O update and reporting times. Assume that we are given a hash function h a s h that maps input x to integers in the range, where the outputs are sufficiently uniformly distributed. Note that the set of integers from 0 to 2 L − 1 corresponds to the set of binary strings of length L.

For any non-negative integer y, define b i t to be the k -th bit in the binary representation of y, such that: y = ∑ k ≥ 0 b i t 2 k. We define a function ρ that outputs the position of the least-significant set bit in the binary representation of y: ρ = min where ρ = L. Note that with the above definition we are using 0-indexing for the positions. For example, ρ = ρ = 0, since the least significant bit is a 1, ρ = ρ = 3, since the least significant bit is at the 3rd position. At this point, note that under the assumption that the output of our hash function is uniformly distributed the probability of observing a hash output ending with 2 k is 2 −, since this corresponds to flipping k heads and a tail with a fair coin. Now the Flajolet–Martin algorithm for estimating the cardinality of a multiset M is as follows: Initialize a bit-vector BITMAP to be of length L and contain all 0s. For each element x in M: Calculate the index i = ρ. Set B I T M A P = 1. Let R denote the smallest index i such that B I T M A P = 0.

Estimate the cardinality of M as 2 R / ϕ, where ϕ ≈ 0.77351. The idea is that if n is the number of distinct elements in the multiset M B I T M A P is accessed n / 2 times, B I T M A P is accessed n / 4 times and so on. If i ≫ log 2 ⁡ n B I T M A P is certainl

Exeed School of Business and Finance

Exeed School of Business and Finance is a business school and Higher Education institution based out of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. The school is one of the few higher center of learning in the Middle East region to offer chartered and professional qualifications programs with core focus on Managers, Senior Managers and Executives; the school offers Academic Master Programs, Executive Education, International Professional Certifications, Corporate Training, Public Workshops and an Action Lab through Blue Ocean Strategy. The school runs flagship masters in banking and finance through one of the most reputed chartered body in United Kingdom; the school runs several Executive Education programs in both the Open and Custom formats to meet the training requirements of senior executives and corporate. Exeed School of Business and Finance offers lot of specialized courses with focus on industry domains such as Supply Chain Management & Logistics, Islamic Finance & Banking, Project Management and Risk management and Finance, Shipping and Freight Forwarding and Contracts Management and Hospitality Management and Health Care Management as well as generic management programs such as Strategic Management and Leadership, Strategic Human Resource Management and Business Strategy.

Masters in Banking and Finance Master of Business Administration Executive Masters in Business Administration Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management Post Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic Human Resource Management Certified Project Management Practitioner Certified Supply Chain Management Practitioner Certified Strategic Human Resource Management Practitioner Certified Executive Director Program Certified Executive Manager Program Certified Management Development Program Certified Team Leader Program Exeed School of Business and Finance entered into partnership with Universidad Catolica de Murcia, a recognized university in Spain, in the year 2018 to offer MBA programs to the learners across the world. The school is offering MBA program in twelve specializations. In the year 2017, Exeed School of Business and Finance entered into strategic alliance with London Institute of Banking and Finance, UK's oldest chartered body, for offering specialized programs for banking and financial professionals in the Arab world.

Through LIBF, Exeed is reaching out to banking organizations and financial institutions to design customized program for their staff. Exeed launched professional short term programs in banking and finance as open enrollment. Through LIBF, Exeed is launching specialized academic degree in banking and finance. Exeed School of Business and Finance in partnership with Chartered Management Institute, UK and Cambridge International Qualifications, UK designed professional short term programs which helps the professionals in attaining Level 7 Post Graduate Diploma and a charter status; the short term programs are in the domain of Project Management, Health Care Management, Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, Engineering Management and Business Analysis. ESBF is an institute of choice for many professional certifications preparation including SHRM - CP, SHRM - SCP, PHR, SPHR, GPHR, PMP, ACCA, Prince 2, Scrum Master, ITIL, ITSM, CSCP, CLTD, CPIM, CISI, CIMA, CII, CISSP and ISO certifications.

Exeed School of Business and Finance offers wide range of bespoke and customized program for the organizations and executives who are looking for improving performance. ESBF facilitates corporate training through its customized develop 3D Model; the program team of ESBF incorporates Business Driven Action Learning approach in the training. ESBF consult organizations on human resource management, assessment and feasibility study; some of the well known brands including ADNOC, Emirates NBD, Qatar Petroleum, Commercial Bank of Dubai, Al Shirawi, FedEx, DP World, International Medical Center, NMC Health Care and KACST engaged Exeed School of Business and Finance to train the professionals and consult them on talent development. ESBF team specializes in leadership development, project management, business analysis, big data analytics, advance excel, supply chain management, logistics management, contracts management, finance for non finance managers, advance financial management, ISO awareness, hospitality management, supervisory, soft skills, product management and general management.

Exeed School of Business and Finance represent Blue Ocean Strategy in Middle East region through UCSI Blue Ocean Strategy Consulting and offer a three-day Action Lab for Business owners and Senior Managers on Blue Ocean Strategy tools and Blue Ocean Leadership. The previous Lab was attended by professionals of BDL Group, NMC Health Care, Trans World and Al Masraf Bank. Exeed School of Business and Finance facilitates simulation learning workshops on various topics, some of the topics are: Blue Ocean Strategy Big Data Analytics EQ for Business Leaders Product Marketing and Management Seamless Supply Chain Management Digital Strategies for Businesses Leadership for 21st century business leaders Exeed School of Business and Finance Corporate Training in UAE Exeed School of Business and Finance Launch

Berkeley County Schools

Berkeley County Schools is the operating school district within Berkeley County, West Virginia. It is governed by the Berkeley County Board of Education. Hedgesville High School Martinsburg High School Musselman High School Spring Mills High School Hedgesville Middle School Martinsburg North Middle School Martinsburg South Middle School Musselman Middle School Spring Mills Middle School Mountain Ridge Middle School Eagle School Intermediate Mill Creek Intermediate School Mountain Ridge Intermediate School Orchard View Intermediate School Potomack Intermediate School Tomahawk Intermediate School Back Creek Valley Elementary School Bedington Elementary School Berkeley Heights Elementary School Bunker Hill Elementary School Burke Street Elementary School Gerrardstown Elementary School Hedgesville Elementary School Inwood Primary School Marlowe Elementary School Opequon Elementary School Rosemont Elementary School Spring Mills Primary Tuscarora Elementary School Valley View Elementary School Winchester Avenue Elementary School James Rumsey Technical Institute Berkeley County Schools