Joe Sprinz

Joseph Conrad "Mule" Sprinz was a Major League Baseball player who attempted to beat the World Record for catching a baseball dropped from a great height. Joseph Sprinz was a major league catcher who played for the Cleveland Indians from 1930 to 1931 and the St. Louis Cardinals in 1933, he played for the minor league team San Francisco Seals. As a member of the San Francisco Seals, Sprinz attempted to beat the World Record for catching a baseball dropped from a great height, set by members of the 1938 Cleveland Indians. In 1939, Sprinz had a blimp hover overhead at 800 feet, from which balls were to be dropped for him to catch. On his fifth attempt, a baseball entered his glove at what could be estimated to be up to 154 miles per hour, it slammed his glove hand into his face with such force that he broke his upper jaw in twelve places, fractured five of his teeth, was rendered unconscious. Some believe that the San Francisco Seals were involved in arranging for Joe Sprinz to make an attempt at the world record despite the known danger.

Though no evidence has been shown in response to the claim. Career statistics and player information from Baseball-Reference

Souvenirs (John Prine album)

Souvenirs is the 14th studio album by John Prine, released in 2000. Intended for German-only release, the album consists of new performances of some of Prine's most popular early songs. Writing for Allmusic, critic Zac Johnson wrote of the album "John Prine's contemporary touches on these old favorites may provide new insights, but the new versions surpass the originals." All tracks composed by John Prine. "Souvenirs" – 3:42 "Fish and Whistle" – 3:00 "Far from Me" – 5:09 "Angel from Montgomery" – 5:07 "Donald and Lydia" – 4:09 "Christmas in Prison" – 4:46 "Storm Windows" – 4:26 "Grandpa Was a Carpenter" – 2:52 "Late John Garfield Blues" – 3:46 "Blue Umbrella" – 3:53 "Six O'Clock News" – 4:36 "People Puttin' People Down" – 4:00 "Sam Stone" – 4:39 "Please Don't Bury Me" – 3:06 "Hello in There" – 4:57 John Prine – vocals, guitar Stuart Basore – pedal steel guitar Shawn Campfiddle Paul Griffith – drums, percussion Pat McLaughlin – harmony vocals Phil Parlapiano – organ, piano, accordion Jason Wilbermandolin, guitar