1978 Australian Open – Women's Singles

Unseeded Chris O'Neil defeated Betsy Nagelsen 6–3, 7–6 in the final to win the Women's Singles tennis title at the 1978 Australian Open. It would be another 29 years before Serena Williams would become the next unseeded player to win the Australian Open; until the 2019 French Open, this would be the last major to feature a semifinalist having not reached a final, a span of 188 tournaments. The seeded players are listed below. Chris O'Neil is the champion. Sue Barker Renáta Tomanová Beth Norton Amanda Tobin Renee Blount Cynthia Doerner Withdrawn Betsy Nagelsen 1978 Australian Open – Women's Singles at the International Tennis Federation

Arcadia, Botetourt County, Virginia

Arcadia is an unincorporated community in Botetourt County, United States. It is located in the north of the county and is one of the northernmost points of the Roanoke Metropolitan Area. Arcadia sits just off the exit of Interstate 81 and is in close proximity to both the George Washington National Forest and a number of great trout fishing streams, including Jennings Creek and North Creek. Arcadia is bounded by the James River and is a key access point for kayaking and other types of recreational activities along the river; as such, Arcadia is well-known in the Roanoke Valley as a great recreational place for hiking, fishing and watersport activities. There are a few companies that do business in the Arcadia area, including Shell Oil Company, Twin River Outfitters, the Watstull Inn, Foot of the Mountain Café, a popular local restaurant