A soldier is one who fights as part of an army. A soldier can be a conscripted or volunteer enlisted person, a non-commissioned officer, or an officer. An individual who fights on behalf of a polity, not their own, is referred to as a mercenary; the word soldier derives from the Middle English word soudeour, from Old French soudeer or soudeour, meaning mercenary, from soudee, meaning shilling's worth or wage, from sou or soud, shilling. The word is related to the Medieval Latin soldarius, meaning soldier; these words derive from the Late Latin word solidus, referring to an Ancient Roman coin used in the Byzantine Empire. In most armies use of the word "soldier" has taken on a more general meaning due to the increasing specialization of military occupations that require different areas of knowledge and skill-sets; as a result, "soldiers" are referred to by names or ranks which reflect an individual's military occupation specialty arm, service, or branch of military employment, their type of unit, or operational employment or technical use such as: trooper, commando, infantryman, paratrooper, ranger, engineer, craftsman, medic, or a gunner.

In many countries soldiers serving in specific occupations are referred to by terms other than their occupational name. For example, military police personnel in the British Army are known as "red caps" because of the colour of their caps. Infantry are sometimes called "grunts" or "squaddies", while U. S. Army artillery crews, or "gunners," are sometimes referred to as "redlegs", from the service branch color for artillery. U. S. soldiers are called "G. I.s". French Marine Infantry are called marsouins because of their amphibious role. Military units in most armies have nicknames of this type, arising either from items of distinctive uniform, some historical connotation or rivalry between branches or regiments; some soldiers, such as conscripts or draftees, serve a single limited term. Others choose to serve until retirement. In the United States, military members can retire after 20 years. In other countries, the term of service is 30 years, hence the term "30-year man". According to the United Nations, 10-30% of all soldiers worldwide are women.

70-90% are men. Airman Marine Sailor Military ranks Media related to Soldier at Wikimedia Commons

Seth Flynn Barkan

Seth "Fingers" Flynn Barkan is an American poet and journalist. He grew up and still resides in Las Vegas, which has an evidently strong influence on the content and mood of his poetry, his first volume of poetry, A Cacophony of Near-Fatal Mistakes, was published in 2001 when he was only nineteen years old, was described in an interview with Barkan as "collection of poems about booze and his "propensity towards disastrous relationships."His second volume of poetry, Blue Wizard Is About To Die!: Prose and Emoto-Versatronic Expressionist Pieces About Video Games, sold over 5000 copies internationally, making it one of the best-selling poetry books of 2004. His most recent work, a chapbook entitled Your Madness And You: An Instructional Pamphlet, is written from the perspective of the fictional psychologist Doktor Nicodemus Strangelove, detailing the inevitable deterioration of sanity experienced by anyone who chooses to make Las Vegas their home. A Cacophony of Near-Fatal Mistakes ISBN 1-903932-20-3 A Cacophony of Near-Fatal Mistakes Blue Wizard Is About To Die!: Prose and Emoto-Versatronic Expressionist Pieces About Video Games ISBN 0-9741000-0-5 Your Madness And You: An Instructional Pamphlet Official site for Blue Wizard Is About To Die!

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Awaiting Your Reply

Awaiting Your Reply is the debut album by American Christian rock band Resurrection Band, released in 1978. The album was recorded for only $8000 US over a period of two weeks in marathon all-night sessions ending on Easter Sunday morning. A groundbreaking release by Christian music standards at the time, the album caused considerable controversy among Christian music critics, many of whom found fault with everything from its album cover art to its heavy rock sounds, which are influenced by Led Zeppelin. No Christian record label in the United States or Great Britain would agree to distribute the album; the independent label, Star Song Records signed Resurrection Band to a record deal. The label soon became one of the largest independents in contemporary Christian music. Many Christian bookstores sold the album from behind the counter, as the cover art was considered too controversial to display openly. Awaiting Your Reply along with its follow-up, Rainbow's End solidified Resurrection Band's place in the upper echelon of Christian rock music due to the band's conscious Christian lyrics and solid musicianship.

In 2001, the album was listed at No. 91 in the book, CCM Presents: The 100 Greatest Albums in Christian Music. All songs written by Glenn Kaiser. "Introduction" / "Waves" – 3:36 "Awaiting Your Reply" – 4:06 "Broken Promises" – 6:56 "Golden Road" – 4:56 "Lightshine" – 5:20 "Ananias and Sapphira" – 2:50 "Death of the Dying" – 3:18 "Irish Garden" – 4:52 "The Return" / "Tag" – 3:57 Glenn Kaiser - lead vocals and lead guitars, dulcimer Wendi Kaiser - lead vocals Stu Heiss - lead guitar, Moog Mark II, ARP Odyssey, Avatar Jim Denton - bass guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals John Herrin - drums Roger Heiss - percussion Tom Cameron - harmonica Kenny Soderblom - saxophone, fluteProduction Resurrection Band – producer, mixing Mal Davis - engineer Stu Heiss - engineer, mixing Ken Perry – mastering Capitol Studios, Los Angeles – mastering location JPUSA Graphics – art direction and design Janet Cameron – cover art, inside art and layout Dick Randall – inside art and layout Bob Cox – inside art and layout Lyda Price – inside art and layout Chuck Cairo – photography