Son of a Plumber

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Son of a Plumber
Soap album vinyl.jpg
Studio album by Per Gessle
Released 23 November 2005
Genre Pop
Length CD 1 - 30 mins
CD 2 - 30 mins
Label EMI
Producer Clarence Öfwerman, Christoffer Lundquist, Per Gessle
Per Gessle chronology
Son of a Plumber
En händig man
(2007)En händig man2007
Singles from Son of a Plumber
  1. "C'mon"/"Jo-Anna Says"
    Released: 2005 November
  2. "Hey Mr. DJ"
    Released: 2006 February
  3. "I Like It Like That"
    Released: 2006 May

Son of a Plumber is an album released by Swedish pop-rock singer and composer Per Gessle. It is the first album by Gessle to use a pseudonym artist name; Son of a Plumber. The album, which was officially released on 23 November 2005,[1] is a double CD album packed with deeply personal and highly inventive music according to Gessle[citation needed].

There were three singles released from the album. A double A-side, "C'mon"/"Jo-Anna Says" which was released on 7 November 2005, the second single "Hey Mr. DJ", on 1 February 2006 and the final release was "I Like It Like That" on 24 May to the Swedish radio stations.

The band[edit]

Son of a Plumber became a defined band, with Per Gessle, vocals and guitar, Clarence Öfwerman, keyboards, Christoffer Lundquist, guitar, Jens Jansson, drums, and Helena Josefsson, vocals.

They had all participated in Per's previous solo albums, The World According to Gessle (1997) & Mazarin (2003), except Helena Josefsson, who has been working with them since Mazarin. Together, they also went on to record Gessle's next solo albums, En händig man (2007) and Party Crasher (2008), they have been on the last Gessle tour too.

Musical Analysis[edit]

Professional ratings
Review scores
Aftonbladet2/5 stars[2]
Expressen4/5 stars[3]
Nöjesguiden4/6 stars[4]
Svenska Dagbladet5/6 stars[5]
Sydsvenskan2/5 stars[6]

A lot of songs have typical Per characteristics (the lyrical romance and clever key changes); overall it is similar to the Beatles' White Album. Beatles' references can be heard in the music and they have their name in a title of a song.

The 'false' solo project become a duo with Helena Josefsson's leading vocals on "I Have a Party in My Head" and "Hey Mr DJ". "I Have a Party in My Head" demonstrates a typical Per trait by having rhyming verses. Another typical trait is some of the tracks include hooks, such as in "Jo-Anna Says" which has guitar riffs and lyrical repetition.

In between the main tracks there are some 1 minute long instrumentals that lead into the following song. "Kurt - the Fastest Plumber in the West" and "Ronnie Lane" are examples of this. The final track "Making Love or Expecting Rain" contained a few lines of French lyrics:[2] "Je ne suis qu'un enfant. Je ne suis que ton enfant. J'ai confiance en toi, toujours en toi." which means "I'm just a child. I'm only your child. I trust you, always in you". Lasting five minutes, this is the longest song on the album. There is also a hidden track on the CD which is a reprise of "Jo-Anna Says", that comes after 10 minutes of silence at the end of the album.

Track listing[edit]

The digital release on iTunes came with the following bonus tracks:

1. "A Girl Like You"
2. "Keep The Radio On (This is The Perfect Song)" (cover from The Lonely Boys – also included on the vinyl version)
3. "Plonk"


Charts (2005) Peak Position Certification
Swedish Album Chart 1 [7] Platinum [8]


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