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Coordinates: 43°28′9″N 80°32′44″W / 43.46917°N 80.54556°W / 43.46917; -80.54556

St. Jerome's University
St Jerome's University logo.png
Type Public
Established 1865 as St. Jerome College
Affiliation University of Waterloo
Religious affiliation
Roman Catholic
Students 1019 (835 full-time and 184 part-time)
Undergraduates available
Postgraduates available
Location Waterloo, ON, Canada
Campus Urban/Suburban, campus of University of Waterloo 4 km2 (1000 acres)[1]
Affiliations AUCC, IAU, COU, ATS, CIS, CUSID
Mascot Jerome - a lion

Saint Jerome's University is a public Roman Catholic university in Waterloo, Ontario. It is federated with the University of Waterloo.

St. Jerome's, within the University of Waterloo, combines academics and a residence. Students may both reside at and take classes through St. Jerome's, live at SJU in residence but take classes elsewhere, or live in another residence but take classes at St. Jerome's.


St. Jerome's University was established in 1865 as St. Jerome's College by the Congregation of the Resurrection, a Roman Catholic religious community. In 1959 an Ontario government Act gave the College 'university status' and changed its name to the University of St. Jerome's College. In 1959, St. Jerome's University entered into a federation with the University of Waterloo. St. Jerome's suspended its degree-granting powers and became a branch of the University of Waterloo. In 1998, St. Jerome's changed its name to St. Jerome's University.[2]

A poured concrete obelisk on the north side of Erb Street about 1/2 mile east of Ste. Agatha, Waterloo County is a plate which reads:

Above the original plaque is placed a plaque which reads:

A plaque was erected by the Ontario Heritage Foundation, Ministry of Culture and Communication in the center of the courtyard at the campus off Westmount Road North, east side, between Columbia Street West and University Avenue West, Waterloo.

History / Timeline[edit]

  • 1865 - Saint Jerome's College was founded by Resurrectionist priest, Louis Funcken to serve German-speaking Roman Catholics in Waterloo County.
  • 1959 - Saint Jerome's College was granted independent university status, and changed its name to University of Saint Jerome's College.
  • 1960 University of Saint Jerome's College entered into federation with the University of Waterloo.
  • 1998 - The university's name was changed to Saint Jerome's University to clarify its status.[3]
  • 2000 - An Act respecting The University of St. Jerome’s College was assented to December 21, 2000.[4]


St. Jerome's University offers undergraduate courses in the faculties of Arts, in 12 scholastic disciplines, and in 4 interdisciplinary areas (Italian Studies, Legal Studies, Medieval Studies, and Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies). St. Jerome's has a “Master of Catholic Thought” program aimed primarily at Catholic social leaders. In 2008, the St. Jerome's Centre for Responsible Citizenship was launched to support community-based learning, international service learning, community development research, and public education. Beyond Borders is the name of the international service learning program at SJU.

Scholarships and Bursaries[edit]

The Government of Canada sponsors an Aboriginal Bursaries Search Tool that lists over 680 scholarships, bursaries, and other incentives offered by governments, universities, and industry to support Aboriginal post-secondary participation. St. Jerome's University scholarships for Aboriginal, First Nations and Métis students include: Sundance Aboriginal Student Award [5]


St. Jerome's stated focus is building a strong community and developing students academically as well as nurturing good character and citizenship. The institution offers many programs such as the Beyond Borders program and the SJU Peru Initiative that allows students to take learning outside of the classroom and gain a global perspective. Through the Peru Initiative, students have a chance to travel to a third world country and visit Cafe Feminino, a fair trade organic coffee company owned by women who St. Jerome's supports by selling their coffee in the cafeteria.

See also[edit]

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