St Nicholas' Church, Moreton

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St Nicholas
St Nicholas Church, Moreton - - 406423.jpg
50°42′10″N 2°16′37″W / 50.702834°N 2.276956°W / 50.702834; -2.276956Coordinates: 50°42′10″N 2°16′37″W / 50.702834°N 2.276956°W / 50.702834; -2.276956
Location Moreton, Dorset
Country England
Denomination Anglican
Dedication St Nicholas
Window number 3

St Nicholas is a Church of England parish church at Moreton, Dorset, England. It is known for its thirteen windows, engraved by the poet and artist Sir Laurence Whistler.[1] T. E. Lawrence was buried in the separate churchyard.


The church's dedication was changed in 1490, to St Nicholas having previously been dedicated to St Magnus Martyr.[2]

The church was rebuilt in the 18th century, reusing its medieval foundations. The rebuilding was financed by the Frampton family, who lived in the nearby manor house.

The adventurer T. E. Lawrence ("Lawrence of Arabia"), who died in 1935, is buried in the separate churchyard. He was a cousin of the Frampton family and had been a frequent visitor to their home, Okers Wood House. Lawrence's mother arranged with the Framptons to have him buried in their family plot in the separate burial ground of St Nicholas' Church.[3][4] Mourners included Winston and Clementine Churchill, E. M. Forster, and Lawrence's youngest brother Arnold.[5][1][6]

In 1940, the church suffered a direct hit from a German bomb, and was largely destroyed.[1] It was rebuilt over the following decade, but the stained glass windows were replaced with plain green glass, which was not liked by the congregation.[1]


Laurence Whistler was commissioned to provide engraved glass replacements, and after making twelve, he offered to make and donate the thirteenth with a design on the theme of Forgiveness featuring Judas.[1] The offer was declined, but he made the window anyway.[1] After being displayed in a local museum, it was eventually installed - on the outside of the church (as the artist intended) - in 2014.[1]

The windows are:[7]

  1. 1955 (1955): Apse
  2. 1955 (1955): Apse
  3. 1955 (1955): Apse
  4. 1955 (1955): Apse
  5. 1974 (1974): The Seasons, North aisle
  6. 1975 (1975): Light
  7. 1975 (1975): Darkness
  8. 1975 (1975): Dream of the Rood
  9. 1982 (1982): Trinity Chapel
  10. 1984 (1984): Vestry
  11. 1984 (1984): West End
  12. 2014 (2014): Forgiveness


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