St Regulus Hall

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St Regulus Hall
Crest of St Regulus Hall.jpg
The crest of St Regulus Hall
Alternative names Regs
General information
Type Student residence
Architectural style Scottish Baronial
Address Queen's Gardens
St Andrews
KY16 9TQ
Town or city St Andrews, Fife
Country Scotland Scotland
Coordinates 56°20′14″N 2°47′41″W / 56.337228°N 2.794832°W / 56.337228; -2.794832
Completed 1868
Renovated 1928
Owner University of St Andrews
Design and construction
Architect George Rae
St Regulus Hall

St Regulus Hall is a hall of residence at the University of St Andrews in St Andrews, Fife, Scotland. It is located on Queen's Terrace, nearby to St Mary's College. The hall was built in 1868 and currently accommodates approximately 170 students.


An illustration of St Rule (St Regulus) Tower

The building that would become St Regulus Hall was built in 1868 by architect George Rae as a hotel. It was acquired by the University of St Andrews in the 1950s in order to accommodate the increasing student population, and was extensively refurbished and extended.[1][2]

The hall is named after Saint Regulus, a 4th-century Greek Monk who brought the bones of Saint Andrew to the town of St Andrews, after becoming convinced that the Emperor Constantine would move them from Patras to Constantinople.[3] St Regulus' feast day in the Aberdeen Breviary is October 17,[4] and at St Regulus Hall this is celebrated annually. The Crest of St Regulus Hall also references the legend of St Regulus; including the ship he sailed to St Andrews in, the bones of St Andrew he brought with him, and St Rule's (St Regulus) tower. It also features the red lion on the University of St Andrews' own crest.


St Regulus Hall as viewed from Queen's Terrace

St Regulus Hall accommodates approximately 170 students, in 98 single rooms and 37 shared rooms. Students are drawn predominantly from first years, but some second, third and final year students continue to reside in hall. St Regulus is a catered hall that serves 19 meals a week in the dining hall.[5] St Regulus Hall also contains a library, computer room, Common Room, sports facilities and student kitchens.[6]

Notable residents[edit]


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