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P&M GT450

The P&M GT450 is a British two-seat flexwing ultralight trike built by P&M Aviation of Manton, Wiltshire. The GT450 is derived from the Pegasus Quik, a design produced by Pegasus Aviation, prior to its merger with Mainair Sports in 2003; the GT450 is named for its maximum takeoff weight of 450 kg. The aircraft is equipped with a flexible wing with a Kevlar trailing edge; the wing can be trimmed from 55 to 82 mph. The aircraft is equipped with a 80 hp Rotax 912UL or optionally a 100 hp Rotax 912ULS, both with electric starters, a 65 l polyethelene fuel tank mounted under the seat. Dual hydraulic rear-wheel disc brakes with a parking brake feature are standard; the cockpit fairing is made of fibreglass. Data from Company websiteGeneral characteristics Crew: one Capacity: one passenger Length: 2.90 m Wingspan: 9.25 m Height: 3.74 m Wing area: 13 sq m Empty weight: 214 kg Useful load: 236 kg Max. Takeoff weight: 450 kg Powerplant: 1 × Rotax 912UL four-stroke four-cylinder piston engine, 60 kW Performance Never exceed speed: 177 km/h Maximum speed: 152 km/h Cruise speed: 130 km/h Stall speed: 48 km/h Range: 608 km Rate of climb: 5.46 m/s Power/mass: 0.13 kW/kg Official website

Sex, Drink and Bloodshed

Sex and Bloodshed is a 2004 Croatian omnibus action film. The film depicts violence among football fans in Croatia on an Eternal Derby, a match between the country's two most popular football teams and Hajduk, it is divided into three stories: "Seks", "Piće" and "Krvoproliće", directed by Boris T. Matić, Zvonimir Jurić and Antonio Nuić, respectively. Franjo Dijak as Njonjo Bogdan Diklić as Komšija Matko Fabeković as Dario Admir Glamočak as Sejo Hrvoje Kečkeš as Žac Daria Lorenci as Policewoman Leon Lučev as Roko Vitaljić Ksenija Marinković as Valerija Krešimir Mikić as Zlatko Šnur Bojan Navojec as Mario Leona Paraminski as Martina Kristijan Potočki as Bad Blue Boy Rakan Rushaidat as Goc Dražen Sivak as Policeman Critics gave favorable reviews of Sex and Bloodshed. Croatican film critic Dean Šoša, writing for Nacional, rated the film 4 out of 5, he said the film is "not without faults", but that it is a "very decent and suggestive work of art", calling it the "most interesting product of Croatian cinematography since Mirta Learns Statistics and See You."

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Terrified (album)

Terrified is the seventh album by American heavy metal band Quiet Riot. It is the band's first album in five years, marks the return of singer Kevin DuBrow after his firing in 1987, it is bassist Kenny Hillery's only studio album with the band, drummer Bobby Rondinelli plays on several songs. Many of the album's songs were featured in Charles Band's movie Dollman vs. Demonic Toys, with the album itself being released on Moonstone Records, the soundtrack offshoot of Band's film company Full Moon Entertainment; the song "Itchycoo Park" is a cover of the Small Faces' single from 1967. This was not the first time the band had covered a Small Faces song, they had done covers of their music on their first two albums, which featured Randy Rhoads; this is the first Quiet Riot album released internationally not to feature the production work of Spencer Proffer. In 1994, the album won the American Indie Music Award for the Heavy Metal category. Although the band have recorded another six studio albums following Terrified, the band's last non-promotional single was issued from this album.

In Germany, the band's cover of the "Itchycoo Park" was issued as a CD single via Concrete, with distribution by Edel. Concrete was a project of Edel; the single, which featured the album track "Rude Boy" as the b-side, was not a commercial success. Additionally, in February 1993, the band issued the one-track promotional single "Little Angel" in America, released by Moonstone Records; the single featured a picture CD of an topless woman, a custom printed back insert. The album was released by Moonstone Records on cassette in America only. In Scandinavia it was issued on CD via Mega Records. In Japan the album was issued via Alfa Records, Inc as a CD, the only version of the album to feature the exclusive bonus track "Wishing Well" - a cover of the song performed by English rock group Free, taken from their 1972 album Heartbreaker. In 1994, Fonomusic would issue Terrified on CD in Spain. In 2002, Arena Records re-issued the album in Germany under the opening track title "Cold Day in Hell"; the CD release featured new artwork of the line-up of the time, including bassist Rudy Sarzo, although he was not a member of the band when Terrified was recorded.

Kevin DuBrow - lead vocals Carlos Cavazo - guitars Kenny Hillery - bass Frankie Banali - drums Bobby Rondinelli - drums Chuck Wright - backing vocals on "Loaded Gun" Sean Manning - backing vocals on "Cold Day in Hell & Rude Boy" Kevin DuBrow - producer Ricky DeLena - producer

Pilosocereus robinii

Pilosocereus robinii is a species of cactus known by the common name Key tree-cactus. It is native to the Florida Keys in the United States, it occurs in Western Cuba and the Northern Bahamas. It has been erroneously reported from Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Mexico, it is a rare species, threatened by the loss of its habitat. It is a federally listed endangered species of the United States; this is a large cactus growing erect with many parallel or spreading branches. It may become a tree up to 10 m tall; the stem is green in color with a blue tinge when young and has 9 to 13 ribs. The areoles have up to 31 spines each; the spines are no more than a centimeter long. The bell-shaped flower is 5–6 cm long; the outer tepals are greenish with brownish midstripes and the inner tepals are white. The flower has a scent similar to garlic, it contains a sweet nectar. The taxonomy of the species and other Pilosocereus has only been cleared recently; this species was included in the description of Pilosocereus polygonus.

This cactus grows in upland tropical hardwood hammocks on coral substrates. It sometimes grows on sparsely vegetated coral rock and just above the high tide mark. Storm surges and sea level rise may inundate its shoreline habitat and increase the salinity beyond the tolerable range for the cactus. Other threats to the species include the destruction of its habitat during development. Populations on the Upper and Lower Matecumbe Keys have been eliminated due to residential development. Development leads to habitat fragmentation. Hurricanes are a threat to the cactus because the winds can break cactus branches or bring down taller vegetation, causing injury; as of 2009 there are seven known populations of this plant in Florida, located on four of the Florida Keys. Media related to Pilosocereus polygonus at Wikimedia Commons Data related to Pilosocereus robinii at Wikispecies USDA Plants Profile for Pilosocereus robinii

List of Polish architects

Following is a list of notable Polish architects and architects from Poland ordered by architectural period. Stanisław Adamski Roman Bandurski Lotte Beese Stefan Bryła Adolf Ciborowski Jan Cieśliński Gerard Ciołek Władysław Derdacki Roman Feliński Stanisław Fiszer Henryk Julian Gay Vladislav Gorodetsky Paweł Graliński Stanisław Hempel Jerzy Hryniewiecki Stanisław Jankowski Ryszard Jurkowski Ignacy Kędzierski Zygmunt Kędzierski Jacek Krenz Bogdan Krzyżanowski Stefan Kuryłowicz Bohdan Lachert Zbigniew Brochwicz-Lewiński Józef Masłowski Franciszek Mączyński Witold Minkiewicz Kazimierz Mokłowski Maciej Nowicki Tadeusz Obmiński Sylwester Pajzderski Włodzimierz Podhorodecki Juliusz Prandecki Georg Przyrembel Bohdan Pniewski Wincenty Rawski Stanisław Ryniak Roger Sławski Jerzy Sołtan Oskar Sosnowski Tadeusz Stryjeński Szymon Syrkus Helena Syrkus Józef Szanajca Witold Szolginia Adolf Szyszko-Bohusz Czesław Thullie Michał Ulam Kazimierz Ulatowski Tomasz Urbanowicz Jan Koszczyc-Witkiewicz Kazimierz Wyczyński Wojciech Zabłocki Alfred Zachariewicz Jan Zachwatowicz Stanisław Żaryn and monument conservator Zbigniew Zieliński Wiktor Zin Juliusz Żórawski Architecture of Poland List of architects List of Poles