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Stargate SG-1

Stargate SG-1 is a Canadian-American military science fiction adventure television series and part of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's Stargate franchise. The show, created by Brad Wright and Jonathan Glassner, is based on the 1994 science fiction film Stargate by Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich; the television series was filmed around the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The series premiered on Showtime on July 27, 1997 and moved to the Sci Fi Channel on June 7, 2002; the story of Stargate SG-1 begins about a year after the events of the feature film when the United States government learns that an ancient alien device called the Stargate can access a network of such devices on a multitude of planets and in space. SG-1 is an elite United States Air Force special operations team, one of about 20 teams from Earth who explore the galaxy and defend against alien threats such as the Goa'uld, the Replicators and the Ori; the series draws upon Greek mythology, Norse mythology and Arthurian legend.

The series was a ratings success for its first-run broadcasters and in syndication and was popular in Europe and Australia. Stargate SG-1 was honored with numerous awards and award nominations in its ten-season run, it spawned the animated television series Stargate Infinity, the live-action spin-off TV series Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe, Stargate Origins and the direct-to-DVD films Stargate: The Ark of Truth and Stargate: Continuum. Merchandise for Stargate SG-1 includes print media and an original audio series; the plot of Stargate SG-1 picks up a year after the conclusion of the events recounted in the original feature film. It follows the present-day adventures of a military team from Earth. SG-1 and a dozen other SG teams venture to distant planets using an alien portal known as a Stargate, which in the series is housed in a top-secret United States Air Force military base known as Stargate Command in the underground Cheyenne Mountain Complex in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In the first eight seasons, the mission of the SG teams is to explore the galaxy and search for alien technology and allies to defend Earth against the Goa'uld, a snake-like parasitic alien race from planet P3X-888 that takes humans as unwilling hosts.

As explained in the series' backstory, the Goa'uld had transported human slaves from Earth to other habitable planets across the galaxy thousands of years ago and now pose as gods of old Earth mythologies Ancient Egypt. SG-1 learns that evolved human-like beings, known as the Ancients, had built the Stargate network millions of years earlier, before ascending to a higher plane of existence, after which they pledged not to interfere in the lives of other species; the Ori, a faction of the same race as the Ancients who instead use their powers to subjugate other species by religious indoctrination, assume the role of the main antagonists in Season 9 and Season 10. The pilot episode, set one year after the events of the original feature film, introduces the Goa'uld System Lord and main villain Apophis as he attacks Earth's mothballed SGC military base through the Stargate and kidnaps an airman; the SGC is brought back into action when the Stargate is revealed to be part of an interplanetary network connecting countless planets.

SG teams are created to help defend Earth against the Goa'uld, who have interstellar pyramid warships and vast armies of Jaffa at their disposal. Earth's flagship team SG-1, which includes Apophis's defected First Prime Teal'c, initiates several alliances with other cultures in the galaxy, such as the Goa'uld-like but symbiotic Tok'ra, the advanced human Tollan, the pacifist Nox, the benevolent Roswell-alien Asgard and remnants of the powerful Ancients. Another alien threat arises in the Season 3 finale in the form of sentient machines called Replicators. Meanwhile, rogue agents of a shadowy intelligence agency on Earth, the NID attempt to take control of the Stargate and other alien technology. Despite Apophis's death in the beginning of Season 5, the Goa'uld Empire remains a major foe in Stargate SG-1 until the end of Season 8; the only influential Goa'uld in the last two seasons of Stargate SG-1 is the System Lord Ba'al, defeated in the direct-to-DVD film Stargate: Continuum. After Apophis's defeat in the Season 5 premiere, the half-Ascended Goa'uld System Lord Anubis assumes the role of the primary antagonist of the show.

This new villain possesses much of the knowledge of their technology. While Earth builds its first interstellar spaceship in seasons Season 6 and Season 7, Anubis creates an army of invincible Kull Warriors and wipes out or subordinates most of his adversaries amongst the System Lords. In the Season 7 finale, SG-1 discovers a powerful weapon in an Ancient outpost in Antarctica that annihilates Anubis's entire fleet and sets the stage for the spin-off series Stargate Atlantis. Ba'al subsumes much of Anubis's power in Season 8, while Anubis, who survived the destruction of his fleet in a disembodied form begins to re-assert his influence. Human-form Replicators begin to conquer the System Lords, but SG-1 finds and adjusts an Ancient weapon to destroy all Replicators throughout the galaxy. Near the end of Season 8, it is revealed that the benevolent Ascended being Oma Desala is responsible for Anubis's original ascension; when she engages Anubis in an eternal stalemated battle on the Ascended plane to prevent his acting on the mortal plane, the


Sękowa is a historic village in southern Poland first incorporated by an edict issued on February 22, 1363, by King Kazimierz Wielki. The village is the site of St. Philip's and St. James' church, built in the beginning of the 16th century, one of the six Wooden Churches of Southern Poland, inscribed on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites since 2003. Sękowa is the seat of rural Gmina Sękowa, administrative district in Gorlice County, Lesser Poland Voivodeship/ Małopolska Voivodeship or Małopolska Province, on the Polish Slovak border, it lies 7 kilometres south-east of Gorlice and 105 km south-east of the regional capital Kraków. Urząd Gminy Sękowa Strona o Gminie Stowarzyszenie Gminne w Sękowej Media related to Sękowa at Wikimedia Commons

Currency (film)

Currency is a 2009 Malayalam crime film by directed by Swathi Bhaskar starring Mukesh, Kalabhavan Mani and Meera Nandan. The film is inspired from the film The Man. Keshu is a school drop-out. An introvert, owned by Indrapalan. Keshu is crazy about Rose, a sales girl in the nearby boutique. Keshu takes Photocopies of currency notes which looks like real, but he fears to spend them. One day he meets Daany D'souza, an Anglo Indian, who realizes the competence of Keshu in creating fake currencies. Danny forces him to continue with his act. Danny gets the information that a popular party in Kerala is bringing 10 crores of rupees to Kerala from Bangalore by road. Danny makes a scene with the help of some rowdies and cleverly replaces the 10 crore real notes with fake ones, they hides the real notes in a slum under the supervision of Iruttu. When the political party starts spending the money, police gets the information and an Intelligence Bureau officer played by Anoop Menon starts investigating. In the meantime, Keshu's mom gets admitted in the hospital and Keshu wants 25,000 to pay in the hospital.

They goes to Iruttu to take the money. There a fight erupts between Keshu. Iruttu, taking advantage of the situation, goes greedy and tries to take all the money by killing them, but Keshu hits Iruttu in the head and they escapes with the money. Iruttu asks Keshu to return the money. Keshu pays the money and Iruttu escapes with it, but he was soon captured by the police and thus Keshu escapes the charges. They get to know that they won the first prize of a lottery and they don't have to do any fraud activities to live from now. Mukesh as Danny D'Souza Aka Sayippu Jayasurya as Keshava Menon Aka Keshu Kalabhavan Mani as Iruttu Meera Nandan as Rose Seetha as Subhadra, Keshu's Mother Mamukoya as Koyakka Suraj Venjaramood as Indrabalan Anoop Menon Paneer Raghavan Currency on IMDb Currency at IndiaGlitz

Palyavaam River

The Palyavaam River is a stream in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Russian Far East. It has a length of 416 km. There is a small populated place in its basin called Palyavaam; the Humpback whitefish, the East Siberian Grayling, Pink salmon, Chum salmon and Arctic char, are some of the fish species found in its waters. It has its source in the Palyavaam Range of the Chukotka Mountains; the Palyavaam River flows in a westward direction and passes through the sparsely populated areas of Chukotka. It flows into the East Siberian Sea at the Chaunskaya Bay near Rytkuchi, its mouth is close to the mouth of the Chaun River. The Palyavaam River has numerous tributaries; the most important ones are the Elkakvun, Karpungveyem, Kookvyn and Pekychyn. List of rivers of Russia Media related to Palyavaam River at Wikimedia Commons "River description & location". Tourism and environment

Black Moon Rising

Black Moon Rising is a 1986 science fiction action thriller film directed by Harley Cokliss, written by John Carpenter, starring Tommy Lee Jones, Linda Hamilton, Robert Vaughn, Keenan Wynn, Richard Jaeckel. The plot revolves around the theft of a prototype vehicle called the Black Moon. Sam Quint is a former thief hired by the FBI to steal a computer disk which contains incriminating evidence against The Lucky Dollar Corporation of Las Vegas. After stealing the disk, Quint is pursued by Marvin Ringer, another former thief and acquaintance who works for the company. At the same time, a prototype vehicle called the Black Moon, which can reach speeds of 325 miles per hour and runs on tap water, is being tested in the desert by Earl Windom. Quint and Windom cross paths at a gas station, where Quint hides the disk in the back bumper of the Black Moon. Windom is hauling the Black Moon to Los Angeles, Quint, still being pursued by Ringer and his men, follows Windom and his team there. Now in LA, Quint meets with FBI agent Johnson, he demands double pay and a clean passport because he is now dealing with Ringer.

Afterward, Quint tracks down Windom and the Black Moon at a posh restaurant, where Windom is negotiating a deal to sell the prototype to a car manufacturer. Before Quint can get to the disk, a group of auto thieves, led by Nina, steals all of the cars in the parking lot, including the Black Moon off of its trailer. Quint gives chase, tracks the cars to an office tower, but loses them in the parking garage. Inside the garage, Quint is seen on the security cameras. Back at the restaurant, Quint meets Johnson again. Johnson says he needs the disk in three days or the government's case against The Lucky Dollar will be thrown out of court, he tells Quint that if he fails to deliver the disk, he won't get paid. Quint goes to Windom and his team and asks for their help in getting the car back, but they refuse, insisting that they go to the police first. After getting the blueprints for the towers from city hall, Quint begins staking them out; the Ryland Towers are a pair of office buildings built by Ed Ryland, the head of the stolen car syndicate.

The basement of the towers is a large chop shop, Ryland keeps the best cars for himself and sells the rest. He scolds Nina for stealing a car he can't resell nor does he want it, but he won't allow Nina to keep it for herself. After seeing Nina leave the towers, Quint follows her to a nightclub. At the club, they go to her apartment, they have sex he tells her that he wants the funny looking car back and he wants her to help. She doesn't say yes either. Windom and his team go to the towers to look for evidence to give to the police. Ryland's goons kill one of the team members, so they go back to Quint and offer their assistance. Meanwhile, Ringer has tracked down Quint, he and his men attack him, demanding the return of the disk. Quint is able to kill two of the henchmen; the next day, Nina is summoned by Ryland. He shows her the tape of Quint outside of the garage, she says she doesn't know him, he shows her a tape of them having sex. He has her locked in a closet, to be dealt with later. Meanwhile and Windom determine that since the chop shop entrance is impenetrable from the garage, the best way to get in is through the unfinished, unsecured second tower.

While Windom knocks out the security cameras, Quint goes up the empty tower, crosses over to the other one, heads down. While descending down a ventilation shaft, he gets her out, she agrees to help Quint steal the Black Moon. After knocking out a guard and stealing his uniform and Nina enter the chop shop and take the Black Moon. Ryland sees her in the garage. Windom is on the other side of the garage door and blows a hole in it with C-4, but emergency bars drop down to cover the hole in the door before Quint and Nina can escape and are trapped. Quint drives the Black Moon into the freight elevator. During the chase on that floor, Nina activates the turbo boost that makes the car reach its top speed; the car shoots towards a window and killing Ryland instantly. The car goes through the window and flies into the unoccupied building. Just as they think they are safe and Quint gets the disk out from the bumper, Ringer shows up and takes the disk, he and Quint start fighting. After a brutal fistfight, Quint takes back the disk and gives it to Johnson.

Quint takes his money from him and says he is retired from working with the FBI. Windom shows up and is grateful his car is still in one piece, but wonders how they will get it down; the movie ends back at Nina's apartment, where Quint asks her if she is happy she stole the Black Moon. After she says yes, he says. Tommy Lee Jones as Sam Quint Linda Hamilton as Nina Robert Vaughn as Ed Ryland Richard Jaeckel as Earl Windom Bubba Smith as Johnson Dan Shor as Billy Lyons Keenan Wynn as Iron John Lee Ving as Marvin Ringer William Sanderson as Tyke Thayden Nick Cassavetes as Luis Don Keith Opper as Emile French John Carpenter wrote the script around the time he made Escape From New York. "It was my ‘my car is stolen and I’m going to get it back’ story," he said. "I have never seen the final film." The Black Moon was based on the 1980 Wingho Concordia II designed by Bernard Beaujardins and Clyde Kwok, made by Wingho Auto Classique in Montreal. Only one of these had been built, so in the movie, a copy

Michael Kilgarriff

Michael Kilgarriff is a British actor and pianist from Brighton. As an actor, he is well known for his rich height. At six feet five inches tall, he is sought for certain roles, such as the The Cyber Controller in Doctor Who, a role he played in 1967 and 1985, he appeared in the series as an Ogron and as the eponymous K1 Robot in the story Robot. He returned to play the K1 Robot in the Big Finish Productions Bernice Summerfield audio adventure The Relics of Jegg-Sau, he did voice work for The Twelve Tasks of Asterix as Obelix, the Jim Henson movie The Dark Crystal as SkekUng, the Garthim master, was film director Joe Steiner in the UFO episode "Conflict", played the part of the Green King in the BBC Television serial The Moon Stallion. Kilgarriff is a music hall enthusiast, wrote what is considered the definitive guide to music hall songs: Sing Us One of the Old Songs: A Guide to Popular Song from 1860–1920; this work lists thousands of influential songs by singer and composer. Kilgarriff himself was a regular performer at the legendary Players' Theatre Club in Villiers Street, Charing Cross, where he took the part of chairman many times as well as performing comic songs, accompanying at the piano and directing.

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