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State-Lake Station.jpg
Location 200 North State Street
Chicago, Illinois 60601
Coordinates 41°53′09″N 87°37′40″W / 41.88574°N 87.627835°W / 41.88574; -87.627835
Owned by Chicago Transit Authority
Platforms 2 side platforms
Tracks 2
  Red Line via Lake
Structure type Elevated
Opened September 22, 1895
Passengers (2017) 3,306,494[1]Increase 5.1%
Rank 10 out of 143
Preceding station   Chicago "L"   Following station
Loop Elevated
One-way operation
Orange Line
toward Midway Pictograms-nps-airport.svg
toward Harlem/Lake
Green Line
One-way operation
Purple Line
toward Linden
Pink Line
toward 54th/Cermak
toward Kimball
Brown Line
One-way operation
Brown Line
Rush period special
(6-7 a.m.)
  Former services  
One-way operation
Loop Shuttle
Next Clockwise
Route map

Brown and Green Lines
west to Kimball and Harlem/Lake
State St.
Purple, Orange, Green, and Pink Lines
east to Linden, Midway Pictograms-nps-airport.svg, Ashland/63rd,
Cottage Grove, and 54th/Cermak

State/Lake is an 'L' station serving the CTA's Brown, Green, Orange, Pink, and Purple Lines. It is an elevated station with two side platforms, located in the Chicago Loop at 200 North State Street. The CTA offers farecard transfers between this station and the Lake subway station on the Red Line.


The station in 1949 decorated for Christmas
A passenger enters the station as it appears quarter after 7 o'clock in the evening.

State/Lake station opened on September 22, 1895, as part on the Lake Street Elevated Railroad's extension into the Chicago Loop that later became the north side of the Union Loop.[2] State/Lake is the last station on this section of the Loop to retain many of its original features.

One of a series of videos "shot on iPhone 6" to feature in a 2015 Apple advertising campaign [3] features the short journey between Randolph/Wabash and State/Lake shot in time lapse.

Bus connections[edit]


  • 2 Hyde Park Express
  • 6 Jackson Park Express
  • 10 Museum of Science and Industry
  • 29 State
  • 36 Broadway
  • 62 Archer
  • 146 Inner Drive/Michigan Express

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