Craig Cutler

Craig Cutler is an American photographer. His editorial work has been featured in Newsweek, The New York Times Magazine, Bon Appetit, Best Life, Details and Men’s Journal, he has photographed ads for a wide range of clients, including Starbucks, Xbox 360, Mobil and Sprint. His photos were featured in the book International Harvester, McCormick, Navistar: Milestones in the Company That Helped Build America. In 2008, Cutler was selected for inclusion in the book American Photography 23, in 2009, he won a Graphis Gold Award. Cutler's work has been exhibited at Galerie-Atelier Beeld in the Hague. Cutler's first documentary film, "The Boxer," will premiere in November 2016 at three film festivals: DOC NYC, the Big Apple Film Festival, New York Short Film Festival; the subject of the short is 2015 National Men's Elite Boxing champion Chordale Booker and his success in the ring following legal issues and a judge's leniency to put him on probation rather than in prison. The film was awarded the Big Apple Film Festival's Best Short Documentary.

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Portland sheep

The Portland is a sheep breed that takes its name from the Isle of Portland in Dorset, England. This breed is raised for meat. Once common all over Dorset, the breed is still at risk, it nearly became extinct in the 1970s, but has now recovered through efforts of dedicated breeders and the help of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. It is now listed as "at risk"; as one of the old tan-faced breeds native to heathlands, the Portland was a primary contributor to the Dorset breed. Fancy's Family Farm, a community farm on the Isle of Portland is home to the only flock of the Portland Sheep breed on the island; the Portland is a small sheep, with legs. Both sexes are horned: in the adult male the horns are heavy and form double spirals; the horns are cream-coloured having one or more thin black lines running along the horn lengthways. Lambs are born with a foxy-red coat; the face is free of wool, but some sheep have a top knot of short wool. A distinctive feature is that they tend to have paler patches around the eyes, referred to as'spectacles'.

Both sexes have a broad muzzle, as pale as the'spectacles'. Ewes tend to have a dished face, rather than a roman nose; the nose is black. In adult sheep the front legs and the rear legs below the hocks are free of wool; the feet are black. The meat has a more complex flavour than most commercial breeds prized since the time of George III, they produce 2–3 kg. of 50's–60's down-quality wool with a staple length of 6–9 cm, suitable for hosiery and hand-knitting yarns. This breed will sometimes breed out of season, was the first breed of sheep in Britain able to have lambs at any time of the year. Cuisine of Dorset Portland Sheep Breeders Group