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Steel guitar

Steel guitar is a type of guitar or the method of playing the instrument. Developed in Hawaii by Joseph Kekuku in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, a steel guitar is positioned horizontally. Steel guitar became visible outside of Hawaii in the early 20th century as Hawaiian steel guitarists such as Frank Ferera and Sol Hoʻopiʻi brought the instrument to North American theaters and nightclubs. On commercially records released through the 1920s and early 1930s, Hawaiian steel guitarists such as Ferera, Ho'opi'i, "King" Bennie Nawahi, Sol K. Bright and others recorded a mix of Hawaiian folk music standards, such as "Wahine Ui" and "Tu-Tu-E-, Tu-Tu-Hoi", North American popular songs, which had Hawaiian- or tropical-themed lyrics; these guitarists performed on either traditional acoustic guitars played as lap steel guitars, or on acoustic resonator guitars, which were prized for the extra volume they could produce. As electric lap steels became available in the mid-1930s, some artists like Ho'opi'i switched to the new electric instruments.

North American popular music had included hits with Hawaiian-themed English lyrics as early as 1905, when Sonny Cunha had his first hit song, "My Honolulu Tomboy". Hawaiian-themed popular songs continued to be successful in North America into the 1930s and 1940s, featured steel guitar in the musical arrangements. For example, the 1933 hit "My Little Grass Shack in Kealakekua, Hawaii" was recorded by a number of artists, including the Noelani Hawaiian Orchestra, which featured steel guitar. Popular singers such Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller, Bing Crosby recorded Hawaiian-themed popular songs during the 1930s featuring steel guitar. Steel guitar began showing up in country music as early as the 1920s. For example, Jimmie Rodgers featured acoustic steel guitar in his song "Tuck Away My Lonesome Blues"; the earliest use of an electrified steel guitar was in the early 1930s by Bob Dunn of Milton Brown and His Brownies, a western swing band. In the mid- to late-1930s, Leon McAuliffe advanced steel guitar technique while playing in the western swing band Bob Wills.

McAuliffe's 1936 composition "Steel Guitar Rag" helped to popularize the steel guitar in the context of 1930s and 1940s country and western music. By the late 1940s and early 1950s, the steel guitar was prominently featured in the emerging "honky tonk" style of country music. Honky tonk singers who used steel guitar in their musical arrangements included Hank Williams, Lefty Frizzell and Webb Pierce. Steel guitar continued to be associated with country music throughout the rest of the 20th century, in country styles including countrypolitan, outlaw country, others. Steel guitar has been incorporated into compositions across many genres of music. In the late 1920s jazz musician Andy Sanella, although a saxophonist had some success as a steel guitarist playing short featured solos with the jazz and dance bands in which he played saxophone, he recorded several solo records of steel guitar music with a jazz flavor. South African and guitarist, Len Fillis played the instrument in jazz and dance bands in London in the early 1930s.

Steel guitar has been featured in swing music, soul, jazz, Indian classical music, gospel music, in many other genres of music. Steel guitar can describe: The slide technique of playing slide guitar is by using a steel bar. Resonator guitars, including round necked varieties, are suitable for this style, yet are referred to as "steel guitars", but rather referred to as a Dobro, acoustic slide guitar, or square neck resonator guitars. Dobro is a brand name of one of the leading manufacturers of resonator guitars. A specialized instrument built for playing in steel guitar fashion; these are of several types: Lap steel guitar, which may be: Lap slide guitar, with a conventional wooden guitar box. The square-necked variety of resonator guitar. Electric lap steel guitar. Electric console steel guitar. Electric pedal steel guitar; the term steel guitar is mistakenly used to describe any metal-body resophonic guitar. It is mistakenly used to refer to steel-string acoustic guitars played in the traditional manner.

Steel guitar refers to a method of playing on a guitar held horizontally, with the treble strings uppermost and the bass strings towards the player, using a type of slide called a steel above the fingerboard rather than fretting the strings with the fingers. This may be done with any guitar, but is most common on instruments designed and produced for this style of play with painted lines instead of frets, since the strings are much too high to be fretted. Playing a steel guitar with a steel can be quite challenging, great steel players are few and far between, because of some of the techniques involved such as slanting the bar, palm damping, thumb damping, unique styles of picking are not mastered; the technique popularized in Hawaii. Thus, the lap steel guitar is sometimes known as the Hawaiian guitar

Filip Dewulf

Filip Dewulf is a former professional male tennis player from Belgium. In his career, he won 1 title in doubles. In 1997 he reached the semi-finals of the French Open, his best singles result and the first Belgian tennis player to reach the semi-final at a Grand Slam tournament, he defeated Cristiano Caratti, Fernando Meligeni, Albert Portas, Àlex Corretja and Magnus Norman before he was defeated in four sets by the eventual champion, Gustavo Kuerten. This was, according to Roland Garros itself, the best performance that a qualifier has performed at a French Open, only the third time in Grand Slam history that a qualifier had reached a semi-final. Dewulf would reach the quarter-finals at the same event the following year, falling to eventual runner-up Àlex Corretja in straight sets, his career-high singles ranking was World No. 39, achieved in September 1997. Filip Dewulf at the Association of Tennis Professionals Filip Dewulf at the International Tennis Federation Filip Dewulf at the Davis Cup


Rudhmuli is a Village in Bah Tehsil of Agra District of Uttar Pradesh in India. As of 2011 India census, Rudhmuli follows the same statistics as of Bah. Rudhmuli had a population of 1,445; the Male population is 734 and female population is 711.15% of the population is under 6 years of age. Pincode for Rudhmuli is 283104 and STD code is 05614, it is around 71.8 km from Agra city and around 59 km from Etawah district. It was founded in early 19th century by Shri Angad singh Bhadoria of Bhadawar state. Rudhmuli is near the famous Bateshwarnath Temple. November local festival at Bateshwarnath attracts thousands of devotees from nearby areas and states, it is situated on the Bank of Yamuna River and most of the land in village is not Plain. In old times, the Village was controlled by the Bhadoria Rulers nominated by the King of Bhadawar state. Http://

North Fork Ospreys

The North Fork Ospreys are a summer collegiate baseball team. The team plays its home games in Cochran Park, New York; the North Fork Ospreys were introduced as a four-team expansion to the Hampton Division in 2009. In 2009, the Ospreys finished first in the Hampton Division under the management of Shawn Epidendio with a record of 25-15, they defeated the Riverhead Tomcats in the semi-final but lost to the Westhampton Aviators in the Hamptons Division Championship Series, 1-2. Epidendio led the Ospreys to another first-place finish in 2010, going a division record, they ousted the Southampton Breakers in the semi-final and defeated the Riverhead Tomcats in the Championship Series to claim their first Hamptons Division Championship Title. They went on to face the Wolff Division's Quakertown Blazers in the Atlantic Collegiate Baseball League Championship Series, they swept the Blazers in the best-of-three series to capture North Fork's first ACBL Title. In 2011, Brian Hansen the assistant coach, took over the management of the Ospreys.

He was assisted by Michiel van Kampen. Hurt by an eight-game losing streak in the middle of the season, the Ospreys finished tied for third in the Hamptons Division with a 20-20 record, they defeated the Southampton Breakers in the semi-finals but again lost to the Westhampton Aviators in the Championship Series. 2019 Wins Losses Home 0 2 Away 0 2 Total 0 4 2011 2010 2009 Andrew Cain. Hamptons Collegiate Baseball Atlantic Collegiate Baseball League

Kristian von Bengtson

Kristian von Bengtson is a Danish architect, specializing in manned spaceflight, a resident of Copenhagen and married to animation director Karla von Bengtson. He is most notable for his involvement in founding Copenhagen Suborbitals. Kristian von Bengtson has participated in various space projects, simulated Mars habitation and is a trained architect from School of Architecture in Copenhagen 2001 and has a master's degree in aerospace science from the International Space University ISU in Strasbourg, France. On May 1, 2008, Kristian von Bengtson along with Peter Madsen founded Copenhagen Suborbitals, he was the lead spacecraft designer and functioning flight director until his departure in 2014. On March 24, 2014, Kristian von Bengtson joined Mars One as their Outpost and Capsule Project Manager, he resigned in May 2015

The Unholy Alliance (TV series)

The Unholy Alliance is an action crime-thriller television drama created by Jazz Boon and TVB. Principal photography began in Hong Kong in September 2016, continued in Taiwan in December 2016, it premiered on TVB Jade on 7 August 2017, for MediaCorp's Channel U in July 2019, ran for 28 episodes. Boon has described The Unholy Alliance as a Mission: Impossible-style action thriller that features modern martial arts, including MMA, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Krav Maga and gun fu, it stars Nina Paw, Ruco Chan, Nancy Wu, Joel Chan, Elaine Yiu, Kwok Fung, Jimmy Au, KK Cheung, Elena Kong. The Unholy Alliance follows a modern Hong Kong crime family, led by the matriarch Ling Hung. Surfer Ko Tsz-kit and his adoptive mother Mei run a B&B in Taiwan. Yuen Ching Yan who appeared as an agile backpacker meets Tsz Kit while biking on the same lane and when she is harassed by drug addicts at the beach, where Tsz Kit happens to teach surfing lessons, Tsz Kit saves her and brings her back to their B&B. Ching Yan would be living with them including she convinced Mei and Tsz Kit to let her help out Tsz Kit with teaching surfing lessons for a reduced rent price living at their B&B and began to help out with servicing their customers at their B&B business.

Soon, their B&B becomes ambushed by assassins, which Ching Yan and Mei realized on time when they noticed the premises being surrounded by the assassins and to Tsz Kit's surprising terrifying reaction, his adoptive mother Mei tosses a kitchen knife, which injured/killed one of the assassins and the agile backpacker Yuen Ching Yan brought out her gun shooting another assassin. The ambush battle begins with Ching Yan shooting against the assassins coming in and Mei brings out her gun from the kitchen counter and starts firing against the assassins. Ching Yan and Mei surround a terrified Tsz Git to protect him firing their guns against the assassins invading in and ran into a safe house basement, where Mei and Ching Yan began grabbing weapons getting ready to fire back at assassins that have surrounded the premises and during this moment Tsz Kit is confused and questioning why Mei knows how to use a gun and why there is a secret safe house. Mei responded to not ask so many questions and must leave including Mei revealed she knew Ching Yan's real status as a bodyguard/assassin for them recalling how Ching Yan was able to manage holding an extreme hot scolding bowl of congee without using a tray to put it under to serve a customer at the B&B, revealing she was trained to manage high temperature items on her hands as part of being an assassin and as they are escaping outside, they are firing their guns against the assassins and Mei brings Tsz Kit into a bullet proof car and while escaping on the road, Tsz Kit begins asking questions about what their real statuses are and why there was an ambush, but Mei refused to answer and informed him she would be taking him to a new safe location to start a new life and it was best he did not know a lot.

Mei had suffered a gunshot wound and the car crashes causing Mei to be trapped and unable to get out, which Tsz Kit was attempting to try to get her out, but one of the assassins riding on a motorcycle is shooting at them causing the car's motor to catch fire, but luckily Ching Yan arrived on a motorcycle and shot the assassin, but with Mei being trapped and hurt and knowing she cannot get out including the car was about to explode, she tells Tsz Kit to not seek answers to his real identity or the truth and to not get revenge for her and told him to run away as far as possible. Mei passes out and luckily Ching Yan saves Tsz Kit before Mei's car exploded, which killed Mei and brought him into her car informing him that he is to stay with her if he wants to stay safe and to follow her orders. However, Tsz Kit ignored her orders and manages to escape and when he returns to their B&B, he discovered it was bombed, but found a clue that his adoptive mother Mei left behind that led him to a buddhist temple finding a box with a lot of American Cash and several fake passports for different countries with different names and they all had Tsz Kit's picture on it including there were weapons in there that were disguised as beauty products.

Tsz Kit realized Mei had arranged all of this in case if an ambush was to happen, he can use the passports to escape and have money to use and use the disguised weapons to protect himself. To probe into the matter, Tsz-kit uses the Hong Kong Passport his adoptive mother Mei had arranged and arrives to Hong Kong alone. With his best friend Tai Wah-koon pulling a few strings for him, Tsz-kit uncovers that his adoptive mother's death is connected to Ling Hung, an Iron Lady running multiple syndicates, so powerful that her decision will lead to a profound impact on the economy and livelihoods of the communities. Ling Hung has been known in Hong Kong to be one of the most ruthless and powerful tough mafia bosses in the underground mafia society, but she has a good warm-hearted side of her personality and being charitable when it came to family and being around normal average people. Tsz Kit notices that Ling Hung looks much like his adoptive mother Mei, which raised Tsz Kit's suspicions much more.

It is soon revealed that Ching Yan was hired as a bodyguard by Ling Hung to protect Tsz Kit in Taiwan and when Ching Yan catches up with Tsz Kit in Hong Kong, she orders him to stay with her and informed it is her job to protect him. At times, he manages to escape from Ching Yan's surveillance trying to find an opportunity to confront Ling Hung about his adoptive mother's death, but Ling Hung had no choice, but to give in to explaining to Tsz Kit what happened and her