Ladislav Minář

Ladislav Minář is a Czech football manager. He is the sporting director of Sigma Olomouc. Minář led Zlín in the 2008–09 Gambrinus liga as caretaker manager between the dismissal of previous boss Josef Mazura in the 7th round and the appointment of Stanislav Levý in the 12th round of matches; when Levy was sacked after the team took just one point from five matches, Minář was appointed to take charge of the team for the rest of the season. The club were relegated from the league at the end of the season, the following season the club failed to win promotion back to the top division finishing third in the 2009–10 Czech 2. Liga. Subsequently, Minář left his position at the end of the season. Minář was appointed caretaker manager at Mladá Boleslav towards the end of the 2010–11 Gambrinus liga. During his short term in charge, the club won the 2010–11 Czech Cup. In September 2012, Minář was again given the job of manager at Mladá Boleslav. Profile at


Noktundo is a former island in the delta of the Tumen River on the border between Primorsky Krai and North Korea. The area of the island was 32 square kilometres. In the 15th century, Noktundo belonged to the Jurchen. In 1587 there was a battle fought on this island between the local Jurchen and the invading army from Yi Sun-sin, a general of Korea. At the time of the shallowing of the northern branch of the Tumen, the course of the river changed from time to time; as a result, the island of Noktundo was sometimes joined with the mainland of Primorsky Krai. Regardless, the island remained under Korean jurisdiction; the island was under Qing control until 1860 Convention of Peking, the Qing Dynasty ceded the island to the Russian Empire. This became a matter of protest to the Koreans. In 1990, the former Soviet Union and North Korea signed a border treaty which made the border run through the center of the river leaving territory of the former island on Russian side. South Korea refused to acknowledge the treaty and demanded that Russia return the territory to Korea