Steve Martin

Stephen Glenn Martin is an American actor, comedian and musician. Martin came to public notice in the 1960s as a writer for The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, as a frequent guest on The Tonight Show. In the 1970s, Martin performed his offbeat, absurdist comedy routines before packed houses on national tours. Since the 1980s, having branched away from comedy, Martin has become a successful actor, as well as an author, playwright and banjo player earning him Emmy and American Comedy awards, among other honors. In 2004, Comedy Central ranked Martin at sixth place in a list of the 100 greatest stand-up comics, he was awarded an Honorary Academy Award at the Academy's 5th Annual Governors Awards in 2013. While he has played banjo since an early age, included music in his comedy routines from the beginning of his professional career, he has dedicated his career to music since the 2000s, acting less and spending much of his professional life playing banjo and touring with various bluegrass acts, including Earl Scruggs, with whom he won a Grammy for Best Country Instrumental Performance in 2002.

He released his first solo music album, The Crow: New Songs for the 5-String Banjo, in 2009, for which he won the Grammy Award for Best Bluegrass Album. Martin was born on August 14, 1945, in Waco, the son of Mary Lee and Glenn Vernon Martin, a real estate salesman and aspiring actor. Martin is of semi pan-British and French descent, was raised in Inglewood, with sister Melinda Martin, later in Garden Grove, California, in a Baptist family. Martin was a cheerleader of Garden Grove High School. One of his earliest memories is of seeing his father, as an extra, serving drinks onstage at the Call Board Theatre on Melrose Place. During World War II, in the United Kingdom, Martin's father had appeared in a production of Our Town with Raymond Massey. Expressing his affection through gifts, like cars and bikes, Martin's father was stern, not open to his son, he was proud but critical, with Martin recalling that in his teens his feelings for his father were ones of hatred. Martin's first job was at Disneyland, selling guidebooks on weekends and full-time during his school's summer break.

That lasted for three years. During his free time, he frequented the Main Street Magic shop, where tricks were demonstrated to patrons. While working at Disneyland, he was captured in the background of the home movie, made into the short-subject film Disneyland Dream, incidentally becoming his first film appearance. By 1960, he had mastered several magic tricks and illusions and took a paying job at the Magic shop in Fantasyland in August. There he perfected his talents for magic and creating balloon animals in the manner of mentor Wally Boag performing for tips. In his authorized biography, close friend Morris Walker suggests that Martin could "be described most as an agnostic... he went to church and was never involved in organized religion of his own volition". In his early 20s, Martin dated daughter of novelist and screenwriter Dalton Trumbo. After high school, Martin attended Santa Ana College, taking classes in English poetry. In his free time, he teamed up with friend and Garden Grove High School classmate Kathy Westmoreland to participate in comedies and other productions at the Bird Cage Theatre.

He joined a comedy troupe at Knott's Berry Farm. He met budding actress Stormie Sherk, they developed comedy routines and became romantically involved. Sherk's influence caused Martin to apply to the California State University, Long Beach, for enrollment with a major in philosophy. Sherk enrolled at UCLA, about an hour's drive north, the distance caused them to lead separate lives. Inspired by his philosophy classes, Martin considered becoming a professor instead of an actor–comedian, his time at college changed his life. Martin recalls reading a treatise on comedy that led him to think: Martin periodically spoofed his philosophy studies in his 1970s stand-up act, comparing philosophy with studying geology. In 1967, Martin switched his major to theater. While attending college, he appeared in an episode of The Dating Game. Martin began working local clubs at night, to mixed notices, at twenty-one, he dropped out of college. In 1967, his former girlfriend Nina Goldblatt, a dancer on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, helped Martin land a writing job with the show by submitting his work to head writer Mason Williams.

Williams paid Martin out of his own pocket. Along with the other writers for the show, Martin won an Emmy Award in 1969 at the age of twenty-three, he wrote for The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour. Martin's first television appearance was on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour in 1968, he says: During these years his roommates included Gary Mule Deer and Michael Johnson. Martin opened for groups such as The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The Carpenters, Toto, he appeared among other venues. He continued to write, earning an Emmy nomination for his work on Van Dyke and Company in 1976. In the mid-1970s, Martin made frequent appearances as a stand-up comedian on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, on The Gong Show, HBO's On Location, The Muppet Show, NBC's Saturday Night Live. SNL's audience jumped by a million viewers when he made guest appearances, he was one of the show's most successful hosts. Martin appeared on twenty-seven Saturday Night Live shows and guest-h

Posse on Broadway

"Posse on Broadway" is a hip hop song first recorded by Sir Mix-a-Lot on his 1988 debut album Swass. He released a music video; the Broadway in the song is a street in Seattle's Capitol Hill district, a street on which the Mix-a-Lot Posse got "lots of good grip from the 50 series tires". The geography of the song is quite specific, going north up Rainier Valley on Rainier Avenue S. east to "23rd and Jackson", a major intersection in Seattle's traditionally black Central District or "CD," cruising east to Martin Luther King Jr. Way S. where "the set looks kinda dead" so "we need a new street," by "23rd and Union", to Broadway. "The college" is Seattle Central Community College near the south end of the Broadway commercial strip, from which they drive to Taco Bell at the north end, which "was closed" so they "go back the other way" to Dick's Drive-In, a local fast food institution and, according to the song, "the place where the cool hang out."There are multiple versions of the song: a "Radio Edit", played over the radio.

The Godzilla Mix has slight lyrical differences, most notably Mix-a-Lot referencing the "Gatorback" tires instead of the "50-Series" tires of the original and a reference to vehicle as "the Bistro". Track listing of Under Exposed by Acts 29 Map of the song on Google Maps Map of the song's events on

Mohd Faizal Abu Bakar

Mohd Faizal bin Abu Bakar is a Malaysian footballer who plays as a midfielder for Malaysian M4 League side PJ Hiliran. He is known as ` Sepet' among his fans. Born in Kuala Nerang, Faizal is a product from Kedah President Cup squad a youth team of Kedah FA, he has been promoted to the first team by Azraai Khor after another Kedah's young talented such as Shakir Ali who left Kedah for Malaysian Young Tigers. Faizal made his debut for Kedah in a Malaysia Cup group stage match on 15 July 2008 where Kedah thrashed Sabah FA with furious 5-1 result. In November 2016, Faizal left Kelantan for Malaysia Premier League side Kedah, he made 4 appearances while playing for Kelantan in 2016. In November 2010, Faizal was called up to the Malaysia national team by coach K. Rajagopal for the 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup, he was in the Malaysia team that won the 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup title for the first time in their history, although he never made any appearances in the tournament. Earlier in February 2010, he received his first appearance for Malaysia in a friendly match against Yemen.

He was playing for the Malaysia U-23. He was in the squad, he was in the team that competes for the 2012 Olympic Qualification preliminary round against Pakistan, coming on as a substitute in injury time in the second leg on 9 March 2011. As of 8 February 2018 AFF Suzuki Cup: 2010 Mohd Faizal Abu Bakar at Mohd Faizal Abu Bakar at Soccerway