Acacia restiacea

Acacia restiacea is a species of Acacia belonging to the sub genus Alatae, native to Western Australia. It is a small, leafless shrub that grows to a height of 0.5 to 1.5 metres. The shrub resembles can have an erect or sprawling habit, it is multi-stemmed, the green glaucous stems are terete and finely striate. The bipinnate foliage is sometimes present toward the base of the stems. Phyllodes are present and resemble the stems, pentagonal-terete in section; the phyllodes are 7 to 25 millimetres in 0.7 mm wide. It flowers from late winter to late spring between November producing yellow flowers; the species was first formally described by the botanist George Bentham in 1842 as part of the William Jackson Hooker work Notes on Mimoseae, with a synopsis of species published in the London Journal of Botany. It was reclassified in 2003 by Leslie Pedley as Racosperma restiaceum and transferred back to the genus Acacia in 2006, it is found from the Mid West, extending through the Wheatbelt and into the Goldfields-Esperance regions of Western Australia.

It is found as far north as Northampton to coastal suburbs of Perth in the south and out to Westonia in the east. Isolated populations are found near Tambellup and Menzies; the plant is found in a variety of habitats growing in rocky or gravelly loam soils over or around granite. List of Acacia species

Revolution (Little Steven album)

Revolution is the fourth solo album by Little Steven released in 1989. The Disciples of Soul were gone in all but name, the music was electronic. In 2019, the album was remastered for release as part of Van Zandt's career-spanning box set Rock N Roll Rebel: The Early Work; the digital deluxe edition of the album was released on November 15, 2019 containing two bonus tracks. All songs written and arranged by Little Steven "Where Do We Go From Here?" - 5:54 "Revolution" - 5:25 "Education" - 4:40 "Balance" - 5:16 "Love and Forgiveness" - 4:48 "Newspeak" - 5:22 "Sexy" - 4:04 "Leonard Peltier" - 3:46 "Liberation Theology" - 4:50 "Discipline" - 6:16 "Revolution " - 9:46 "Revolution " - 5:44 Steve Van Zandt - vocals, drum machine programming, producer "Judge Fonkner" - keyboards, MIDI programming Leslie Ming - drums, background vocals Warren McRae - bass Craig Derry - background vocals Will Downing - background vocals Danny Madden - background vocals Mark Ladford - background vocalsTechnical"Balance" and "Love and Forgiveness" mixed by Tom Lord-Alge Joe "Linguini" Perrera - Assistant Mixer Recorded and mixed by "Chairman" David McNair "O'Judge and Daddy" - Production assistance "Love and Forgiveness" and "Leonard Peltier" were released as singles, they did not chart