Stockton Street Tunnel

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Stockton Street Tunnel
Stockton Street Tunnel, San Francisco (2939103825).jpg
Location San Francisco, California
Coordinates 37°47′29″N 122°24′27″W / 37.7915°N 122.4074°W / 37.7915; -122.4074Coordinates: 37°47′29″N 122°24′27″W / 37.7915°N 122.4074°W / 37.7915; -122.4074
Route Stockton Street
Opened December 29, 1914
Owner City of San Francisco
Operator City of San Francisco
Traffic Automotive and pedestrian
Length 911 feet (278 m)
No. of lanes 3
Tunnel clearance 13 feet (4 m)
Width 50 feet (15 m)

The Stockton Street Tunnel is a tunnel in San Francisco, California, and carries its namesake street underneath a section of Nob Hill near Chinatown for about three blocks. The south portal is located just shy of Bush Street, which is about two blocks to the north of Union Square, the north portal is located just to the south of the Sacramento Street intersection.

The tunnel was primarily built for the streetcars of the now defunct F Stockton line,[1] and inaugurated by mayor James Rolph on December 29, 1914.[2] Construction involved lowering Stockton Street near where it passes into the tunnel from the South, evidence for which can still be seen at the building of 417 Stockton Street (Mystic Hotel), where the basement became the ground floor and the former front door is now a visibly marked window bay on the second floor.[2]

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