Summer Trip

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"Summer Trip"
Koda Kumi Summer Trip CD+DVD.jpg
Single by Koda Kumi
from the album Bon Voyage
Released July 31, 2013 (JP)
Format CD/CD+DVD
Recorded 2013
Genre Japanese pop/R&B/Hip hop
Length 70:44
Label Rhythm Zone
Songwriter(s) Koda Kumi
Koda Kumi singles chronology
"Summer Trip"
"Dreaming Now!"

"Summer Trip"
"Dreaming Now!"

"Summer Trip" is the fifty-fifth single by singer-songwriter Koda Kumi and is her first summer single in nearly two years. The single was a double a-side and contained one b-side. It debuted at #7 on Oricon Daily, losing out to CNBLUE's "lady" and DAIGO's "Itsumo Dakishimete/Mugen∞REBIRTH."

The single's music videos and artwork were shot in California, with the cover and booklet art being taken in Malibu. The video for "Touch Down" was filmed in Los Angeles, while "LALALALALA" was filmed at Venice Beach. Both videos were produced by famed videographer Fatima Robinson.

Background information[edit]

Summer Trip is Japanese artist Koda Kumi's fifty-fifth single under the Avex sub-label Rhythm Zone. The single charted at #7 on the Oricon Singles Charts, coming in behind CNBLUE's "lady" single and DAIGO's "Itsumo Dakishimete/Mugen∞Rebirth" for a spot in the top five.[1] However, it jumped to take #5 on the second day and took #6 on the weekly charts.[2] The single became her first summer single since 2011's 4 Times.[3]

Summer Trip contains two a-sides, "Touch Down" and "LALALALALA." "Touch Down" is a hip-hop track written by famous music producer Toby Gad, who is best well known for his works with John Legend, Fergie and Beyoncé.[4] The song was originally produced by Toby for American singer-songwriter JoJo, and was intended to be for her then-titled 2012 album Jumping Trains.[5] The singer had recorded the song under the name "Touch Down (Flippers Up)"; however, it was never released.[6] Instead, Avex picked up the song rights and it was passed to Kumi, who then modified the lyrics for a Japan release. Summer Trip's other a-side, "LALALALALA," was more upbeat, carrying elements of pop and rock. The song was written by Swedish writers Figge Brostrom and Anna Engh.

The b-side, "Is This Trap?", is an electronica track, accompanied by synth-pop. The song was co-written by Swedish producers Henrik Nordenback and Christian Fast, and Japanese producer T-SK, both who are members of the world creator team "FUTURE UNISON," which was created by HiDE Kawada.[7][8]

The single's cover art and images used in the booklet were taken in the beach city of Malibu.

Music video[edit]

Summer Trip contained two music videos for the two a-sides, "Touch Down" and "LALALALALA." The videos were filmed in California in the United States. Both were shot and directed by music video director and choreographer Fatima Robinson. Robinson is famous for her works with Michael Jackson, Aaliyah and Mary J. Blige.[9][10][11] She has also worked with The Black Eyed Peas and with Fergie's solo projects.[12]

"Touch Down" was filmed in Los Angeles and was shot with low lighting. The video featured one dancer and Kumi sporting several fashions, including a crop top with black shorts and gold chains and a bustier with tight-fitting leggings.

"LALALALALA" was filmed in Venice Beach. The video showed off many cultures and styles that are brought together at the beach in California. The theme of the video was how everyone would get together to have "the best days of their live" and how all cultures could coexist.[13]

Track listing[edit]

1."Radio Show Start ~LALALALALA~" (Intro) Bana a.k.a Daddy B1:01
2."LALALALALA"Koda KumiFigge Brostrom • Anna Engh3:37
3."Show Time ~Is This Trap?~" (Interlude) Bana a.k.a Daddy B1:01
4."Is This Trap?"Koda KumiT-SK • HENRIK Nordenback • Christian Fast3:53
5."Show Time ~Touch Down~" (Interlude) Bana a.k.a Daddy B1:10
6."Touch Down"Koda Kumi • Toby Gad • Joanna "JoJo" LevesqueToby Gad3:44
7."Radio Show End" (Outro) Bana a.k.a Daddy B1:00
Total length:15:19
1."Touch Down" (Music Video)Fatima RobinsonAkihiro Kubo • Takuma Hayashi • Nina Grassman-Warner3:45
2."LALALALALA" (Music Video)Fatima RobinsonAkihiro Kubo • Takuma Hayashi • Nina Grassman-Warner3:34
3."Summer Trip" (Making Video)Kentaro IshiyamaAkihiro Kubo18:06
Total length:25:25

Alternate versions[edit]


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