Supreme Court of Pakistan Building

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Supreme Court Building
Supreme Court of Pakistan, Islamabad by Usman Ghani.jpg
Façade of the Supreme Court Building
General information
Architectural style Neoclassical, Modernist
Location 44000 Constitution Avenue
Islamabad, Pakistan
Coordinates 33°43′33″N 73°06′01″E / 33.7257°N 73.1002°E / 33.7257; 73.1002Coordinates: 33°43′33″N 73°06′01″E / 33.7257°N 73.1002°E / 33.7257; 73.1002
Construction started 1960s
Completed 1965
Cost ₨. 1.70 million
Design and construction
Architect Kenzō Tange
Engineer CDA Engineering
Pakistan EPA
Siemens Engineering.

The Supreme Court Building is the official and principal site for the Supreme Court of Pakistan, located at 44000 Constitution Avenue in Islamabad, Pakistan.[1] Completed in 1993, it is situated on the Constitution Avenue and is flanked by the Prime Minister's Secretariat to the south and President's House and the Parliament Building to the north.

Designed by famous Japanese architect, Kenzō Tange,[2] under the consultation of the EPA, the complex was engineered and built by the CDA Engineering and Siemens Engineering.[3] The building was part of an effort by the government of Pakistan to incorporate modernism into the architecture of important government buildings, for which several world-renowned architects were invited; Tange, after initially rejecting the invitation, ultimately agreed to participate.[2]

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