TDK Corporation TDK Electronics Co. Ltd, is a Japanese multinational electronics company that manufactures electronic materials, electronic components, recording and data-storage media, its motto is "Contribute to culture and industry through creativity"."TDK" is an initialism of the original Japanese name of the company: Tokyo Denki Kagaku Kōgyō K. K.. The company is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the Nikkei 225 and TOPIX indices. TDK was founded in Tokyo, Japan, on 7 December 1935 to manufacture the iron-based magnetic material ferrite, invented by Yogoro Kato and Takeshi Takei. In 1952 and 1957 they began production of magnetic tapes, with compact cassette tapes following in 1966. TDK used to manufacture an extensive portfolio of magnetic and optical media, including several formats of videotape and blank CD-R and recordable DVD discs until the recording business was sold to Imation in 2007. Operations in the USA began in 1965 with a New York City office, European operations began in 1970 with an office in Frankfurt, West Germany.

In 1980, TDK developed a multilayering technology to create chip capacitors and inductors inside personal computers, laptops and other electronic devices. In 1986, TDK acquired SAE Magnetics and introduced high-density recording heads to their product offerings. In the 1990s TDK's Mass Storage Division included brushless DC spindle motors, magnetoresistance heads, thin-film heads. Since 1997 TDK has withdrawn from the production of compact cassettes. First with the MA-X and AR the AD and SA-X line in 2001 and 2002 then the MA line in 2004; the SA and D lines were withdrawn in 2012 under Imation ownership. Industry trends see the company moving into new forms of media. TDK operated a semiconductor division in California for about a decade, but divested it in 2005. In late 2007, Imation acquired TDK's recording business, including flash media, optical media, magnetic tape, accessories, for $300 million; this included a license to use the "TDK Life on Record" brand on data storage and audio products for 25 years.

In September 2015, Imation announced that it had agreed to relinquish this license and would cease selling TDK-branded products by the end of the year. Since the 2000s, TDK has turned its focus to the development and sales of electronic components, HDD heads and suspension, power supplies. Beginning in 2005, TDK has acquired all manner of electronic device manufacturers including passive component developers, sensors manufacturers and power supply companies; these areas remain TDK’s focus today. Since acquiring numerous companies and honing its product line focus in recent years, TDK has begun building a portfolio of varying sensors and power electronic components through these brands; these include multi-axis MEMS motion tracking devices and MEMS microphones from InvenSense, a point-of-load DC-DC converter from Faraday Semi, MEMS-based ultrasonic Time-of-Flight sensors from Chirp Microsystems intended for consumer electronics, AR/VR, drones, IoT, industrial market segments. Other areas of TDK’s recent focus include power components for mobile devices, high-stability MEMS accelerometers from Tronics, miniaturized haptic actuators.

Since 2016, Shigenao Ishiguro has been President and CEO of TDK. 1986: SAE Magnetics Ltd. a magnetic head maker based in Hong Kong 2000: Headway Technologies, a magnetic head maker based in the United States 2005: Amperex Technology Limited, a Lithium Polymer battery company based in Hong Kong 2005: Lambda Power Division, a group of power supply businesses of London-based Invensys PLC. 2008: Epcos, an electronic device manufacturer based in Germany 2016: Micronas Semiconductor Holding AG, a magnetic sensor company based in Switzerland 2016: Hutchinson Technology Inc. a manufacturer of HDD suspension assemblies based in the United States 2017: RF360 Holdings Singapore PTE Ltd. – a joint venture with Qualcomm Inc. 2017: InvenSense, Inc. a sensor specialist based in the United States 2018: Chirp Microsystems, a developer of low power, ultrasonic 3D-sensing solutions based in the United States 2018: Faraday Semi LLC, a developer of miniature Point of Load solutions based in the United States TDK has sponsored the IAAF World Championships in Athletics since the 1983 inaugural event in Helsinki.

TDK sponsored Ajax for several years in the 1980s during which it won UEFA Cup Winners' Cup in 1987. From 1993 to 1999, TDK were the sponsors of the English football club Crystal Palace, who were promoted to the Premier League twice during this era, though lasting for just one season before being relegated on both occasions. TDK was a minor sponsor of the Brisbane Broncos Rugby League Team during the early 1990s, it is a current sponsor of the IAAF World Championships in Athletics. It sponsors activities and events such as those at The Cross nightclub in Central London, it had a prominent sign at Piccadilly Circus from 1990; the contract for this sign was terminated in 2015. TDK has owned a sign on One Times Square since 2000; the screen is placed under that of Toshiba and can be seen during the annual Times Square New Year's Ball Drop. Since 2001, TDK has supported performances of some of the world’s distinguished orchestras in Japan within the company’s "TDK Orchestra Concerts" program. TDK's "Outreach-Mini Concerts" and "Special Rehe

Nuoliang Township

Nuoliang Township is a rural township in Cangyuan Va Autonomous County, China. As of the 2010 census it had an area of 140.352-square-kilometre. The township shares a border with Mengjiao Township to the west, Menglai Township to the northwest, Danjia Township to southeast, Mengsheng Town to the northeast, Mengdong Town to the southwest; the word Nuoliang is transliteration in Dai language. "Nuo" means. Legend has it. People worship it. In the early history, the township had always been under Tusi jurisdiction. In 1945 it belonged to Leliang Township. After the founding of the Communist State, it was under the jurisdiction of Mengsheng District. In 1968 it was renamed Jiuda Commune in the following year. In 1984, Nuoliang District was established, it was upgraded to a township in 1988. As of 2017, the township is divided into 8 villages: Nuoliang, Nansa, Wengbulao, Bankao and Bawei; the highest point in the township is Mount Dahei. The lowest point is Bawei; the Mengdong River and Paqiu River, tributaries of the Lancang River, flow through the township.

Nansa Reservoir is the largest body of water in the township. The township enjoys a subtropical humid monsoon climate, with an average annual temperature of 16 °C and average annual annual rainfall of 1,499.5-millimetre. Nuoliang Township's economy is based on agricultural resources; the region abounds with lead, copper and limestone. Sugarcane, tobacco and rapeseed are the main cash crops; the town has 9 public schools: 1 middle school. The Provincial Highway S314 passes across the township; the Banmeng Expressway is under construction. The Cangyuan Washan Airport serves the township. Editing Group, ed.. 《沧源佤族自治县概况》. Yunnan. ISBN 9787105085538

St Patrick's College, Campbelltown

Saint Patricks College is an independent Roman Catholic single-sex secondary day school for girls, located in Campbelltown, in south-western Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Established in 1840, it was the first school built by private enterprises in New South Wales and provides a religious and comprehensive education for 850 students from Year 7 to Year 12, in the traditions of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan; the current principal is Sue Lennox. St Patrick's College was established in 1840, it was the first school built by private enterprise in the colony of New South Wales and was the result of the initiative of the Catholic people of the Campbelltown area in association with the priest responsible for the district, Fr Gould. This original school was built on three acres of land donated by Mary Sheil, wife of Dennis Sheil and daughter of local pioneer, William Bradbury and named St Patrick's; the original building still stands today and is now known as ‘Quandong’, which houses the Campbelltown Historic Exhibition, Tourist Information Centre and the St Patrick's museum.

Teachers from the general community staffed this early St Patrick's until 1887 when the Sisters of the Good Samaritan assumed responsibility for the school. In 1888, after the completion of the new St John's church in Cordeaux Street, a convent and school was established at the'old’ St John's ‘on the hill’ building and took its name from the original St Patrick's at ‘Quandong’; the final change in location came in 1970 when St Patrick's moved from ‘old’ St John's to its present location. This site was a Preparatory School for Boys named St John's or "Westview" and was conducted by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan. From 1970 until today the College has continued to grow and now has an enrolment of over 730 students from Years 7 - 12. Vocational Education - VET Business Services, Hospitality - Kitchen Operations Tennis/Netball/Running Courts Football Oval Top Oval Mary Sheil Function Centre Caroline Chisholm Art Complex Helen Foley Centre Westview Building Therry Wing PE Lab Library Science Labs Computer Labs The school's annual activities include: Combined Dances between Saint Patricks College and St Gregorys College Musical, Combined between Saint Patricks College and St Gregorys College Senior Trivia Night PACMAN- Performing Arts Challenge Saint Patricks Day Cross Country Saint Patrick’s day Saint Benedict’s day Mass Year 12 Formal Yearly co-curricular activities: aerobics, pump and body combat fitness classes, indoor rock climbing, dance, ten-pin bowling, competitive aerobics, martial arts and gymnastics.

It is a compulsory part of activities that all Year 10 students participate in a self-defence course. Environmental Council St Vincent de Paul Ministry Outreach Goodooga Immersion Activities Swimming Carnival Cross Country Macarthur Independent Schools Association Sport MISA Athletics Carnival Eat it Work it Move it There are four houses, each named after a significant female figures to Australia: Chisholm - Yellow House, Named after Caroline Chisholm, known for her involvement with female immigrant welfare in Australia. Lyons - Blue House, Named after Dame Enid Lyons, known for being the first women to be elected to the Australian House of Representatives and being the first women appointed to the federal Cabinet. Kenny - Green House, Named after Elizabeth Kenny, known for being an unaccredited nurse who promoted a controversial new approach to the treatment of poliomyelitis. Gilmore - Red House, Named after Dame Mary Gilmore, known for being an Australian socialist poet and journalist. St Gregory's College, Campbelltown John Therry Catholic High Mount Carmel Catholic College Magdalene Catholic High The College is a sister school to other Good Samaritan schools in Australia and overseas - St Marys Star of the Sea College, Mater Dei School, Mount St. Benedict College, Stella Maris College, Rosebank College, St. Scholasticas College, Mater Christi College, Santa Maria College, Lourdes Hill College, Seiwa Junior and Senior High School, Kinder School.

The school alumni participate in funding and regular events at the school The College publishes a fortnightly newsletter which contains information of importance to parents/caregivers and is distributed to parents/caregivers via the students in their Home Rooms. The College WEBSITE is another media for accessing important information as well as The FLAME a twice yearly full colour publication. List of Catholic schools in New South Wales Catholic education in Australia