Ondřej Pála

Ondřej Pála is a Czech professional boxer who fights in the heavyweight division. Pála started boxing at 17 under the lead of trainers Jan Antonín Hauer, his effort soon brought him the Czech Junior heavyweight title. At young age, he was trying to compete in Muay Thai and Jiu jistu, he turned professional in Médea boxing team and alongside his trainer Yuri Krivoruchko, he became one of the top prospects in the heavyweight division. He soon won several belts on the national level. In 2008, he beat the former WBO heavyweight champion Henry Akinwande. After the victory over Aleksey Masikin in March 2011, he became WBO European heavyweight champion and serious contender for the world belts. Médea Boxing Team Professional boxing record for Ondřej Pála from BoxRec

Levon Louis

Levon Louis is an electronic musician and video game developer. Most of his work is in the action, sci-fi, horror genres of games including Silent Hill, Mortal Kombat, Assassin’s Creed. Levon has produced and directed audio for numerous video games since 2001, when Microsoft first licensed his techno for early Xbox titles, he has collaborated with members of popular bands to create scores and soundtracks for games and other media. Louis appeared in Newsweek Magazine for break-dancing at the age of 10; that same year he watched his father's new-wave band play for stadium crowds while on-tour with Duran Duran. He became a DJ in the 6th grade. Levon began making electronic music in his teens influenced by hip-hop and electronic artists like Laurie Anderson, Art of Noise, Jean-Michelle Jarre. While attending Stephen F. Austin State University in East Texas, Levon played in different types of bands and on different instruments. Sometimes he was a front-man, sometimes not blending sung lyrics with MC-style rap vocals.

He threw rave-parties in his reggae band's rehearsal space and collaborated with party crews in Houston and Dallas on larger events. His first releases on vinyl were a blend of house and techno appearing on City Boy Records of Detroit, he shares a BAFTA Award with Microsoft for "Best Use of Audio" in 2007 for Crackdown, several G. A. N. G. Award nominations for projects in 2008 including "Best Handled Audio" for Transformers alongside "Best Instrumental", "Music of the Year" for The Golden Compass and In 2011, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood received an Academy Award nomination for "Outstanding Achievement in Audio". Abducted Absynthesis Live Technical Mix Mushroom Lounge Various singles appear on 12" vinyl and CD compilations; the Dead Will Rise DEAD P. A. vs Devine & Emily Play 12" vinyl release "Scarface Joins Line-Up For Tsunami Victims Relief!". 2005-06-01. Archived from the original on February 6, 2005. Retrieved 2008-06-10. "Countdown to Ecstasy, A New Drug for a New Millennium".

2000-06-09. Retrieved 2008-06-10. "Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fashion". 1999-02-09. Retrieved 2008-06-10. "Paperless Record Deals". 2009-12-09. Retrieved 2009-03-07. Levon Louis Official Website Mushroom Lounge Official Website