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In Classical Greek mythology, Taygete was a nymph, one of the Pleiades according to the Bibliotheca and a companion of Artemis, in her archaic role as potnia theron, "Mistress of the animals", with its roots in prehistory. Mount Taygetos in Laconia, dedicated to the goddess, was her haunt; as he mastered each of the local nymphs one by one, Olympic Zeus pursued Taygete, who invoked her protectress Artemis. The goddess turned Taygete into a doe with golden horns, any distinction between the Titaness in her human form and in her doe form is blurred: the nymph who hunted the doe in the company of Artemis is the doe herself; as Pindar conceived the myth-element in his third Olympian Ode, "the doe with the golden horns, which once Taygete had inscribed as a sacred dedication to Artemis Orthosia", was the Ceryneian Hind that Heracles pursued. For the poet, the transformation was incomplete, the doe-form had become an offering. Pindar, a knowledgeable mythographer, hints that the mythic doe when slain and offered to Artemis continues to exist, to be hunted once again by Heracles at a time.

Karl Kerenyi points out "It is not easy to differentiate between the divine beast, the heroine and the goddess". According to Pausanias Taygete conceived Lacedaemon, the mythical founder of Sparta, through Zeus, Eurotas. Pausanias noted, at Amyclae. According to Pseudo-Plutarch, Taygete was the wife of Lacedaemon, sometimes referred to as Sparta, whose name was given to the city of Sparta, their son was named Himerus. In a rare variant of the myth, Taygete was called the daughter of Agenor. Theoi Project – Nymphe Taygete Ruck, Carl A. P. and Danny Staples, 1994. The World of Classical Myth Harry Thurston Peck, Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities 1898: "Taygete" Robbins, Emmet. "Heracles, the Hyperboreans, the Hind: Pindar, "OL. 3", Phoenix 36.4, pp. 295–305

Reggie Gross

Reggie Gross is an American former professional boxer who competed from 1982 to 1988. His most notable wins were upsets of undefeated Smokin' Bert Cooper and outstanding amateur and 14-0 pro Jimmy Clark, he was most famously stopped in one round by Mike Tyson, in an exciting but brief bout where he took the fight to the feared contender. He suffered losses to Frank Bruno and Jesse Ferguson, his final fight was in June 1988, on the Tyson/Spinks undercard, where the hard hitting Jamaican Donovan'Razor' Ruddock bombed him out in two rounds. In 1989, he was imprisoned after a dispute over a game of cards, he is serving his three life sentences with two of them consecutive with the initial part of his sentence served at the maximum security prison in Edgefield, South Carolina. When interviewed in 2008 Gross was incarcerated at the US Penitentiary and had a 2014 parole hearing planned. In September 2019, Gross petitioned the US Court of Appeals as he believed that he was eligible for mandatory release after thirty years, as his crimes occurred before the Sentencing Reform Act of 1984 came into effect.

The Court found in fact of the Bureau of Prisons, who argued that because he is serving two consecutive life sentences, he would in fact need to serve thirty years on each of his two life sentences before being eligible for mandatory parole. As of 2019 Gross was incarcerated at Terre Haute FCI in Indiana with a release date of November 1, 2048. Http://,0,5737307.story Professional boxing record for Reggie Gross from BoxRec

Georgios Kantimiris

Georgios Kantimiris, is a Greek footballer who plays as a Goalkeeper. On January 2008, Kantimiris who has played in Ionikos and Rodos, signed a year and 1/2 contract for Niki Volos stated: "I want to thank the administration of the club and the coach who gave me the opportunity to compete in a historical and great team. I am pleased by this development and will do everything to achieve their teams' goals. I know, for the dynamics of our fans. With their help our work would be easier and I believe that soon Niki Volos will surpass categories based on the'weight' of the jersey and its fans." On 26 July 2017 he joined Aris. On 5 July 2018 he renewed his contract for a further season. Football League: 1 Runner-up: 2011-12 2013–14 MVP award: Matchday 26 2014–15 MVP award: Matchday 13 Football League Goalkeeper of the Year: 2011-12 NOVA Superleague Awards 2014: Best team

Wilmot Fleming

Wilmot E. Fleming was an American politician from Pennsylvania who served as a Republican member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for the Montgomery County district from 1963 to 1964 and the Pennsylvania State Senate for the 12th district from 1964 to 1978. Fleming was born in Pennsylvania to Wilmot and Lillie F. Fleming, he graduated from Cheltenham Township High School and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He worked in manufacturing as a partner in the Wilmot Fleming Engineering Company, he served as a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for Montgomery County from 1963 to 1964. He was elected to the Pennsylvania State Senate for the 12th district in a special election and served from November 16, 1964 until his death in office due to a heart attack on May 20, 1978, he is interred at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Somera Sól

Somera Sól is the second album from the stoner rock band Brant Bjork and the Bros. It features former Kyuss drummer Alfredo Hernandez and guest appearances by Sean Wheeler of Throw Rag and Mario Lalli of Fatso Jetson; this is the second LP released by Brant Bjork in 2007 following the solo acoustic Tres Dias. This album was re-issued by Brant Bjork's new record label Low Desert Punk in 2008 with new artwork. "Turn Yourself On" - 4:25 "Love Is Revolution" - 4:59 "Shrine Communications" - 4:00 "Oblivion" - 2:52 "The Native Tongue" - 5:01 "Freaks Of Nature" - 5:46 f/ Sean Wheeler "Ultimate Kickback" - 5:29 "Chinarosa" - 4:37 "Lion Wings" - 6:26 "Blood In The Gallery" - 4:38 f/ Mario Lalli The Bros Brant Bjork - Guitar, Vocals Dylan Roche - Bass Scott Cortez Silverman - Guitar Alfredo Hernandez - Drums, PercussionAdditional Bros Mario Lalli - Vocals, Guitar Vince Meghrouni - Sax, Flute Olive Lalli - Vocals Sean Wheeler - Vocals Recorded and mixed by Mathias Cornelius von Schneeberger at Donner and Blitzen Arcadia, California Mastered by Evren Gokner at Capitol.

Produced by Brant Bjork and Ryan Snyder for Duna Productions. All songs written by Brant Bjork and performed by BBB. Blood In The Gallery music by Dylan Roche words by Mario Lalli. Freaks of Nature music by Brant Bjork words by Sean Wheeler. All songs published Dune Boogie Tunez BMI, El Gordoves Music BMI, Labadorite Music BMI, Junaco ASCAP Alfredo thanks - Zildjian Cymbals, Ludwig Drums, Remo Skins. Cortez thanks - DAM guitar pedals Duna art direction - Cale Bunker Cover art - Bunker/Bjork Management and Booking - Denise DiVitto Besides the Sabbia soundtrack, the album contains the first studio recording of "Ultimate Kickback," a song which Brant has been performing live since 2004

Gillian Cowlishaw

Gillian Cowlishaw is a New Zealand-born anthropologist who researches Aboriginal Australian culture and people. Cowlishaw was born in the rural area of Otakiri, near Edgecumbe in the Bay of Plenty Region, New Zealand in 1934 and grew up on her parents' dairy farm with three siblings, she attended Otakiri School, followed by high school in Whakatane. When she was 17, she moved to Auckland to study at Auckland Teachers' Training College. After graduating, she taught school there. In 1970 she enrolled at the University of Sydney to study anthropology, she focussed on Aboriginal women's lives and spent time living in southern Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory to complete field work. She completed her PhD in anthropology in 1979, she went on to teach at Charles Sturt University, Australian National University, the University of Sydney. She was a research professor at University of Technology Sydney before returning to the University of Sydney, her 2004 book Blackfellas and the Hidden Injuries of Race won the New South Wales Premier's Award:, the Gleebook Prize for Critical Writing in 2005.

In 2009 the Australian Research Council awarded Cowlishaw an Australian Professorial Fellowship. She used the fellowship to research urban Aborigines in Sydney's western suburbs. Cowlishaw has contributed to a number of community agencies, she was commissioned to write a report for the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody in 1990, for the Katherine Regional Aboriginal Legal Service in 2000, for the Northern Land Council in 2004. From 1991 to 2001 she was an editor for the journal Oceania, from 2006 to 2008 she was president of the Australian Anthropological Society. From 2009 she has convened the Sydney Writers' Anthropology Groups. In 2013, she was elected a Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia. Black, White or Brindle: race in rural Australia Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Rednecks and Blackfellas: racial power and intimacy in north Australia Sydney and Michigan: Allen and Unwin. Blackfellas and the Hidden Injuries of Race UK: Wiley-Blackwell Publishing.

The City's Outback Sydney, Australia: University of New South Wales Press