Terrassa is a city in the east central region of Catalonia, in the province of Barcelona, comarca of Vallès Occidental, of which it is the cocapital along with Sabadell. The name "Terrassa" may well be a contraction/corruption of late Latin:'terra ix ipsa' -> proto-aragonese'terra-iš-sa' conflated with'terra-ès-sà' "safe-place/clean-place". It is the site of Roman Egara, a former Visigothic bishopric, which became a Latin Catholic titular see; the city is located in the Catalan Prelitoral depression, at the feet of the Prelitoral mountain range and the average altitude of the city is 277 meters above sea level. It is 18 kilometres from Barcelona and Montserrat respectively. Terrassa is the third largest city in Catalonia, after L'Hospitalet; the remains that have been found indicate that the area where Terrassa stands has been inhabited since prehistory. In 2005, during the construction of a tunnel for one of the city's railway lines, a prehistoric site was found in the Park of Vallparadís, with stone tools and fossils of hunted animals dating back 800,000 to 1,000,000 years, making this one of the oldest prehistoric sites in Europe.

Terrassa originated as the Roman town of Egara, founded during the time of the emperor Vespasian, alongside the torrent of Vallparadís close to the Iberian town of Egosa, on the site of which some ceramics and coins have been found. Other important remains from the Middle Ages are the former cathedral, the castle of Vallparadís and the tower of the castle-palace of the count-king. In the 19th century the city played an important role in the industrial revolution, specializing in woollen fabrics, today there is a major Modernista legacy as a result of the city's importance at that time. Notable Modernista buildings include the Masia Freixa, the Vapor Aymerich, Amat i Jover textile mill, the Principal theater, the city hall, the Alegre de Sagrera house/museum, the Industrial School, the Gran Casino, the Parc de Desinfecció, the Independència market. Terrassa is a partner city of the Art nouveau network, a European network of co-operation created in 1999 for the study and development of Art Nouveau.

On 25 September 1962, after a long dry season, between 212 and 252 litres of rain per square metre fell in three hours. It caused the rivers Llobregat and Besòs and their tributaries to overflow, creating a water avenue that caused 700 victims and lots of material losses; the Vallès Occidental comarca was the most damaged. In Terrassa, with 327 victims; the reason of these numbers was that building was permitted around two dry streams used to bring rain water to the Llobregat river. They were not properly channelized; when the streams overflowed it created what was called "the dead triangle", with more than a hundred victims only in the Ègara neighbourhood. The episcopal see of Ègara existed by about 450 CE, when it was established on territory split off from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Barcelona, under the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Tarragona. Pope Hilarius confirmed its autonomy be denying a request around 469 to unite it with the Barcelona under its own first bishop, Ireneus, it comprised parts of these Comarques of Catalonia: Alt Penedès, Baix Llobregat, Vallès Occidental and Vallès Oriental.

A Provincial Council of Tarragona was held there in 615. It succumbed to the Arab conquest in the 8th century and was suppressed, its territory being returned to the Diocese of Barcelona; the Marian cathedral continued to exist until 718, when it was taken over during the Umayyad conquest of Hispania, but was rebuilt in the 12th century, remains part of a monumental complex of ancient Visigothic-Romanesque churches of Sant Pere de Terrassa and Sant Miquel on the site. After the Catholic Reconquista of the region in the tenth century, the see was not restored, its territory being incorporated in the diocese of Barcelona. Why a request to restore the bishopric by its Metropolitan of Tarragona, wasn't honored by Pope John XII is unclear. Suffragan Bishops of EgaraIreneo Saint Nebridio, transferred to Barcelona, which had a homonym incumbent in 540. Tauro Sofronio Ilergio Eugenio Vincenzo Giovanni In 1969 the diocese was nominally restored as Titular bishopric of Egara, it has had the following incumbents, so far of the fitting episcopal rank: Justo Goizueta Gridilla, O.

A. R. as Bishop-Prelate of Territorial Prelature of Madera Apostolic Administrator of same Madera. I. M. as Auxiliary Bishop of Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cali. F. M. No prelature so far These three churches were built close to the site of old Ègara to be the seat of the Ègara Diocese, whi

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Stosicia is a genus of minute sea snails, marine gastropod mollusks or micromollusks in the family Zebinidae. Species within the genus Stosicia include: Stosicia aberrans Stosicia abnormis Stosicia annulata † Stosicia bandensis Stosicia bougei Stosicia bourguignati † Stosicia buccinalis Stosicia chiltoni † Stosicia costata Stosicia fernandezgarcesi Espinosa & Ortea, 2002 Stosicia garciai Rolán, Férnández-Garcés & Lee, 2009 Stosicia hedleyi Stosicia hiloensis Stosicia houbricki Sleurs, 1996 Stosicia incisa Stosicia lochi Sleurs, 1996 Stosicia manikiensis Sleurs, 1996 Stosicia mirabilis † Stosicia multicingulata Stosicia paschalis † Stosicia semicostulata Species brought into synonymy † Stosicia planaxoides: synonym of † Stosicia buccinalis Stosicia polytropa: synonym of Stosicia mirabilis Brusina, S. 1870a.. Vjesnik Arheološkog muzeja u Zagrebu 1: 212-214 Sleurs W. J. M. A revision of the Recent species of the genus Stosicia. Mededelingen van de Koninklijke Academie voor Wetenschappen, Letteren en Schone Kunsten van België, Klasse der Wetenschappen 58: 117-158, 19 pls.

Ponder W. F. A review of the genera of the Rissoidae. Records of the Australian Museum supplement 4: 1-221