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Terry Brooks

Terence Dean Brooks is an American writer of fantasy fiction. He writes epic fantasy, has written two film novelizations, he has written 23 New York Times bestsellers during his writing career, has sold over 21 million copies of his books in print. He is one of the biggest-selling living fantasy writers. Brooks was born in the rural Midwestern town of Sterling and spent a large part of his life living there, he is an alumnus of Hamilton College, earning his B. A. in English literature in 1966. He obtained a J. D. degree from Washington and Lee University. He was a practising attorney before becoming a full-time author. Brooks had been a writer since high school, writing in the genres of science fiction, western and non-fiction. One day, in his early college life, he was given a copy of J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, which inspired him to write in one genre. While Tolkien inspired the genre, Brooks stated during his TEDxRainier talk "Why I Write about Elves", as well as at the Charlotte Literary Festival that he credits the inspiration of his style of writing to William Faulkner's works.

With this inspiration, he made his debut in 1977 with The Sword of Shannara. After finishing two sequels to The Sword of Shannara, Brooks moved on to the series which would become known as the Landover novels. Brooks wrote a four-book series titled The Heritage of Shannara. For the next fourteen years, he wrote more Landover books went on to write The Word and Void trilogy. Continuing the Shannara series, Brooks wrote the prequel to The Sword of Shannara, titled First King of Shannara, he wrote two series, The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara and High Druid of Shannara and finished a third, Genesis of Shannara, a trilogy bridging his Word and Void and Shannara series. The sixth book in the Landover series, A Princess of Landover, was released in August 2009. Returning to Shannara, a duology, Legends of Shannara, taking place after the events of Genesis of Shannara, was written next; the first book, entitled Bearers of the Black Staff, was released in August 2010 and the second, The Measure of the Magic, was released in August 2011.

He next completed a trilogy entitled The Dark Legacy of Shannara. The three books are, he followed this with the trilogy Defenders of Shannara, which include The High Druid's Blade, The Darkling Child, The Sorcerer's Daughter. According to his website, he is working on the final and concluding tetralogy of the Shannara series known as The Fall of Shannara; the first book in the tetralogy is The Black Elfstone and was released on June 13, 2017. The second book in the series is The Skaar Invasion released on June 19, 2018; the third book in the series is The Stiehl Assassin published on May 28, 2019. A television series based on the Shannara works, entitled The Shannara Chronicles, began showing on MTV in January 2016; the show starts with the second book of the original series, Elfstones, as there are strong female roles which did not appear in the first book. The second season aired in 2017 on Spike TV. On January 16, 2018, it was announced. Producers announced that the series is being shopped to other networks.

Terry has written a number of other books, based on science fiction and his own life. Novels include Hook, based on the movie of the same name, first published November 24, 1991 and republished in 1998. Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace was published April 21, 1999 with four differing dust jacket covers, his own writing life is reflected in two stories, Sometimes the Magic Works: Lessons from a Writing Life, published February 3, 2004, Why I Write About Elves published in 2005. A science fiction book, Street Freaks, was released on October 2, 2018. Terry has written a number of e-book short stories which will be collected into a book in October 2019 with all his other short stories. Brooks resides in Washington with his wife, Judine. After writing "Indomitable", a short story constituting an epilogue to The Wishsong of Shannara, Terry Brooks declared: I find it much harder to write short stories than long fiction. I feel cramped by the dictates of the form. There is considerable difference in long and short fiction disciplines, I am not good with the latter.

I hope not to have to do many more of them. I must have written Indomitable anywhere from four to five times, each effort different. Give me a five hundred page sprawl as an assignment any day. Official website Terry Brooks at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database Reddit AMA

Sarah Jory

Sarah Jory is an English musician and vocalist. Sarah Jory began to learn to play musical instruments at the age of five, when she obtained her first steel guitar. In 1978, she was backed by the group Poacher when she was featured on the BBC Radio 2's Live from Golder's. At the age of nine, she joined the band Colorado Country after her father, Arthur Jory, secured her an audition. Jory played with the band for four years. During this time, the band changed their name to the Colorado Country. Jory's first album, Sarah's Steel Line, which she recorded with the band Poacher, was released by Crow Records in 1980, when she was eleven years old. After the album's release, she was asked to play at the Peterborough Festival of Music, having appeared earlier at Neil Coppendale's British Country Music Festival at the Brighton Centre. At thirteen, Jory first visited the United States of America where she played at the Steel Guitar Convention in St. Louis with Buddy Emmons. From 1984 to 1992, Jory played thirteen steel guitar conventions in the US, appearing with Buddy Emmons, Lloyd Green and Paul Franklin and worked with Ricky Scaggs, Porter Wagoner and Gene Watson.

In 1985, the British Country Music Association voted Jory "The Most Promising New Act", followed by being voted the "Female Vocalist of the Year" for nine consecutive years by the BCMA. She was voted "European Country Rock Entertainer of the Year". In 1995, 1996 and 1997, BCMA voted her "British Female Vocalist of the Year". In 1988, Jory worked in Bristol and formed her own professional band, opening for Eric Clapton in Dublin, among others and toured with Glen Campbell. Jory played with the Van Morrison band during 2006 and 2009 and performed on his albums Keep It Simple and Astral Weeks Live at the Hollywood Bowl and on the DVD Astral Weeks Live at the Hollywood Bowl: The Concert Film. In 2009, she performed with the group Essence of Ireland. Sarah's Steel Line Sarah on Steel Cross Country The Way To Survive Deep in the Heart of Texas Wind Beneath My Wings No Time at All Dallas City Lights Sarah's Dream Especially For You New Rising Star New Horizons Never Had It So Good The Early Years 20 Steel Guitar Favourites The Early Years 20 Classic Songs Daniel O'Donnel & Friends Live An Evening With Sarah Web of Love The Best of Country And Irish Web of Love Web of Love When You Walk in the Room Love With Attitude The Winners Love With Attitude If I Love You If I Had Any Pride Left at All When Promises Made Are Promises Kept Kiss My Innocence Country Love Vol. 1 The Best of Country And Irish Live Rhythm in the Rain Always The Same in Love Always The Same in Love The Sarah Jory Band Live!

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Dietz v. Bouldin

Dietz v. Bouldin, 579 U. S. ___, was a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court held that a federal district court may rescind a discharge order and recall jurors for further service in the same case. Hillary Bouldin's vehicle collided with Rocky Dietz's in 2009 in Bozeman and Dietz sued Bouldin for damages. Bouldin removed the case to a federal district court. During the trial, Bouldin admitted that he was negligent, was willing to cover Dietz's medical expenses; the point of contention was. During the course of deliberation, the jury sent the judge a note whether the damages have been paid or is covered by someone else; the jury awarded $0 in damages. The judge discharged the jury. However, minutes the judge realized that it is impossible for the damages to be $0 while Dietz won – the jury returned an invalid verdict; the judge instructed the clerk of the court to re-empanel the jury. All except for one jurors have been in the hallway; the judge collectively questioned the jury, was satisfied with the response, gave out clarifying instructions.

The re-empaneled jury returned a verdict with $15,000 in damages. Dietz's counsel pushed for a new trial; the judge objected, saying that he did not want all the resources that the court spent wasted as a result of a new trial. Dietz appealed to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit arguing that a judge does not have the authority to re-empanel the already-discharged jury; the Ninth Circuit ruled in favour of Bouldin. Dietz appealed to the Supreme Court of the United States and the Court granted certiorari. Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor authored the majority opinion affirming the Ninth Circuit's judgment; the court ruled 6-2 that a judge may recall an already-discharged jury, but has limited authority to do so. They ruled that this power should be used with caution; the Court noted that since in the era of smartphones and the internet it is not uncommon for people to instinctively check their phones. Thus it is possible for a discharged juror to develop potential prejudice while communicating about the case with someone else via text messages, or Googling about the case to obtain more information about the case.

The Court ruled that in this particular case, the trial judge did not abuse his authority. Justice Clarence Thomas, joined by Justice Anthony Kennedy, dissented. In his dissent, Thomas argued that the common law rule preventing an already-discharged jury to be re-empaneled should control the case. After surveying the history of jury's sequestration, Thomas argued that while the jury is no longer sequestrated, such bright-line rule guarantees that jury will not be biased in any way and ensures that every trial is decided in a fair manner. Text of Dietz v. Bouldin, 579 U. S. ___ is available from: Justia Oyez Supreme Court SCOTUSblog coverage

Christoph Walther

Christoph Walther is a German computer scientist, known for his contributions to automated theorem proving. He is Professor emeritus at Darmstadt University of Technology. Christoph Walther. "Argument-Bounded Algorithms as a Basis for Automated Termination Proofs". Proc. 9th Conference on Automated Deduction. LNAI. 310. Springer. Pp. 602–621. Christoph Walther. "On Proving the Termination of Algorithms by Machine". Artificial Intelligence. 70. Jürgen Giesl. "Termination Analysis for Functional Programs". In W. Bibel. Automated Deduction - A Basis for Applications. 3. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. Pp. 135–164. Christoph Walther. "Criteria for Termination". In S. Hölldobler. Intellectics and Computational Logic. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. Pp. 361–386. Christoph Walther. "Automated Termination Analysis for Incompletely Defined Programs". In Franz Baader. Proc. 11th Int. Conf. on Logic for Programming, Artificial Intelligence and Reasoning. LNAI. 3452. Springer. Pp. 332–346. Christoph Walther and Stephan Schweitzer.

VeriFun User Guide. TU Darmstadt. Christoph Walther and Stephan Schweitzer; the VeriFun Tutorial. TU Darmstadt / Programmiermethodik. Christoph Walther and Stephan Schweitzer. "About VeriFun". In Franz Baader. Proc. 19th Conference on Automated Deduction. LNAI. 2741. Springer. Pp. 322–327. Walther, Christoph. "A Mechanical Solution of Schubert's Steamroller by Many-Sorted Resolution". Artif. Intell. 26: 217–224. Susanne Biundo and Birgit Hummel and Dieter Hutter and Christoph Walther. "The Karlsruhe Induction Theorem Proving System". In J. H. Siekmann. Proc. 8th CADE. LNAI. 230. Springer. Pp. 672–674. Christoph Walther. "Computing Induction Axioms". In Andrei Voronkov. Proc. LPAR. LNAI. 624. Springer. Pp. 381–392. Christoph Walther. "Combining Induction Axioms by Machine". In Ruzena Bajcsy. Proc. 13th IJCAI. Morgan Kaufmann. Pp. 95–101. Christoph Walther. "Mathematical Induction". In Dov M. Gabbay and C. J. Hogger and J. A. Robinson. Handbook of Logic in Artificial Intelligence and Logic Programming. 2. Oxford University Press. Pp. 127–227.

Christoph Walther at the Mathematics Genealogy Project Christoph Walther's home page at Darmstadt University

1959 in Luxembourg

The following lists events that happened during 1959 in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. 1 February – Elections are held to the Chamber of Deputies. The Christian Social People's Party loses 5 seats. 23 February – Prime Minister Pierre Frieden dies in Zürich, twenty-two days after winning re-election. 2 March – Pierre Werner becomes Prime Minister, seven days after the death of his Christian Social People's Party colleague Pierre Frieden. He forms a new government in coalition with the Democratic Party, with Eugène Schaus in the new office as Deputy Prime Minister. 11 March – Luxembourg misses the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time: the only time before the country's withdrawal from the contest since 1993. 7 June – Charly Gaul wins the 1959 Giro d'Italia. 4 August – Nicolas Margue is appointed to the Council of State. 30 December – Paul Wilwertz is re-appointed to the Council of State, having been a member from 1945 to 1954. 12 April – Andy Bausch, film director 18 May – Ranga Yogeshwar, scientist 28 September – Michel Margue, historian 30 September – Fernand Kartheiser, politician 8 October – Claude Michely, cyclist 12 December – Patrick Hastert, actor 28 December – Antoine, Prince of Ligne 23 February – Pierre Frieden and Prime Minister 7 June – Victor Prost, politician 22 July – Robert Bruch, linguist 24 September – Jean Schaack, painter 26 September – Ernest Hamelius and banker 4 October – Romain Nati, Councillor of State 2 December – Leo Müller and journalist 4 December – Jean-Pierre Ries, clergyman Thewes, Guy.

Les gouvernements du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg depuis 1848. Luxembourg City: Service Information et Presse. ISBN 978-2-87999-156-6. Retrieved 12 December 2009

Operating partner

An operating partner is a term used by venture capital and private equity firms to describe a role dedicated to working with held companies to increase value. The role was created by large capitalization private equity groups and the importance of driving corporate change in building value increased as sellers became more sophisticated and financial engineering less central to private equity investments in the 2000s.. Firms with such Operating Partners argue that value creation potential is better achieved by a dedicated and senior partner than relying on external consultants. An operating partner has evolved into a full-time position drawing a combination of salary, performance bonus and carried interest similar to an investment partner in the portfolio investment. Operating partners are proven business leaders, functioning as either generalists or specialists, have established track records of building shareholder value, they are more capable of developing strategies and leadership teams than a deal-oriented partner, they are expected to spend more time levering their professional networks to improve portfolio company value.

They are former CEOs, COOs or CFOs with significant deal experience in general or in the VC or PE’s target industry. They focus on strategic planning, commercial growth, operational efficiency and financial controls, lever their analytical and industry experience to solve problems facing portfolio companies; the role of an operating partner can span the full investment cycle, from due diligence to post transaction integration through to a liquidity event or full exit event. Operating partners are levered by investors and boards as a catalyst for change, as coaches or mentors and in some cases, to serve as “sparring partners” for management. Operating partners may oversee short to medium term as well as long-term operational improvement programs for a portfolio company, they may support management in day-to-day operations as interim management, board members or as external advisors. The role of an operating partner should not be confused with the role of a venture partner or an entrepreneur-in-residence.

A Venture Partner is a non-salaried external resource, expected to source and play a significant role in a few or more companies over the life of a fund, receiving salary and stock options directly from the target company. An Entrepreneur in Residence is similar to a venture partner, but differs in that the person works on only a single company, steps into the company as the full-time CEO, CFO, or other C-level position. All VC and PE firms seek to maximize the value of their investment. In recent years, the industry has experienced increased pressure to drive operational value creation – in other words, shifting focus from leverage and multiples arbitrage to increasing the fundamental financial and commercial performance of their invested portfolio companies; as a result, operating improvement must translate into increased enterprise value, in order to yield higher investment returns. Hence the new partnership triad between limited partners and operating partners. Jack Welch was appointed as an operating partner at Clayton, Dubilier & Rice following his retirement as CEO of General Electric Charles Giancarlo was appointed as Managing Director and an operating partner at Silver Lake Partners following his departure from Cisco Systems Inc where he was CDO and President of Linksys Richard Baker was appointed an Operating Partner at Advent International having served as CEO at Boots plc and COO at Asda Mark Gillett was appointed as Managing Director and an operating partner at Silver Lake Partners following his departure from Microsoft where he was a CVP and served as COO and CDO of Skype Thomas Ryan is an Operating Partner at Advent International which he joined after stepping down as President and CEO of CVS Health