Tetrakis hexahedron

In geometry, a tetrakis hexahedron is a Catalan solid. Its dual is the truncated octahedron, an Archimedean solid, it can be called a disdyakis hexahedron or hexakis tetrahedron as the dual of an omnitruncated tetrahedron. The tetrakis hexahedron, dual of the truncated octahedron has 3 symmetry positions, two located on vertices and one mid-edge. Occurring formations of tetrahexahedra are observed in copper and fluorite systems. Polyhedral dice shaped like the tetrakis hexahedron are used by gamers. A 24-cell viewed under a vertex-first perspective projection has a surface topology of a tetrakis hexahedron and the geometric proportions of the rhombic dodecahedron, with the rhombic faces divided into two triangles; the tetrakis hexahedron appears as one of the simplest examples in building theory. Consider the Riemannian symmetric space associated to the group SL4, its Tits boundary has the structure of a spherical building whose apartments are 2-dimensional spheres. The partition of this sphere into spherical simplices can be obtained by taking the radial projection of a tetrakis hexahedron.

With Td, tetrahedral symmetry, the triangular faces represent the 24 fundamental domains of tetrahedral symmetry. This polyhedron can be constructed from 6 great circles on a sphere, it can be seen by a cube with its square faces triangulated by their vertices and face centers and a tetrahedron with its faces divided by vertices, mid-edges, a central point. The edges of the tetrakis hexahedron form 6 circles in the plane; each of these 6 circles represent a mirror line in tetrahedral symmetry. The 6 circles can be grouped into 3 sets of 2 pairs of orthogonal circles; these edges can be seen as a compound of 3 orthogonal square hosohedrons. If we denote the edge length of the base cube by a, the height of each pyramid summit above the cube is a/4; the inclination of each triangular face of the pyramid versus the cube face is arctan 26.565°. One edge of the isosceles triangles has length a, the other two have length 3a/4, which follows by applying the Pythagorean theorem to height and base length.

This yields an altitude of √5a/4 in the triangle. Its area is √5a/8, the internal angles are arccos and the complementary 180° − 2 arccos; the volume of the pyramid is a3/12. It can be seen as a cube with square pyramids covering each square face, it is similar to the 3D net for a 4D cubic pyramid, as the net for a square based is a square with triangles attached to each edge, the net for a cubic pyramid is a cube with square pyramids attached to each face. It is a polyhedra in a sequence defined by the face configuration V4.6.2n. This group is special for having all number of edges per vertex and form bisecting planes through the polyhedra and infinite lines in the plane, continuing into the hyperbolic plane for any n ≥ 7. With an number of faces at every vertex, these polyhedra and tilings can be shown by alternating two colors so all adjacent faces have different colors; each face on these domains corresponds to the fundamental domain of a symmetry group with order 2,3,n mirrors at each triangle face vertex.

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Bible Society of India Andhra Pradesh Auxiliary

The Bible Society of India Andhra Pradesh Auxiliary is located in Guntur. From 1951 through 2016, the Andhra Pradesh Auxiliary was housed at the Bible House on Rashtrapathi Road in Secunderabad until it was moved to Guntur; this Auxiliary assists the Translations Department of the BSI to translate the Scriptures into the languages spoken in the state of Andhra Pradesh that include not only Telugu language, but Urdu language, Lambadi language and other minority linguistic groups. In the Annual report of the British & Foreign Bible Society John Hay had undertaken the revision of the Telugu Bible. In the same report, mention was made of the Secunderabad Branch. In 1953, the Telugu Bible was revised from earlier version, translated by John Hay, Edward Pritchett, John Smith Wardlaw, James William Gordon, John Redmond Bacon and Dhanavada Anantam; the Rev. A. B. Masilamani who majored in Greek at Serampore College was Auxiliary Secretary as well part of the Translation Team providing stylistic corrections in Telugu.

Modern translations of the Telugu Bible in common language were taken up by The Rev. G. Babu Rao, The Rev. Victor Premasagar, both of whom were Scholars of Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Greek as well as colleagues at the Protestant Regional Theologiate in Secunderabad. During the Auxiliary Secretaryship of The Rev. B. G. Prasada Rao, a team consisting of The Rev. Suppogu Israel and The Rev. G. Babu Rao began translating portions of the Bible into modern Telugu which included, Portions translated into modern Telugu Book of Ruth, 1976 Man You Cannot Ignore, 1976The Old Testament Scholar, The Rev. Graham S. Ogden, Asia-Pacific Regional Translations Coordinator of the United Bible Societies used to liaise with the Auxiliary during the Secretaryship of The Rev. L. Prakasam, providing scholarly inputs and reviewing the progress of the Telugu-Old Testament Common Language Project Coordinator, The Rev. G. Babu Rao in the presence of the Old Testament Scholar, The Rev. G. D. V. Prasad Director - Translations of the Bible Society of India.

A Living Bible in Telugu was proposed as early as 1980. The Auxiliary released the New Testament in Lambadi language on 25 October 1999 in the presence of Auxiliary Secretary, The Rev. G. Babu Rao Director - Translations of the Bible Society of India, Central Office, The Rev. G. D. V. Prasad and General Secretary, B. K. Pramanik at the STBC-Centenary Baptist Church, Secunderabad under the shepherdship of Pastor N. Thomas. Speaking at the release, Pastor Lazarus Lalsingh of Badao Banjara Phojer who put in efforts for bringing the New Testament in Lambadi recalled the earlier efforts of The Rev. B. E. Devaraj in translating texts into Lambadi at the release in 1999; the first Auxiliary Secretary was appointed in the 1950s beginning with The Rev. E. Prakasam, AELC who served till the 1960s, followed by The Rev. A. B. Masilamani, CBCNC, both of whom were hymn writers. During the 1970s, The Rev. B. G. Prasada Rao, CSI, one of the first postgraduates in theology at the United Theological College, Bangalore led the Auxiliary till the 1980s and followed by The Rev. T. B. D. Prakasa Rao, CSI who had an inter-disciplinary academic record at three different universities, succeeded in the 1990s by The Rev. L. Prakasam, CBCNC who had substantial ministerial track.

When the 21st century began, the Old Testament Scholar, The Rev. G. Babu Rao was at the helm since the end of the 1990s and had led the Telugu language Old Testament common language translations of the Bible Society of India since the 1970s, was succeeded as Auxiliary Secretary by The Rev. N. L. Victor of the Salvation Army in the 2000s, followed by The Rev. B. S. Raja Shekar, STBC. Notes Further readingI. C. Ashok Kumar. "Prema Sakshi". 6. "The Encyclopaedia of Missions". 1891

List of Spümcø works

Spümcø Inc. was an American animation production company based in Los Angeles, California. The studio produced three traditionally animated series, two Flash-animated cartoon series, two music videos, five animated shorts, a comic book; the company went on to produce content for several animated spots and commercials. It has won several awards, including an Annie Award for Best Animated Short Subject, for the Björk music video, "I Miss You". On August 11, 1991, The Ren and Stimpy Show premiered on Nickelodeon, the show would be produced and animated by Spümcø Inc. After creator John Kricfalusi was fired in September 1992, Games Animation took over production after season two had ended, would continue production for the next three seasons. In 2001, 10 years after The Ren and Stimpy Show had premiered, Kricfalusi created an animated series for Fox Kids in the United States and Teletoon in Canada, The Ripping Friends; the series premiered on September 22, 2001, would last for only one season. In 2002, when Kricfalusi received a phone call from Spike, he decided to revive Ren & Stimpy in the more adult-oriented series, Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon".

The series premiered on June 1, 2003, with the banned Nickelodeon series' episode, "Man's Best Friend", a total of three original episodes aired on Spike. The show was cancelled in July one month after it premiered. During 1997, John Kricfalusi and his staff at Spümcø launched their web site, which aimed to deliver cartoons to audiences without television networks' censorship. Kricfalusi decided to use George Liquor, a cartoon character he created, to star in the Flash Internet cartoon series, The Goddamn George Liquor Program, which Kricfalusi created; the series premiered on October 15, 1997, was the first cartoon series to be produced for the Internet. In 1999, Spümcø created Weekend Pussy Hunt; the series would last with 4 unfinished cartoons due to budget problems. In 1999, Spümcø produced and animated a Yogi Bear TV special titled Boo Boo Runs Wild, which premiered on September 24, 1999, on Cartoon Network; the animated short focused on Yogi Bear's sidekick, Boo Boo Bear, who becomes fed up with the rules of man and decides to return to his natural bear roots.

Though it focused on Yogi and Boo Boo, it was titled as a "Ranger Smith cartoon." Alongside Boo Boo Runs Wild, a second "Ranger Smith" cartoon aired, titled A Day in the Life of Ranger Smith. Between 2001 and 2002, two Flash-animated Jetsons cartoons were created for Cartoon Network's official web site: The Jetsons: Father & Son Day and The Jetsons: The Best Son. A third Yogi Bear cartoon, titled Boo Boo and the Man, premiered in 2002 on Cartoon Network's official web site, it was animated in Macromedia Flash. In 1997, John Kricfalusi directed a music video for Björk titled "I Miss You", a single, released the same year, it was animated by the entire staff at Spümcø. It premiered on MTV, as well as Canada's MuchMusic channel. In 2001, Spümcø produced their second music video production for Tenacious D, "Fuck Her Gently"; the video was produced in Macromedia Flash, was directed by Gabe Swarr, a producer for The Goddamn George Liquor Program and Weekend Pussy Hunt. Although the company closed down in 2005 due to a lawsuit with Carbunkle Cartoons, it was revealed in 2016 on Tumblr that Kricfalusi and Cartoon Network storyboard artist Gabe Del Valle are reopening the company, under the name Spümtwø, to produce bigger projects and are now looking for employees.

The new studio's first project was stated to be a Ren and Stimpy short film slated to appear in front of The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie 3, with the possibility of reviving the series. John Kricfalusi denied it in a February 2017 Twitter post. However, an animatic of the short was released as an Easter egg on the Cans without Labels DVD on May 2019. Spümcø's Wonderful World of Cartoons! at the Internet Archive Spümcø at the Internet Movie Database ASIFA-Hollywood: The International Animated Film Society Spümcø at the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive