The Awesome Snakes

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Awesome Snakes
Awesome Snakes
Background information
Origin Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Genres Punk, indie
Years active 2004–2010
Labels Crustacean Records
Associated acts The Soviettes, International Robot, France Has The Bomb
Website Official website
Past members Annie Holoien
Danny Henry

Awesome Snakes was a two-person punk rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota, featuring Annie "Sparrows" Holoien (The Soviettes, The God Damn Doo Wop Band) on bass and Danny Henry (The Soviettes, France Has The Bomb, International Robot) on drums.[1] The band was formed as a side project for both members while they were still playing with The Soviettes. Their instrumentation is just bass and drums, with the bass played through a fender blues deville on high distortion.


In 2004, a cassette-only label, Home Taping Is Killing the Record Industry, released the debut release by Awesome Snakes. In July 2006, Crustacean Records issued the Awesome Snakes' full-length debut CD, Venom.[2] It featured fifteen tracks recorded in much higher fidelity than the debut cassette by their friend Ross and mastered by Dave Gardener and features a guest appearance by Twin Cities MC P.O.S..

Awesome Snakes appeared on the Crustacean Records DVD "Drown Out The Daylights", which was released in July 2008. Their final release was a digital-only four track EP entitled Snake Cake, released on Ass Records on October 12, 2009.[3][4] The duo's last show as Awesome Snakes was on March 19, 2010 in St. Paul, MN; the same night as their old band The Soviettes' release show for their Rarities album.[5][6]


  • Annie Holoien (aka "Annie Awesome") - bass, vocals. She is currently performing with The Horrible and the Miserable. She also previously performed with Danny in International Robot and The Soviettes.
  • Danny Henry (aka "Danny Snakes") - drums, vocals. He has previously performed with International Robot, the Soviettes and France Has The Bomb.


Title Release date Notes Label
Awesome Snakes 2004 Cassette only release Home Taping Is Killing the Record Industry[7][8]
Venom 2006 CD Crustacean Records [9]
Snake Cake October 12, 2009 Digital download only, 4 track EP Ass Records [10]


  • Wisconsin's "Local Sounds Magazine" said "With huge riffs, huge tone and huge humor, the Awesome Snakes may be your new favorite band." [1]
  • said "The album is the sound of people having fun, and people being honest about their musical intentions." [11]
  • Round The Dial magazine said "If their huge,bouncy sound doesn’t get you out on the dance floor, I don’t know what will." [12]
  •, an online publication for Madison and Dane County, Wisconsin said "2006 will go down in history as the year of the snakes." [13]
  • Pulse of the Twin Cities said "No other band this year packed as much fun into their album as this Soviettes-spawned duo." and "it's a tight and virtually flawless little package"[14]
  • Erin Roof wrote that the band "attack venom-style with fuzzed-out, stripped-down poison fluid, showing their fangs while ripping through nasally vocals and cheerleading choruses."[15]


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