The Beano

The Beano is the longest running British children's comic magazine, published by DC Thomson in Dundee, Scotland. The comic first appeared on 30 July 1938, was published weekly. In September 2009, The Beano's 3,500th issue was published. One of the best selling comics in the UK, along with The Dandy, the weekly circulation of The Beano in April 1950 was 1,974,072; the Beano is edited by John Anderson. Each issue is published with the issue date being that of the following Saturday; the Beano reached its 4,000th issue on 28 August 2019. Its characters include Dennis the Menace, Minnie the Minx, The Bash Street Kids, The Numskulls, Roger the Dodger, Billy Whizz and Tricky Dicky. Earlier characters who have been phased out include Ball Boy, Les Pretend, Ivy the Terrible, The Three Bears and Pansy Potter; some old characters, like Biffo the Bear, Lord Snooty, Baby Face Finlayson and Little Plum, have more made a return as "funsize" quarter-page strips. The style of Beano humour has shifted noticeably over the years, though the longstanding tradition of anarchic humour has remained.

Many protagonists were characterised by their immoral behaviour, e.g. pranking/bullying and robbery. Although the readers' sympathies are assumed to be with the miscreants, the latter are often shown punished for their actions. Recent years have seen a rise in humour involving gross bodily functions flatulence, while depictions of corporal punishment have declined. For example, the literal slipper – "The Demon Whacker" – has become the name of the local chief of police. In 1921, D. C. Thomson had first entered the field of boys' story papers with Adventure; the success of this paper led to five further publications, The Rover and The Wizard in 1922, The Vanguard in 1924, The Skipper in 1930 and The Hotspur in 1933. Although The Vanguard folded in 1926, the others were a great triumph and became known as "The Big Five". Another success was the Fun Section of D. C. Thomson's Scottish weekly newspaper The Sunday Post, which included the two strips Oor Wullie and The Broons by lead artist Dudley Watkins, as well as other funnies and various puzzles and adventure stories.

This gave R. D. Low, the head of children's publications at D. C. Thomson at the time, the idea to create another Big Five, this time of comics intended for both boys and girls and consisting of'funnies' and more lighthearted adventure and text stories. With the creation of The Dandy in 1937, he placed an advertisement in The Daily Telegraph to find new artists to create weekly comic strips for his second book, Reg Carter responded in January 1938 with a few ideas and sketches. Carter and Low's eventual idea would be an ostrich that misplaced his eggs, which would become Big Eggo, the first cover star of the eventually-named The Beano on 26 July 1938; the third paper, The Magic Comic, aimed at a younger audience, followed in July 1939, but ceased publication in early 1941, due to paper rationing. Wartime shortages prevented the New Big Five project from being completed; the first edition of The Beano was dated 30 July 1938, sold at two pence. It was full of comic strips and prose stories and was an instant success, selling 443,000 copies that week.

A facsimile of the first issue's cover was printed on the back of issue No. 2,000. Before Law's "new big five" plan, comic strips were printed in newspapers and/or a tabloid format, but the styles The Beano and The Dandy compacted their stories as well as extended them to fit 28 pages, despite selling at the same price as the traditionally-styled Amalgamated Press comics, began the boys' adventure newspaper books genre decline. Issue 272 was the first issue to sell over a million copies. During the Second World War, The Beano and The Dandy were published on alternating weeks because of paper and ink rationing. D. C. Thomson's other publications suffered, with the Oor Wullie and The Broons annuals falling victim to paper and ink shortages. Paper and ink supplies were restored shortly after the end of hostilities and weekly publication of The Beano and The Dandy resumed in 1949; the 3,000th issue of The Beano was published in January 2000. The Beano is now the longest-running weekly comic, since The Dandy became a fortnightly comic in 2007, stopped publishing in 2013.

The Beano's weekly circulation in April 1950 was 1,974,072. Many issues included a free gift inside, such as sweets, water pistols, whoopee masks, cardboard pistols, glove puppets, other toys; the Beano celebrated its 50th anniversary with a free poster that had a timeline of the comic's history on the back. Free gifts would be attached inside the cover or strategically on the front so that it could distract the buyer from other comics next to The Beano on the shelves excited for the next issue after reading it and eating/playing with the toys. Said gifts would not be a weekly promise during the Christmas period when families' money would be saved for food and presents; the Dennis the Menace Fan Club launched on June 1976 in the s

2012 Rugby Borough Council election

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Dark Road (song)

"Dark Road" is a song by Annie Lennox, released on 24 September 2007, as the first single from her fourth solo album Songs of Mass Destruction. UK television network Channel 4 aired the world television premiere of the music video on 22 August 2007, it was the first video to be premiered on being available for 48 hours only. The track was released as a CD Single and as a DVD single, it charted at no. 58 on the UK singles chart. "Dark Road" - 3:47 "Dark Road" - 3:30 Artwork By - Allan Martin Photography - Mark Langthorn, Mike Owen Vocals, Written-By - Annie Lennox First single released from album "Songs of Mass Destruction" Featured in Episode 5 of Season 5 of House at the end of the episode Lyrics of this song at MetroLyrics