The Carol Burnett Show

The Carol Burnett Show is an American variety/sketch comedy television show starring Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence, Lyle Waggoner. Original episodes ran from 1967 to 1978. In 1975, frequent guest star Tim Conway became a regular. In 1977, Dick Van Dyke replaced Korman but it was agreed that it was not a match and he left after 10 episodes; the show ran on CBS from September 11, 1967, to March 29, 1978, for 279 episodes, again with nine episodes in the fall of 1991. The series originated in CBS Television City's Studio 33, won 25 primetime Emmy Awards, was ranked number 16 on TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time in 2002, in 2007 was listed as one of Time magazine's 100 Best TV Shows of All Time. After the original run ended, material from 1972 to 1977 was repackaged as a half-hour series known as Carol Burnett and Friends, which has aired in various syndicated outlets more-or-less continuously since the original series ended; because of this format, material from the first five seasons did not air, outside of their original run, until 2019 when MeTV acquired the rights to these earlier seasons and began airing them.

The cast has periodically reunited for various one-off specials and short appearances, several members of the cast went on to star in Mama's Family, a half-hour situation comedy based on a sketch series from The Carol Burnett Show. In 2013, TV Guide ranked The Carol Burnett Show number 17 on its list of the 60 Greatest Shows of All Time. By 1967, Carol Burnett had been a popular veteran of television for 12 years, having made her first appearances in 1955 on such programs as The Paul Winchell Show and the sitcom Stanley starring the comedian Buddy Hackett. In 1959, she became a regular supporting cast member on the CBS-TV variety series The Garry Moore Show. Departing the Moore Show in the spring of 1962, she pursued other projects in film, Broadway productions, headlining her own television specials. Burnett signed a contract with CBS for 10 years which required her to do two guest appearances and a special a year. Within the first five years of this contract, she had the option to "push the button", a phrase the programming executives used, be put on the air in 30 one-hour variety shows, pay-or-play.

After discussion with her husband Joe Hamilton, in the last week of the fifth year of the contract, Burnett decided to call the head of CBS Michael Dann and exercise the clause. Dann, explaining's Agnes. Burnett had no interest in doing a sitcom, because of the contract, CBS was obliged to give Burnett her own variety show. In addition to Carol Burnett, the cast consisted of: Vicki Lawrence Harvey Korman Lyle Waggoner Tim Conway Dick Van Dyke Comedic actor Harvey Korman had done many guest shots in TV sitcoms. From 1963 to 1967, he had been a semi-regular on the CBS variety series The Danny Kaye Show; when Kaye's program ended in the spring of 1967, Korman was hired for The Carol Burnett Show. At this particular time, actor Lyle Waggoner had auditioned for the title role in the ABC series Batman but was passed over in favor of Adam West. Shortly after, Waggoner auditioned for the Burnett show and was hired, he would sometimes play the handsome man for Burnett to fawn over. His participation on the series was sort of modeled on Durward Kirby of The Garry Moore Show as Waggoner functioned as the show's announcer in addition to playing in sketches.

Vicki Lawrence, a young singer from The Young Americans wrote a letter to Burnett when she was 17, remarking on their physical resemblance. This led to her audition and getting hired to play Burnett's kid sister in numerous "Carol and Sis" sketches. Jim Nabors was the guest star on every season premiere of the show. Burnett considered Nabors to be her annual good luck charm. In addition, several notable actors were used in the comedy sketches in featured roles in the first season, such as William Schallert, Isabel Sanford, Reta Shaw; the popular variety show not only established Burnett as a television superstar, but it made her regular supporting cast household names, with such sketches as "As the Stomach Turns", "Went with the Wind!", "Carol & Sis", "Mrs. Wiggins", "The Family", "Nora Desmond", "Stella Toddler". A frequent repeated segment was "Kitchen Commercials", in which cast members parodied TV commercials that drove a woman crazy; the long-running show was nominated for Emmys for best variety series and won three times.

A favorite feature consisted of an unrehearsed question-and-answer segment with the audience in CBS Studio 33 lasting about three to four minutes at the start of most shows. Burnett stated that she borrowed the concept from Garry Moore, who did the same on his variety show, but never taped it. Burnett asked for the lights to be turned up and randomly picked audience members who raised their hands. Burnett ad-libbed funny answers, but ended up as the straight man. For example: Young woman: "Have you taken acting lessons?" Carol: "Yes, I have." Young woman: "Do you think it did any good?"The show was rehearsed each day until its two Friday tapings. Differently colored cue cards were used for each major performer

Psyclone (Canada's Wonderland)

Psyclone is a 23 metres ride at Canada's Wonderland. On May 5, 2002, this Mondial ride was opened to the public at the park; the 1 minute and 54 second ride features 40 seats facing outwards which rotate from a central pendulum as the ride reaches its maximum arc angle of 120 degrees. Though the ride height is 23 metres, when the ride reaches the top of its swing, the height becomes 37 metres high; the rider's experience depends on. Before the ride begins, the floor under the riders' feet descends lower due to how the pendulum swings. If the floor did not move, serious injury to riders' legs and bodies would occur. Due to the way in which the seats rotate, all riders face different angles of the ride. Depending on where the rider is seated, they may experience some air-time as the swing reaches its maximum angle; when the ride cycle ends, the pendulum returns to the'loading position' and the floor rises to the riders' feet, allowing riders to exit and enter the ride. Psyclone is made out of 7 major parts: the 4 supports around the ride which support the motor that allows the pendulum to swing, the motor itself which supports the pendulum, the pendulum itself which supports the seats for the ride, the seats themselves.

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Great Plains College

Great Plains College is a regional college in Saskatchewan that provides post-secondary education in the western part of the province. It offers post-secondary certificate and degree programs — as well as university programming and safety training, adult basic education and English language training - through campuses in Swift Current and Warman as well as program centres in Biggar, Maple Creek and Rosetown. Great Plains College was formed via a 2008 merger between Cypress Hills Regional College and Prairie West Regional College; the college provides certificate and degree programs in a variety of fields and trades. Post-secondary offerings in 2015-16 include Administrative Assistant. A limited number of university courses are offered at the College in partnership with the University of Saskatchewan and University of Regina. Great Plains College has campuses in Swift Current and Kindersley, along with program centres in Maple Creek and Rosetown. Swift Current Campus is home to the only indoor fall protection and rig rescue tower in the province, SunDogs Athletics - the only competitive athletics program in Saskatchewan's regional college system, a completed $13.5 million renovation and expansion.

Cypress Hills College and Prairie West College announced March 4, 2008, their intention to merge the two institutions into a new college to be called Great Plains College. The goal of the merger was to enhance and expand the programs and services for students who attend campuses in communities across western Saskatchewan from Warman to Maple Creek; the College has created programs to support First Nations students and renewed a strategic alliance with the Office of the Treaty Commissioner to promote an inclusive educational environment. The Swift Current campus has an athletic program known as the Great Plains SunDogs that compete in the Prairie Athletic Conference, they play men's and women's volleyball, men's and women's basketball. Provincial ChampionshipsMen's Volleyball Women's Volleyball Higher education in Saskatchewan List of agricultural universities and colleges List of colleges in Canada#Saskatchewan Great Plains College