The Czech Year

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The Czech Year
Directed by Jiří Trnka
Produced by Krátký Film Praha
Jiří Trnka Studio
Written by Jiří Trnka
Music by Václav Trojan
Josef Zavadil (sound)
Cinematography Emanuel Franek
Vladimír Novotný
Edited by Helena Lebdusková
Distributed by Krátký Film Praha
Release date
  • 1947 (1947) (Czechoslovakia)
Running time
75 min
Country Czechoslovakia
Language Czech

The Czech Year (Czech title: Špalíček), also called A Treasury of Fairy-Tales, is a 1947 stop-motion-animated feature film from Czechoslovakia. It was the first feature film directed by Jiří Trnka, and it proceeded to win several international awards and make his name famous in the animation world.


The traditional customs and tales of a Czech village are depicted in six separate sequences: "Shrovetide", "Spring", "Legend About St. Prokop", "The Fair", "The Feast" and "Bethlehem".


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