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The Fuzztones
The Fuzztones en Barcelona.jpg
Rudi Protrudi live with the Fuzztones, Barcelona, June 2008
Background information
OriginNew York City, U.S.
GenresGarage rock revival, psychedelic rock
Years active1980–present
LabelsCleopatra Records[1]
Music Maniac
Get Back
Situation Two
MembersRudi Protrudi
Lana Loveland
David "Damon" Thorpe
Marco Rivagli
Past membersDeb O'Nair
Ira Elliot
Michael Jay
Elan Portnoy
Jason Savall
John Carlucci
Jordan Tarlow
Mike Czekaj
Jake Cavaliere
Gabriel Hammond
Philip Arriagada
Mark Lane
Rob Louwers
Screamin' Bo Pille

The Fuzztones are an American garage rock revival band formed in 1980.[2] Founded by singer-guitarist Rudi Protrudi in New York City, the band has gone through several member changes but is currently active in Europe. Dismissed by some critics and listeners as a "bar band" or unoriginal, they maintained a strong fan base in New York, in Europe (with their music being played on Hungarian State Radio), and in Los Angeles. Rudi Protrudi moved to Los Angeles in 1987, after the breakup of the original band, to organize a new Fuzztones, consisting of Jordan Tarlow, (Lead Guitar) John "Speediejohn" Carlucci, (Bass) Jason Savall, (Vox Organ) & "Mad" Mike Czekaj on drums; this lineup bears the distinction of being the only 1980's garage rock revival band to secure a major label record deal[citation needed], when they signed to RCA.

The group's name is derived from Fuzz Tone, the commercial name of a guitar effect pedal invented in 1962 and whose distinctive sound was popularized in the 1965 hit song "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones.


Founder members[edit]

Current members[edit]

  • Rudi Protrudi - lead vocals, guitar, harp
  • Lana Loveland - organ, vocals
  • David "Damon" Thorpe - bass, vocals
  • Marco Rivagli - drums, vocals

Current touring members[edit]

  • Nico Secondini - keyboards, vocals
  • Vince Dante (Bernard Yin) - guitar, vocals



Singles and EPs[edit]

Title Side A Side B Notes
Bad News Travels Fast
  • Bad News Travels Fast
  • Brand New Man (And A Brand New Car)
7" single,1984, United States, Midnight, MID4504 - 12" EP reissued in 1986 in United Kingdom by ABC, ABCS 011T and in 2006 by Spain Munster, REF.7199
She's Wicked
  • She's Wicked
  • Epitaph For A Head
7"/12" EP, 1986, United Kingdom - ABC Records - ABCS 006/ABCS 006T
  • 1-2-5

7" split album,1986 - Enigma Europe - CARA 1D 223

  • Gloria
flexidisc,1987, Germany Music Maniac, free with first 5,000 copies of Live in Europe!, Rat Scabies and Doctor and the Medics appear on the song "Gloria"
Nine Months Later
  1. Nine Months Later (Written-By – Rudi Protrudi 4:56)
  2. Girl, You Captivate Me (Written-By – R. Martinez* 2:21)
  1. Cheyenne Rider (Written-By – J. Tarlow, M. Czekaj 3:06)
  2. The Greatest Lover In The World (Written-By – E. McDaniels* 2:30)
12" EP, 1988, Germany, Music Maniac MM013) reissued in UK in 1989 on 12" EP and 7" single by UK Situation Two - SIT 61T - Reissued in UK in 1989 on 12" EP and 7" single by UK Situation Two - SIT 61T
Nine Months Later
  • Nine Months Later
  1. You Must Be A Witch
  2. Down on the Street (Ian Astbury - 12" EP only)
1989 - 12" EP and 7" single by UK Situation Two - SIT 61T
Hurt on Hold
  • Hurt on Hold
  1. Jack the Ripper
  2. I Can't Control Myself (12" EP only)
7" single/12" EP,1989, UK, Situation Two, SIT 58 T
  1. Action Speaks Louder Than Words - 2:15
  2. I Never Knew - 3:18
  1. Yeah Babe - 3:21
  2. My Nothing - 2:02
12"EP/CD,1990, UK, Situation Two, SIT 69 T
Romilar D
  1. Romilar D (Alternate Version) - 3:58
  2. Rise - 3:49
  1. Romilar D (Espanol)
  2. Romilar D (Italiano)
12" EP - 1992, UK, Music Maniac, MM 12004
Face Of Time/My Brother The Man
  • Face Of Time - 3:05
  • My Brother The Man - 2:13
7" single, US, 1994, RAFR
People In Me/I'm Gonna Make You Mine
  • People In Me
  • I'm Gonna Make You Mine
1998, Misty Lane - FREE with issue #16
One Girl Man
  • One Girl Man
  1. You Must Be a Witch - 2:41
  2. I'm Gonna Make You Mine - 2:29
7" single, 1998, USA, Sundazed Music, SEP 139
Help, Murder, Police
  • Help, Murder, Police - 2:01
  1. Out Of Our Tree - 3:29
  2. Brand New Man (Brand New Version) - 2:37
7" single, 2001, Italy, Teen Sound TEENS-021-A
Idol Chatter/A Wristwatch Band
  • Idol Chatter
  • A Wristwatch Band
7" single, 2002, Italy, Beard of Stars BOSS32
Hallucination Generation
  • Hallucination Generation
7" single, 2002, Mexico, Darkzone, DZ01
Lord Have Mercy On My Soul
  • Lord Have Mercy On My Soul (Black Oak Arkansas)
  • They're Gonna Take You Away (Rudi Protrudi)


  • Screamin' Jay Hawkins and the Fuzztones LIVE 12" EP (1984, United States Midnight Records MIRLP114B)
    • reissued in 2006 on 12" EP by Italy Get Back Records
    • reissued in 2015 on 12" LP by Cleopatra record USA (original four tracks on A side and bonus tracks on B side), also available on cd (same running time and track list)
  • Leave Your Mind At Home (12" EP, 1984, United States Midnight Records - MIRLP105)
  1. Voices Green and Purple
  2. Blackout of Gretely
  3. No Friend of Mine
  4. We're Pretty Quick
  5. My Flash on You
  6. Bag I'm In
  7. You Burn Me Up and Down
  • Lysergic Love/Lovely Sort Of Death (1986, Furlined Vulcano/Purple Helmut) (bootleg live album)
  • Live in Europe! flexidisc (1987, Germany Music Maniac Records MM06)
    • reissued in 2006 on 12" LP with gatefold sleeve by Italy Get Back Records
      • First 1,000 copies contain one-sided 7-inch picture disc of the Glora flexidisc
  • Blue Themes/13 Women And The Only Man Around (1988, Mint Minus Records MMR666) live bootleg
    • Blue Theme (1987) - German bootleg of above
  • In Heat Tour souvenir 10" picture disc (1989, United Kingdom Situation Two Records SIT 61)
  • Lysergic Ejaculations CD (1994, Germany Music Maniac Records MM052)
  • LSD 25: 25 Years of Fuzz and Fury CD & DVD (2005, Sin 002 / Italy Get Back Records GET138)
  • Lord Have Mercy On My Soul (Recorded at Lincoln Lounge, Venice, CA. - 7" single, 2005, Twist, Twist 34)


Tribute and other stuff[edit]

  1. A1 - Caught You Red-Handed
  2. A2 - Cinderella
  3. A3 - The Witch
  4. B1 - Have Love Will Travel
  5. B2 - Strychnine
  6. B3 - Boss Hoss

Compilation appearances[edit]

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