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The AMERICAN ROSE CENTER at Shreveport, Louisiana has been the home and headquarters of the American Rose Society since 1974, when the non-profit organization moved from Columbus, Ohio, and before that, from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; the Society was founded in 1892 at Harrisburg.

The American Rose Center consists of 118 acres of rose gardens, pine forests and woodlands. From the American Rose Center Mission & Vision statement: "Presenting the Rose, America's National Floral Emblem, in a natural setting of majestic pines and companion plants - for pleasure, education, and for the preservation and understanding of the beauty and significance of our favorite flower, the Rose." "The AMERICAN ROSE CENTER is headquarters for the administrative offices of the AMERICAN ROSE SOCIETY. AMERICA'S ROSE GARDEN is designed to present the glory of the Rose for all who visit; the gardens demonstrate the use of roses in the landscape, and are grounds for research, preservation of varieties and good horticultural practices. The Klima Education & Visitor Center is a prime venue for programs, exhibits and events; the Schorr Library preserves a valuable collection of books and publications of rose literature and the history of the rose; the garden's outreach offers learning opportunities in a living garden. All ability-accessible facilities of the American Rose Center serve the organizational, horticultural and educational mission of the Society and the Rose, for members, visitors, students and rose enthusiasts of all ages, now and for the future."

In 2017, the Society created a Master Plan for the total restoration of the gardens; that restoration is underway as the GREAT GARDEN RESTORATION PROJECT. A garden design was provided by Jackson & Perkins Rose Company which resembles the gears of a vintage watch. In keeping with that design, the gardens will tell the history of the rose in time - its theme: "the History of the Rose in America." Other major changes as part of the Master Plan: 1) the American Rose Society Board of Directors recently voted to change the name of the gardens to AMERICA'S ROSE GARDEN, the home of America's National Floral Emblem, the Rose; 2) to become a Botanical Garden featuring roses; 3) to be a site of the International Rose Trials where new roses are evaluated and awarded prizes; and 4) to seek status on the US Register of Historic Places.

Included in the telling of the "History of the Rose in America" will be the stories of great roses, such as 'Peace', the world's favorite, it was created in France and "smuggled" to the US at the close of World War II. Not only beautiful and fragrant, 'Peace' has been the parent of many roses through hybridization; the History will tell the story of the "Yellow Rose of Texas", a rose that traversed the country with early settlers of America. The History will tell the story of the Grandiflora class of roses, that began with the famous apricot beauty, 'Queen Elizabeth,' and the Miniflora class that was added in the 1990s to distinguish roses that were smaller than hybrid teas and floribundas, but larger than miniatures; the History will tell of "Rose Rustlers" whose mission was to locate and preserve old lost roses found in cemeteries and old homesteads. The gardens will feature McFarland Plaza, dedicated to the "Father of the American Rose Society" J. Horace McFarland, an early leader, editor and publisher for the organization.

Today, there are thousands of beautiful roses to see—the gardens feature roses of all types: the most modern hybrid tea roses, miniature roses, single petaled roses, heritage roses and species. There is much more to come as the Great Garden Restoration Project progresses and the new "clockworks" gardens are installed; the gardens are recognized as the largest park in the United States dedicated to roses. Annual events include: Easter Egg Hunt; Evening of Wine & Roses; Allen Owings Horticulture Symposium; quarterly Green Thumb horticultural/educational series; Angel of Hope Candlelight and Healing Ceremony annually on December 6th; and Christmas in Roseland held in the gardens in December for the past 35 years.

  • The gardens are located just west of Shreveport at 8877 Jefferson Paige Road, off Interstate 20, Exit 5 near Greenwood, Louisiana.
  • The American Rose Society Administration offices are open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • America's Rose Garden and Hering Gift Shop are open daily March 1 through October 31:
    • Garden Season (March 1 through October 31) 9-5, Monday through Saturday; 1-5 Sunday, except for federal holidays.
    • Off Season: 9-5 Monday through Friday, except for federal holidays. Admission is free; donations are accepted; $5 per person is suggested.


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